Is GrabPoints a Scam? Here Is My GrabPoints Review

is grabpoints a scamGrabPoints is a newer GPT (get paid to) site in which you can make money by completing easy tasks like filling out online surveys, watching videos, etc. But because its new, you may be wondering if GrabPoints is a scam or not. And thats a good question to be asking.

The truth is that GrabPoints is not a scam. And although the name is new, its not new altogether. ZoomBucks, a GPT site that has been around since 2010 has now turned into GrabPoints.

GrabPoints has a lot to offer and should be looked at if you want to make some easy extra money online. Although SwagBucks is still the #1 GPT site in my opinion, GrabPoints isn’t far behind. Without further ado, let me get on to the review so you know what to expect with GrabPoints.

GrabPoints ReviewGrabPoints Review

  • Website:
  • Price: Free to Join
  • Rating:7/10 (Legit. Has a nice app that makes things easier. Just doesn’t pay much, which is expected)

Before I get into it and start going over the different ways you can earn money and all that fun stuff, I want to go over something that GrabPoints has that makes it one of my more favorite GPT sites. And that is…. their app!

The GrabPoints App Is Awesome

There are only a handful of GPT sites that have their own apps and GrabPoints is one of them. If you have an Apple, Android, or Kindle mobile device, then their app is a must have.

It basically just makes everything a little easier for you. You can do everything on the app: make money and cash out.

Thats one of the better things about GrabPoints. Other than that, its nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to GPT sites. There is nothing special about the ways you can earn.

Ways to Earn Money at GrabPoints

GrabPoints has a points system as you could imagine from their name. This means that everything you do at GrabPoints will earn you points, not actual cash. But these points can be redeemed for actual cash. Its kind of a dumb process, but thats the way it is on most of these sites these days.

And don’t worry, I’ll go over how much a point is worth after I go over the different ways to earn.

  • Surveys
    • Just like any GPT site, you can earn money by completing short surveys online. The surveys that GrabPoints provides are all from 3rd parties. You can expect a 10-30 minute survey to make you anywhere from 500 – 2500 points. The longer surveys are the ones that get you more points, as you would expect.
  • Offers
    • The offers GrabPoints has can be put into 2 categories: free & paid.
    • The free offers usually require you to sign up for something that is free. For example: sign up for a free GPT site like this one. The free offers pay less than the paid ones and you can expect anywhere from 500-2,000 points.
    • The paid offers often require you to buy something or to sign up for a product trial in which you will have to enter your credit card info. For example: sign up for a credit card trial. The pay is much better for these offers and it varies greatly depending on how much the offer demands you to do. You can expect anywhere from 2,000 all the way up to 10,000 points for these.
  • Videos
    • Getting paid to watch videos sounds pretty cool right? Ya, it is, but the pay isn’t. GrabPoints provides a list of videos daily that you are able to watch. They are under 2 minutes long and you can expect 10 points per video, which isn’t much of anything.
  • Apps
    • GrabPoints will pay you to download apps. They provide a list of apps that you can download, how much they pay you for it, and the requirements. Most of the time its pretty easy and all you have to do is download the app to get paid. But other times you will be required to use the app for a certain amount of time or something like that.
  • Promote GrabPoints
    • If you are familiar with ZoomBucks then you should know about this, since GrabPoints is the new ZoomBucks.
    • GrabPoints will pay you just to promote GrabPoints ads. This could be by posting links on Twitter, Facebook, online forums, etc. The cool thing is that you don’t get paid when people click on the ads. You get paid JUST for posting them.

Referral Program

I’m putting this in its own section because referring others is usually one of the best ways to earn on GPT sites. Unfortunately, GrabPoints referral program pretty much sucks in my opinion.

For each person that you refer to GrabPoints you will earn 1 point after they join (WOW 1 point!) And after that person earns 1,000 points of their own, you will earn another 500 points.

There is pretty much no point of even wasting your time trying to refer others to GrabPoints.

Grab Points Promo Codes

Follow GrabPoints on social media and you can earn some really easy points. They will randomly post promo codes and will also send you notifications of them. Enter the promo codes on their site and you get points, usually only up to 10 points though.

How Much is a Point Worth at GrabPoints?

Try to refrain yourself from breaking your computer at this point, but unfortunately each point you are awarded at GrabPoints only equates to 0.1 of a cent, thats $0.001! You need 1,000 points just to make $1

I know its pretty disappointing, but thats just the way all GPT sites are now-a-days. There used to be a time where you could make some decent money with these types of sites, but those days are gone.

GrabPoints Rewards

Most people will redeem their points for Paypal cash because you can use it anywhere. The minimum cash out amount for Paypal is $5, which means you need 5,000 points.

If you don’t want to wait that long until you get 5,000 points you can choose to redeem your points for an Amazon gift card. The cheapest one you can get is for $3, so you only need 3,000 points.

Those are probably the 2 most popular rewards, but there are plenty of others. You can find gift cards for all the big name companies like Walmart, Target, etc. Most of the gift cards start at $10, which is a fairly high amount.

If I were you I would just cash out with Paypal.

Final Thoughts – Is GrabPoints a Scam?

Its not a scam. You do get paid for what you do. But do I think its worth your time? Not really. I know I said its one of my more favorite GPT sites out there, but thats not saying much because I think they are all a waste of time in all honesty.

With GrabPoints you will without a doubt be making less than minimum wage (if you live in the US anyhow). I would only recommend GrabPoints if you are looking for an extremely easy way to earn some extra pocket change when you are bored.

But like I said, I don’t really recommend any paid survey site. They just don’t pay much at all and there are better ways to make money online with your spare time.

I make a living working online for myself and I sure as heck am not going around taking paid surveys and things like that. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it.

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