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Is Guru.com a Scam? Some Things To Know

By Kyle / June 23, 2017

If you are a freelancer looking for online work then Guru.com is one of the big choices out there. But should you actually trust this place or is Guru.com a scam that is going to be a waste of time and effort on your part?

I have reviewed this freelance platform (if you want to call it that) and I can tell you that it is not a scam. However…. there are scams on this site that you should be aware of as well as some other important things you should know. In this review I’ll be going over how it all works, the scams, some things I like/don’t like, and ultimately whether or not I recommend Guru.

guru.comGuru.com Review

  • Website: Guru.com
  • Cost to Join: Free
  • Recommended?: Yes, for some; more on this


Guru.com is an online platform that connects freelancers with businesses and individuals looking to hire people for various online projects. They are just a 3rd party “middleman” that does the work of helping freelancers find work and helping buyers find the right freelancer, as well as they ensure a safe payment transaction between the two.

This site is good for freelancers ranging from newbies to veterans. There is a massive job market and plenty of opportunity on this site for freelancers of all kinds.

How It Works

The first obvious step is to sign up. This doesn’t take long and you will only need to fill out your name, email, address, and I think that is it. After that its time to fill out your profile.

Filling out your profile is extremely important and I suggest you take a good bit of time on this. This is what potential employers will see and it can be a “make or break” factor. You will have to give yourself a title, a description of what you offer, some keywords of your skill-set, your minimum hourly rate, and what category your skills are in.

After that you are ready to land a job.

As a freelancer there are 2 basic ways that you can get jobs… you can search through the thousands of job postings and filter your searches to find the types of jobs you are looking for, or you can sit back and wait for buyers to find you and hire you based on your skill set.

The first choice is definitely the one you are going to want to go with, especially at the beginning when you are just getting started. Once you do a bunch of jobs and get good reviews on your profile you will build up credibility and buyers will try to hire you more often. But when you are just starting this isn’t going to happen.

When you get a job Guru.com takes money out of the employers account depending on how much the pay is listed at for the job. This is held by SafePay while you complete the job. When you reach “milestones” or finish the job completely SafePay will release the money to you. This escrow feature is to keep freelancers safe from scammers.

You can choose to get paid via direct deposit, PayPal, prepaid MasterCard, and some other methods.

Some Things I Like

Payment Protection

I think it is very important that Guru.com protect your payments like they do. They use SafePay to hold onto employer’s payment and then release it to you when you finish the specified job. This helps to ensure that you actually get paid. If they weren’t to do this any employer could have freelancers do a job and then walk away without paying.

This is a nice safety feature that is very necessary on sites like this.

Easy to Use

The platform is easy to use at Guru.com. Its well laid out and I think its fairly easy to search and find the types of jobs you are looking for.


They have a notifications feature that notifies you of projects that you might be interested in. The projects that you are notified of are chosen based on your profile. This is a nice feature and is a good way to bid on a project the instant it comes out.

Things I Don’t Like

Limited Bids

When you apply to get a job it is called “bidding”. You have to bid on any job you want and then the employer will go through and hand-select who they want. At Guru.com you only get a limited number of free bids each month. You will have to pay for a membership if that isn’t sufficient.

Unsatisfactory Projects

There seem to be a lot of low paying projects on this site and that is something that no freelancer wants. There are good projects too, its just that I noticed there seem to be a good number of low quality ones.


Guru will take 5% of the money you make as a fee. This sucks but actually isn’t that bad if you look at other similar sites. Upwork charges 10% and PeoplePerHour starts off at 20% fee each month.

Hard to Get Started

It is very hard to find work when you just get started. You don’t have any credibility yet and people just don’t want to hire you. This is the same for any freelance site but I thought I would throw it out there because it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Guru.com Scams, Beware

There are a lot of scams on freelance sites like this. Scam employers will hire people to do work and then simply vanish and not pay them for what they have done. I have reviewed a number of freelance sites including Upwork and PeoplePerHour, but Guru.com seems to have a relatively high number of scams on the platform.

Maybe they aren’t as good at filtering out scams and wiping them off their site? I don’t know the reason.

But anyway, before starting a job on Guru, make sure the client’s payment method is verified. Also, if they contact you saying that they aren’t going to use Guru’s payment system then stay away. Some people will tell you that they are going to mail a check or do something outside of the system. These are more than likely scams.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend Guru.com?

Ok, so first off, Guru.com is definitely not a scam. There are a lot of scams on the platform but the Guru platform itself is legit. All in all I think it is a fairly decent platform and it has some benefits to using it over other similar ones. For one, the 5% fee they charge is low compared to other freelance platforms and that means you get to keep more money.

However… I still would probably recommend UpWork over this. They do charge higher fees but there just seems to be more opportunity to find good jobs there along with more good paying projects.

But Guru.com is still a good choice and it is one of the better options that you will find for freelance work.

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