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Is Get Paid to Draw a Scam?

By Kyle / February 3, 2016

getpaidtodraw1If you are aspiring to become a freelance photographer then Get Paid to Draw is the program for you. Or is it? First you need to know if its legit or if they are just trying to take your money and run.

So is Get Paid to Draw a scam?

To answer this I took a look into the program and what it offers.

To be honest I definitely thought this was a scam when I came to the homepage. Why? Because they make it sound SO easy to make money online selling pictures. On the page its basically telling you that you can be lazy and earn $2,000 a month by just drawing and taking pictures with your cell phone and then selling them online.

They claim that a “lazy” college student did exactly that and so can you. It just sounds too good to be true at first.

What Get Paid to Draw Offers You

  • ebook that outlines step by step process
  • video tutorials
  • directory of websites to submit your pictures where you can earn $

What this program does is guide you through the process of basically becoming a freelance photographer. You will learn how to draw and take your own pictures and then submit them to various websites.

The good thing about this program is that it doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings. Your earnings are yours and yours alone. The only thing you would pay for is the information listed above.

How it Works

Its a simple process really. You draw or take a picture, upload it to a website that sells pictures, and get paid a royalty every time someone buys that picture.

Stock photo businesses are huge. And I’m sure you have heard of ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, canStockPhoto, and plenty others. There is no doubt that there is a lot of money in this business and there is plenty of potential.

But it is much more difficult than it seems

The claims that Get Paid to Draw makes are very deceiving. Maybe it is true that a lazy college student made $2,000 a month just drawing and taking pictures on his cell phone. But this would NOT be a normal case. Look at some of these crazy earnings they listgetpaidtodraw

Who even knows if these are true

There is a lot of competition out there and it is extremely difficult. You cannot just go into this field with no skill and make a bunch of money. Everything is based on supply and demand. People that are looking for photos want the best. If your photo of an apple isn’t as good as the professionals, then you aren’t likely to sell a lot of those photos.

Professionals in the field have built credibility as photographers over years of devotion. They have the most images, them most downloads, and people know this.

Selling photos online is not what you would call easy. It takes time and skill, as anything does.

Don’t expect to to quit your current job

The picture above that is posted on their website, may be true, but as a beginner you will not see earnings like that. And if you have seen the “earnings calculator” that is posted on Get Paid to Draw’s website, don’t let that get you excited. This is very unrealistic.potentialearningscalculator

On this calculator you can go up to $10 for the average price per photo. $10!!!! Ya right. More like anywhere from a quarter to one dollar. This is very far fetched and you should not expect this.

A dollar or less seems to be what most people are making in this industry (google it). If you are good and your pictures are in high demand you might be able to get closer to $5 per photo, but $10??? Forget about that.

How much does it cost for the program?

You know just about everything in this world has a price. They aren’t just going to give you a program for free. The original cost (as of today) is $74, but I noticed it changed from a couple days ago.

There is also a 50% off coupon that they give you. So lets say its $37.

Is Get Paid to Draw worth it?

Although the program itself comes across very “scammy” and tries to suck people in thinking that this is an easy way to make money, the business sector it is in is legit.

I honestly wouldn’t bother paying for this program. Why do they have to teach you how to draw?? Just youtube it for free instead. Paying them to learn how to take a picture?? Thats ridiculous. I bet you can find a lot more informative videos on youtube for this as well.And as for finding good websites that you can submit your pictures to and make money. That is as simple as Googling it.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you DON’T need to pay for this information. It can easily be found on Google, Youtube, etc for free.

And besides, I wouldn’t trust Get Paid to Draw either. They are obviously in it for the money judging by how much they flash BIG Dollars in your face.

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What do you think about it? Comment below.


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