Is InstaGC a Scam or is it Legit? Here is my review

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  • Rating: 8/10 (you won’t make a lot of money, but this is a very good Get Paid To (GPT site, lots of opportunities to earn)

InstaGC is one of many Get Paid To (GPT) websites, but is InstaGC a scam? Well in my opinion its one of the best GPT websites out there.

How you can earn money

At InstaGC there are a lot of ways you can make money. These include:

  • completing surveys/ tasks/ offers
  • listening to music
  • participating in trials
  • using their search engine to search the web
  • watching videos
  • referring other people.

I’m not going to go over every way you can earn, but I’ll go over the some of the best ways. Just know, doing these things isn’t going to make you rich.

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Takings surveys is definitely one of the best ways to earn at InstaGC so let me go through that first.

How much can you earn by taking surveys?

The payouts for the surveys vary. But generally this is what you should expect to get out of a survey

  • 5 -10 minutes long = 30 – 50 points
  • 15 – 20 minutes long = 65 – 85 points

And remember, this is a very general range of earnings that you can expect. But don’t be surprised if you come across some surveys that are out of these ranges.

The surveys offered here are pretty normal compared to other sites. They aren’t great deals, but there are a lot of them available.

InstaGC has a lot things you can do

Not having enough surveys and other offers is a common problem among these types of sites. You log into your account, do a few things, and thats it.

Well at InstaGC you could literally be doing things the entire day. They host offers from a bunch of different providers as well as themselves. Here are a few of theminstaGC-providers

And as you can see there are more (load more button in bottom right corner). If running out of offers too fast is one of your main problems, then I definitely suggest you check out InstaGC.

Earning Money By Referring Other People

This is one of the best and easiest ways to earn on this site and you should take advantage of it.

With each person you refer to InstaGC you get 2 things

  • 10 points
  • 10% of their lifetime earnings

I say its easy, because all you have to do is refer them. Then you can collect 10% of all the money they make at InstaGC.

To make it easier to promote InstaGC, there are promotional banners which you as a member will have access to. Here is an example.

How much are the points at InstaGC worth?

Of course you need to know this. 10 points hold no value unless you redeem them for something of value.

The most popular choice for redeeming points is cash. Which you can get in the form of a check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

The gift cards are also a popular choice and you have A LOT to choose from. There are gift cards to over 100 different places.

Your points have the same value, no matter what you redeem them for. Each point is worth 1 cent.

Cashing Out

If you are looking to cash out through means of direct deposit, a check, or PayPal then you must have a minimum of 500 points, which will get you $5.

For gift cards you can cash out with less points. The value of the gift cards vary and so do the amount of points required to get them. The lowest value gift cards you can find are $1, so you need 100 points to get one of these. And the highest priced ones I’ve seen are $150, which you would need 15,000 points in order to get one.

Amazon gift cards are some of the bestinstaGC-gift-cards

And the payments don’t take long. They are made right away, none of that 2-3 week crap that some survey sites do.

Is InstaGC a scam? And should you join?

No scam here. This is by far one of the best GPT sites I have come across. There are plenty of offers for you to complete and earn points. And the points you earn can be redeemed for cash and gift cards promptly without hassle.

But its important to know that you won’t make a living off of a site like this. Its only good for making a few extra bucks in your spare time. Don’t go out there and try to make a days worth of money.

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