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Is Global Income Reset a Scam? You Should Read This!

By Kyle / January 7, 2017

The Global Income Reset program claims to be an amazing opportunity to make money online, but can it be trusted? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This Global Income Reset scam has got to stop, its nothing more than a variation of another scam that I have reviewed recently called Financial Health Reset.

Note: This Global Income Reset claims to be a program that the billionaire Mark Cuban helped to create, but in actuality he has nothing to do with it. 

 What Global Income Reset Is All About

Posting links to products for companies is how they tell you that you will be making your money. They tell you that companies are desperate for people like you to post links for them at home.

And this is true. Its called affiliate marketing. And you can get paid by posting links online. But there is much more to it then what they tell you about. Pretty much they only tell you good things that you want to hear.

How It Works

The basics of what you do in affiliate marketing is post links to products for a seller, such as Amazon. You best way to go about posting these links is to set up a website and get people to first visit there, then be redirected to the sellers via the affiliate links that you post.

The business model is simple to understand. You help drive more traffic to the seller via your links, and the seller pays you a commission for each sale you help make.

Its Not How They Tell You It Is

You don’t get paid just for posting links. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product from the seller you are promoting it for. This is a pretty big difference from what they tell you because they act like you get paid just for posting a link which takes a minute or so.

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

They act like all you have to do is go out and spam a bunch of links everywhere and you will make money. But this just isn’t going to happen.


I Specialize In This, I Know Its a Scam

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online, you can learn more about how you can too here if you want.

You can’t make money affiliate marketing by just going out and spamming links everywhere. I mean, if you have social media sites with hundreds of thousands of followers you might be able to make some good sales, but for the majority of people like me, this won’t even come close to working.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

What They Give You Isn’t Going To Help

Apparently they give you some pre-built websites if you decide to buy into this program but don’t get carried away with this. Its not going to do you any good.

In order for the websites to be of any value to you, you will need traffic. You need to first drive traffic to the websites in the first place so that people can then click your links. But they say nothing about getting traffic, and without that you won’t make a penny.

Global Income Reset is a Scam.. Final Thoughts

What they tell you about affiliate marketing is very misleading and will not work out. Link posting via spamming links everywhere just isn’t how things work. Just think about it.. how often do you click on spam links that are posted on forums, social media, etc? Probably very rarely.

Other than that there isn’t much more to say here. Its a scam without a doubt.

Btw here is another basically duplicate scam to this out there called Financial Health Reset that you need to be aware of.

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