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Is International Silver Network a Scam? A Few Things You Should Know

By Kyle / April 24, 2017
International Silver Network review

If you are looking into the International Silver Network chances are you were either approached by a member that was either trying to sell you silver, or was trying to get you to buy into the program.

But should you trust what you hear about ISN? Is International Silver Network a scam? I’ll jump straight to the point and tell you that NO, its not a scam. BUT….. there are a few things you should definitely know about this business before you move on, all of which I will go over in this review…

International Silver Network reviewInternational Silver Network

  • Name: International Silver Network (ISN)
  • Website: www.isncoins.us
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end


ISN started in 2010 by two men that go by the names Matt Barkes and Vincent Roy.

The company does business in the precious metals industry, specifically selling silver.

But besides the sale of silver, they also have something else to offer. And that is a business opportunity.

ISN is a MLM business, and this means that anyone can join in and make money as an independent contractor and make money selling their products as well as recruiting new members into the business.

The Products

Silver coins are the main products that ISN specializes in. They sell all sorts of silver coins. Some of their most popular ones are designed to represent your country.

For example here is a silver coin for the United States in 2016…

Their silver products are very high quality and I can’t find anything to complain about when it comes down to the quality. They are said to be 0.999 pure, which is as pure of silver as you are going to find anywhere.

The Business Opportunity

When you buy into ISN to become a member you are called a “Business Pro”. And as a Business pro there are around 10 ways that you can earn money, 8 of which I have briefly touched upon below…

Customer Commissions

Get paid when you sell products to retail customers or when your personal referred members make purchases of their own.

You will earn 2-4% on every sale. It all depends on the price of the purchase.

If the item was <$999 then you get 4%, but if the item bought was >$1000 then you get only 2%.

However, in addition to this, you will also get 1.5 – 3% commissions from the sales that will go into the “core commission plan”, which I will go over soon.

Bullion Commissions

You earn $1 per oz of silver bullion sold to customers and $1 per gram of gold sold to customers.

VIP Pool

Each month ISN puts aside 2% of the business volume, plus $1 per oz of silver sold and $1 per gram of gold sold, all into their VIP Pool.

Every active member will receive credits from this VIP Pool. This will vary depending on your rank.

Collector Pack Bonus

You can get paid up to $75 for each person on your team that you sell a Collector Pack to. $75 is the most you can make and this will depend on your rank.

Advantage Bonus

You earn a $20 bonus reach each direct enrollment of a new Advantage Auto Saver, plus additional money will go into your core commissions.

Core Commissions

Their commission plan is uni-level and it goes 8 levels deep and opens up past 8 levels once you reach the Executive rank.

Their are several streams of money that pay into this core commissions plan, including the Advantage Auto Savers, Retail Sales, and Preferred Customer Purchases.

And of course the higher rank you are, the more levels you will earn money off of. Below is a chart that shows the amount of money you can make depending on your rank, all of which is from the sale of the Advantage Auto Saver alone.

Executive Depth Bonus

When you reach the executive rank you open up a level beneath level 8. You will earn $2 from your new level 9 and $2 all the way through level 8 of two members below you. All of which comes from the sales of Advantage Autosavers.

Leader’s Pools

ISN takes 2% of total business volume and splits it into 2 pools, 1% for Platinum Director and 1% Executive Pool.

This is similar to the VIP Pool and you will earn credits as a bonus for being highly ranked.

How You Move Up The Ranks

Moving up the ranks is all about recruiting more people into this business.

When you start out you are considered a Manager. And the next level up is called a Director.

If you want to achieve the level of Director you must have 2 people to work beneath you as Business Pros and your team must have a group volume of 300 (GQV).

These 2 people can be personally recruited by you or they could be spillover from your upline recruiting extra people.

And moving up all the other ranks is the same deal.. recruit more people and sell more products.

How Much Can You Make?

The potential is there. You can absolutely make a lot of money, but this doesn’t mean you will.

I’ll describe a perfect situation below…

If you are a high ranked Executive and recruit 3 people, and each of those 3 people go out and recruit 3 more, and so on. Your 8th level will have 6,561 people. And you would make $61,500/month in residual income from the $6.25 that you make from each Advantage Autosaver purchase alone, which is recurring each month.

What It Takes To Make REAL Money

If you want to make real money with ISN you are going to have to build a large team You are going to want each of your levels, 1-8, to multiply by 3x as I illustrated above.

And pretty much what this means is that you are going to have to be a recruitment machine. You need to first recruit your 3 level 1 members, and then you have to get them to recruit 3 member of their own, and on and on.

If you aren’t an amazing salesperson and you aren’t able to bring people in, then this just isn’t going to be all that great for you.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend ISN?

First of all, no International Silver Network is NOT a scam. What they do is completely legal and they have a decent business. They sell quality silver and treat their members good.

Sure, they do try to get members to go out there and recruit new people like crazy to grow their business, but this is all legal.

I would recommend ISN to people that are interested and believe they are good salespeople. Personally I am not a salesperson and I could never do this. And this is the same for pretty much every MLM business out there… you have to be able to throw a good sales-pitch to make it big.

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