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Is Gladia Coin a Scam? What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 11, 2017

The Gladia Coin system claims that it can double your bitcoin in 90 days which is quite a big claims. But is this actually true? Or is Gladia Coin a scam like the many other bitcoin doublers out there? Should you trust this place?

If you are looking to invest in Gladia Coin then its a good thing that you did some extra research and came across this review. I have looked into Gladia Coin and there are a few very important things that you should know about, which I will be going over in this review…

GladiaCoin GladiaCoin Review

  • Name: GladiaCoin
  • Website: gladiacoin.com
  • Cost: 0.05 BTC investment at minimum
  • Recommended?: NO, more on this later

At GladiaCoin’s website there isn’t much to look into. They provide very little about themselves as a company and very little about how they do what they do.

This is very characteristic of a scam although I will not say that GladiaCoin is a scam based on this alone.

Anyways, to start out this review let me go over how they claim this all works out.

How It Works… Allegedly

Double your bitcoin in 90 days??!!! It sure sounds like a scam, but lets see how this play says they do it and see if it makes sense.

What They Say

They tell you that they trade bitcoin in different exchanges and exploit price differences, rather than mining bitcoin.

So basically if they would see an exchange where bitcoin was being sold at a very high value, they would sell bitcoin and collect a profit. And if an exchange was selling bitcoin at a very low value, they would buy bitcoin and keep it until they found an exchange that was selling at a high value.

You could call Gladia Coin a brokerage company. They employ the simple “buy low sell high” strategy, buying bitcoin at a low price and selling it at a higher price.

This sounds all good and dandy. I mean it is possible to make money doing this, going from exchange to exchange, but I will get more into why this is more than likely not a good idea soon.

The Investment Plans

They have 7 different investment plans that you can choose from, which they call Spartacus 1, Spartacus 2………. Spartacus 7. They claim that all of the plans except for Spartacus 1 will give you a 200% ROI in just 90 days, which means they will double your bitcoin.

Getting a Faster Return

One of the ways that they say you can earn more return on your investment faster is by actually buying and selling bitcoin through their system on your own.

Even though they tell you that they have a experienced team of bitcoin investors they still encourage you to do it on your own accord.

The reason that anyone can buy and sell and help out GladiaCoin is because their returns are distributed to the members evenly.

Let me explain it like this… All of the return on investments made by GladiaCoin themselves along with all the members’ returns get thrown together. Then all those profits are spread out evenly to the members according the their investment plan.

So by having members buy & sell themselves they can create higher and faster returns for all members… if they know what the heck they are doing.

You Also Make BTC for Recruiting New Members

They really encourage you to go out and recruit new members to buy in, which seems a little shady.

Depending on the investment plan you have, you will earn a different percentage of commissions. The commissions that you will earn will be a percentage of the money that your recruits invest. Depending on your plan they are as follows…

  • Spartacus 1: 5% commissions
  • Spartacus 2: 6% commissions
  • Spartacus 3: 7% commissions
  • Spartacus 4: 9% commissions
  • Spartacus 5: 11% commissions
  • Spartacus 6: 13% commissions
  • Spartacus 7: 15% commissions

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

The minimum investment cost is going to be 0.5 BTC for the Spartacus 1 plan.

Right now as I am writing this 0.5 BTC = $930.02 because bitcoin has increase insanely over the past year. But when you read this it is likely going to have change, probably increasing in price.

This Doesn’t Make Sense

I am guessing that you are suspicious of GladiaCoin and that is the whole reason that you are reading this review. And you should be suspicious. Their claims just don’t make sense.

Did they find some secret exchange of Bitcoin? Did they find a pot of bitcoin at the end of a rainbow???

There is nothing that can justify their insanely high returns that they claim. There is no way that they are going to be making these kinds of returns exchanging bitcoin like they tell you that they are. It just doesn’t work like this.

What I Think Is Going On

I think this is nothing more than an investment scheme. I don’t even think this place even exchanges Bitcoin. I just think that they tell you that they do to come off as more legitimate than they are.

I think they are an investment scheme where existing members are paid by the investments of new member joining in. That is why they push their members to go out and recruit new members so much.

The bitcoin investments coming in from new members are distributed according to the plan you bought in at. So its a form of a pyramid scheme more than likely.

Final Thoughts

GladiaCoin gives you just about zero information on who they are and how this all works. They give you just enough to have some understanding of it all but no more. So how can you trust this place? The answer to that is you can’t.

What they tell you just doesn’t make sense. You aren’t going to make such high returns doing what they tell you that they are doing with your invested Bitcoin.

It makes more sense that they are using your bitcoin that you invest to pay out to members, rather than actually exchange it in the bitcoin market. But if this is true then this place is very risky and is going to implode in no time. It is impossible for investment schemes like this to work out. Statistically speaking, the overwhelming majority of people are going to lose money in this.

My final word is to join at your own risk. But I know I sure as heck am not joining. I have reviewed sites like this is the past, FirstEarn.biz being one of them that has suddenly disappeared from the internet.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon…

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