Is League of Power a Scam? – Some Things To Know

By Kyle / June 3, 2018

League of Power claims to provide people with guidance for making money online. But how good is this place really? Should you trust them or will you just be led down the wrong path? Is League of Power a Scam?

The reason I am looking into this website in the first place is because I see that quite a few people are asking questions about it. They are suspicious of the legitimacy of the site and hesitant to move forward with it, as they should be from the many many scams that exist out there in the online world.

League of Power ( is nothing new. It was created by Mark Bentley years ago. The site claims that it provides a “wide variety of products and services focused on entrepreneurship, investing, and wealth preservation”. However, I couldn’t find any product/services other than the newsletter offered

The site is poorly laid out and leaves you wondering what to do. You can click on Freedom By Friday, Easy Street, or Weekend Business Blueprint and it will give you a brief summary of what the product/service is about but there is no where that you can choose to signup for or purchase these…

When you go to any of these pages your only option still appears to be to sign up for the free newsletter. This newsletter supposedly uncovers “five secrets” that you will never be the same after finding out.


LOP (League of Power) claims to be all about empowering others with free information and helping them escape the job “slavery” that many live in, but I do have my concerns about this.

Everywhere on the site the newsletter is mentioned as being free. Even on the About Us page they talk about providing free information to help people out. However… It seems that they are charging a monthly fee of $27 and pulling a little old bait and switch type scheme.

You can do some additional research on this and read over complaints from customers have been charged this fee, but apparently you are charged $27 and you receive a DVD and CD that is focused on making money online. From what I have heard though, they both seem to be junk. According to the people that have received them, they do not provide much help. It’s not like they lay out steps for you to take that you can easily follow or anything like that. They provide vague information that is not of much use.

Final Thoughts

I’m definitely not calling this place a scam. There just isn’t enough proof that it is one so I can confidently call it one. There is a major overall lack of information about this place and it is hard to tell what is really going on here. The website is horribly laid out and is difficult to even navigate. Based on this alone I would probably stay away from the newsletter that is offered, but that’s just my opinion.

It might not be a scam, but it certainly seems to not be worth your time either. Since you are looking to make money online I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate, which is the training program I used to get started back in 2015. They provide with the training and tools necessary to make money online, so it’s kind of like an all in one package. It’s also worth noting that I make a living working online now, which goes to show that it works.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here for more info

please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have been a subscriber to League of Power and want to share your an opinion of it, I would really appreciate if you did that below. I also think other readers would benefit from it.

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