Is Global Test Market Legit? My Review

gtmhomepageBefore you sign up to Global Test Market you need to know if its worthy of your time and effort. Is Global Test Market legit? Or is it going to rip you off and waste your life. To answer this I’m going to explain a little about how it all works and how you make money. And I have some personal experience using Global Test Market that I will share.

First off, who runs Global Test Market?

Well it used to be run by Global Markets Insite (GMI) Inc. But since then it has been aquired by Lightspeed Research. And this is the SAME company that owns

They are very much a legitimate company and follow legit practices. Global Test Market is even accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

And Global Test Market’s operations are massive. They provide research for around 1500 different companies all over the world.

Ok, seems good so far, How does it work?

Each year billions of dollars are invested in market research from companies everywhere. These companies pay survey sites like Global Test Market to get peoples opinions. And you (being the survey taker) is payed a VERY small amount of that money. Emphasis on SMALL.

How much money can you realistically make?

Like most survey sites, Global Test Market pays you in points which you can then redeem for real items of value, such as gift cards, cash (through paypal), and others.. They pay you in what they call “market points” and you can earn anywhere from 35 to 250 per survey. But usually it is around 35 market points and takes around 10 to 20 minutes.

The amount that market points are worth varies over time and it depends on what you are redeeming the points for. I know that a while ago each point was worth $0.05 but today the value has dropped to between $0.04 and $0.045, under 5 cents per point!

Ok, so lets say you are taking a bunch of average surveys. Lets say you earn 35 market points for a 15 minute survey. If you continue to take surveys for an entire hour you would end up with 140 market points. And the dollar value of these 140 points is $6.30, and thats being generous using the higher value that I have seen of $0.045 per point.

Its really not that bad. $7 per hour. I’ve come across paid survey sites that are much worse than this. It would be decent to make some extra money in your spare time.

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But before you go sign up, HOLD ON just a second.

There are downsides

Global Test Market is one of the few paid survey sites that I actually was a part of. I was a member about a year ago and gave up on the whole thing after around only a week. Why?

Because it was so damn hard for me to earn any points. I remember being “screened out” of the majority of the surveys that I would try doing. What this means is that they would tell me “you are not what we are looking for” or something of that nature. And the worst part was that they would tell me this after I had already spend time completing the survey. Sometimes it would literally happen after I had completed the whole thing.

I remember being so frustrated with the whole process. It just didn’t make sense that I was ineligible for so much.

After looking into this problem I found that I wasn’t the only person experiencing this problem. SurveyPolice, a website where anyone can go to rate different online survey sites, has plenty of comments about this. gtmreviewsAnd believe me, this isn’t the only survey site that does this. Others that I have reviewed such as MySurvey do the same. It makes me wonder, Do they end up using your survey results after being screened out? I can’t find any insider information on that.

Besides being screened out, Global Test Market continues to make it more difficult to cash out.

They have been steadily increasing the cash out threshold over the years. They require you to have enough Market Points equal to $50. And they keep decreasing the value of a single point, so it takes longer to reach the $50 equivalent cash out threshold.

You can see how this would be frustrating. You end up wasting time on surveys and being screened out and then what little points you do earn take forever to add up to the point where you can cash out. Take a look at a couple (of many) reviews from about this problemgtmreviews1

Is is worth your time?

Ehhh. I would say it is NOT worth the time. Its points are worth more than many other sites such as SwagBucks, but they still aren’t much.

I can’t really speak for everyone because there ARE a lot of good reviews about Global Test Market as well. There are people who love GTM for earning extra money in their free time.

But in my opinion, bad reviews outweigh good reviews. And I can personally back up the reviews of people being screened out. Like I said, I only was a member for a little over a week before I quite because I couldn’t get any points. I was screened out of the majority of the surveys.

Your time can better be spent elsewhere. And if you still want to look for ways to earn money online then I strongly suggest you check out my #1 recommendation for online income.

I hope you have found my review to be helpful. Don’t forget to comment below!

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