Is Jamberry Nails a Scam? A Look at the Business Opportunity

If you are into beauty products and nail art in particular, and looking to earn an income from home, then you may have considered working for Jamberry Nails. They offer regular people the chance to start home-based businesses selling their products.

But the question you need to be asking yourself is…. is Jamberry Nails a scam or not?. There are many MLM marketing schemes out there that should be avoided and then there are ones that are truly great opportunities… so which is Jamberry Nails?

In this review I will be answering that question exactly. Anyone interested in working for this company should hear me out before diving right on in and getting started (if they choose to).

Jamberry nails reviewWhat Is Jamberry Nails?

To start off this review I think its important to give you a high level overview of this business if you are new to it all.

Jamberry Nails is a company that was started in 2010 by three sisters. The idea behind the company was to make a cheaper and more cost effective way to get manicures and pedicures available.

This company sells a range of products that go from nail wraps, to enamels, to lacquers, and other nail care products.

But the don’t just offer products for sale to the public. They also offer a business opportunity for those looking to sell Jamberry Nails products from home. They are what is considered an MLM business where members can make money both selling products, and by recruiting new members onto the team.

Jamberry is similar to Younique, which is another MLM opportunity where you can start a home-based business selling beauty products.

What Are Their Products?

As mentioned, Jamberry Nails offers an array of nail products. These include nail wraps, lacquers, and enamels, etc.

They are most well known for their nail wraps. These wraps often feature vivid designs and nice imagery which make them attractive. And just to give you an idea of what I am talking about and the price that these nails sell for, here is a screenshot of some of the best sellers they have right now…

These nail wrap packs usually sell for $15.

The Business Opportunity

With Jamberry anyone can sign up and begin to make money working as an independent sales agent for them. As an independent agent you will be involved in direct sales. This means that you will first have to order products from Jamberry and then you will sell those products.

Consultants, which is what you will be called if you join in, are advised to host what they call “parties” to sell the products. These parties can be at your home, on social media, by catalog, etc.

But besides selling products yourself, you can also make money by recruiting other members into the business. And if you want to make good money here you are going to want to be a recruiting machine… recruiting new members under you left and right.

The reason that recruitment of new members is so lucrative with this business model is because it is a MLM.

Jamberry Commission Structure

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. And because Jamberry has a mlm structure, this means that you can recruit new members underneath you and get paid from their efforts and some amount of the money they make.

MLM’s have a pyramid type hierarchical structure where you are on top of your pyramid, you have your recruits underneath you, their recruits are underneath them, and so on.

Jamberry offers commissions 3 levels deep. So you get paid commissions from your recruits, your recruits’ recruits, and your recruits’ recruits’ recruit (if that makes sense). Level 1 are your direct recruits. Level 2 are the recruits of your recruits, and so on.

You will get the biggest commissions from your direct recruits, and the smallest commissions from those further down the pyramid from you, or what is called “downline”. But, because the further down the pyramid you go the further the commission structure branches out, you can make a lot of money from these people further down the line.

The 5 Ways To Make Money With Jamberry

Personal Sales

You can earn up to 40% commission on the products that you sell personally. But if you work your butt off and sell a lot you can up that percentage to 40% commissions. In order to get to a 40% commission rate you have to have a PRV of $3,000 in products. This means that you will have to order $3,000 worth (retail) of products to sell from Jamberry.

Level Overrides 

You will earn what they call overrides 3 levels downline. This just means that you will earn money from the sales that your downline makes up to 3 levels deep.

Fast Start Bonus

This is just a bonus you can earn up to 2 levels deep when the consultants recruited below you get new sales during the “Fast Start” period.

Advancement Bonus + Matching Bonus

This is for just 1 level downline and means you will receive a bonus when your direct recruits move up the ranks from their sales volume. And you will also receive bonuses when you personally move up the ranks.

Generation Overrides

You will also earn money from the sales volume of teams that are in your downline.

Getting Started

In order to get started you first must order the Starters Kit for $99. This kit is designed specifically for beginners and should be rather easy to sell. It includes

  • 4 nail wraps
  • 40 nail wrap designs
  • application tools
  • cuticle oil
  • nourish hand creme
  • and more

After selling the products in this starter kit you can will begin to move up the ranks. Order more products, sell more products, and make more money.

Will You Be Able to Make a Lot of Money?

Some people do make a lot of money, but that all depends.The fact of the matter is that it is more than likely going to be much more difficult than it seems

And just to give you some real-life proof of why.. take a look at this…

What am I trying to show you???

What I am showing you is that all 3 of these products (which were on the first page of eBay search results for Jamberry Nails) are selling below the suggested retail price.

Why is this important? Well just think about the reason why this would be happening.

The reason they are selling below retail is because the individual sellers, which would be the consultants, are finding it very difficult to sell the products and have now resorted to lowering the price and barely making any money.

The way I see it, selling Jamberry nails is going to be very difficult for most people to be successful at. Because at just a 30% commission on the sales, and the fact that their are no recurring payments meaning that a buyer buys once and you only get paid once, its just going to be difficult.

In order to really make money with this, as I’ve already mentioned, you are going to have to be a recruitment machine. Recruitment is where the real money comes in with MLM’s like this. Sure you can make money selling product. But if you are able to get a large team beneath you that is where the real money is at.

Final Thoughts on Jamberry Nails

Ok, so obviously Jamberry Nails is no scam. They do have a pyramid style commission structure, but this doesn’t mean they are a pyramid scheme. Because they do sell legitimate products this makes them a legit MLM opportunity.

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And you can make good money as a consultant. But the way I see it, you are going to have to really recruit new members in continuously if you want to make a lot of money.

And this is common for most MLM opportunities. Recruitment is key.

If you don’t think you will be good at recruiting new members in, then you better be one heck of a salesperson. You better know a lot about everything that has to do with nails and you really better be able to showcase your Jamberry products.

This business can definitely be a full-time income earner, but it is definitely not the right choice for everyone.

What do you think about Jamberry Nails? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment sections…

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