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Is Letgo a Scam? What to Know About Selling On Letgo

By Kyle / July 30, 2017

If you are looking to make a little extra cash selling unwanted items on Letgo there are a few things to be aware of. Can you trust this place? Is Letgo a scam? The platform itself can be trusted and is in no way a scam, but there are still scams on Letgo that I will go over.

In this short review I’ll be going over some important things you should know before you start selling on this app.

LetgoLetgo Review

  • Website: letgo.com
  • App Availability: Google Play & App Store
  • Cost: Free
  • Legit?: Yes


Letgo is an app that you can download for free from Google Play or the App Store where anyone can post items to sell. Its basically like Craigslist except its a lot more user friendly and fancy. Craigslist is a rather dull and boring site, whereas Letgo is a nice looking platform.

The main difference between the two is that on Letgo everything is done through the app. So in order to actually use it you will need an smartphone or a tablet.

When selling on this app your items will be seen by local people looking to buy. This means there will be a limited market for selling and some items won’t necessarily sell vary well. If you are looking for an app that is more similar to ebay, where you can sell to all over, then I would suggest looking at Mercari.

Listing An Item

Listing an item is very simple and you can literally list just about anything you want to. If you are looking to sell a car on the app you can do that or if you are looking to sell an iPod you can do that too. There are some things that are prohibited to sell on the app, but I’m not going to go over these. You can go to here to learn more about this.

Once you have an item you want to sell you can easily snap a picture when inside the app and upload it right then and there. After that just list a price and you are ready to go.

Getting Paid

One thing that is very important to know about selling on Letgo is that it is up to you and the buyer to negotiate payment. This is not like Ebay or Mercari where the buyer pays you right through the platform with Paypal or other methods. It is just like Craigslist in this sense.

The buyer will contact you through the app and then you will negotiate the price, how you are going to pay, and how the buyer will get the items being sold. Usually the buyer will just come and pick up the item on their own and pay cash but there are a lot of ways you could go about this.

You could negotiate a trade for something else, you could accept a check (not recommended), etc.

What Items Sell Best On Letgo

What you have to remember here is that Letgo is for selling locally. So its not really the best idea to sell just any item on here. Some items sell much better on places like Ebay and Mercari where people buy directly through the platform and you ship the item out.

Letgo is good for large items that are not practical for shipping. These include things like furniture, workout equipment, washing machines, etc. It is also good for selling items that are commonly used.

But for small items that only appeal to a select few people you are going to want a bigger audience and the local buyers that will be looking at items on Letgo just aren’t going to be that great. I’m not saying that your items won’t sell I’m just saying its not the best choice of platform to sell on in these situations.

Beware Of Scams!

Although Legto itself is in no way a scam there are scams that you will come across when selling on this app and you need to lookout and pay attention.

One of the most common scams there are when it comes to selling is when there are checks involved. Usually a buyer will get in contact with you and ask for the lowest price you will take on the item. No matter what you say they will agree to the price. Then they will try to negotiate a pickup of the item and they will tell you that they will be paying with a check. They will tell you that they will be sending movers to pickup the item and ask you to kindly give them some money, which they will give you by providing extra on the check.

The catch is that this cashiers check is a fake and when you go to the bank to try to cash it you will be very disappointed and realize you have been scammed.

My suggestion to anyone selling on Letgo is to never accept checks. Only accept cash or trades that have real value then an their. A check has no value until it is actually cashed.

These cashier check scams are pretty common on other sites like Craigslist too. I have had scammers like this contact me multiple times over the years with the same type of scam.

Final Thoughts On Letgo

Overall Letgo is a very nice platform to use as an alternative to craigslist. Its is easier and more straightforward to list an item and get to communicate between buyers.

However, it does have its downsides. First, its not the best platform to use for selling any items. It is better to use the Mercari app in some situations. And also with Letgo you are much more susceptible to being scammed from buyers due to the fact that payments are handled on your own out side the app itself.

If you have an unwanted item laying around that you think will sell good on here then go for it. Just beware of the scammers and you will be fine.

Questions, comments, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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