Is FusionCash a Scam?

By Kyle / January 9, 2016


FusionCash has been around for over a decade (since 2005), so it is obviously making
good money to be able to do this. However, just because it is making good money doesn’t mean it is a legitimate business. So is FusionCash a scam or not? Lets first take a look at some relevant reviews from members:


And there are plenty more where that came from, both good and bad. But I will say there are more bad than good which definitely gets my attention.

Lets First Take a Look at What FusionCash is About

So in order to earn money, you complete offers that FusionCash gives you. Mostly this consists of free trials and surveys. So FusionCash wants you to test out a new service, you sign up and complete a free trial, then you cancel at the end.

So I bet you are wondering where the money comes from, right?

Well when a company develops new software, a new program, a new product, or just whatever, they need to get it out in the public and let people test it out. They need real “average Joe” feedback, or at least they want it. This is where FusionCash comes in. You could call them an advertising platform. Companies pay to advertise their new products on FusionCash and you get a piece (very small) of that money.

With this in mind ask yourself, does their business model make sense? You can avoid many scams online by just thinking about this for a second. As for FusionCash, yes it does make sense. The flow of money makes sense.

But Hold On,  FusionCash is Going Downhill

While FusionCash used to be a good site to make a little extra money, it seems to have changed.

FusionCash is not even worth the time and effort anymore. To meet the minimum cash out amount of $25 you need to be on your A-game. This could take you some serious time to get there with surveys that often pay just cents.

Not Giving Credit For Completed Offers

Sometimes with this site you will spend a bunch of time taking a survey, much longer than they tell you it will take, and at the end you will not be credited.

This is usually due to 2 things. One is that it is due to an all of a sudden “lost connection” to their server. Isn’t it strange that you keep losing your connection at that particular time? The other thing that happens is they will flash a screen saying “thank you for your interest in this survey” ,or something of that nature, and you won’t receive your reward.

-not that their tiny rewards matter anyhow

Customer Servicecustomerservice

This is a tell tale sign of a bad business. Customer service and keeping good customer relations is a MUST for a legitimate business. As for FusionCash, theirs is HORRIBLE.

Not receiving rewards or payments? Well thats too bad because FusionCash is who you have to talk to and deal with but the chances are you won’t be able to get any answers.

People Not Receiving Cash Outs

One of the most common complaints is that members are not receiving their money when they cashout. There are hundreds of review that I have read (and tons more) claiming that FusionCash will not allow them to cash out.

You will spend all this time doing what you have to do to meet the minimum balance of $25, then when you get there you are unable to cash out. So you contact customer service and they do an excellent job of doing nothing.

I will say, however, that many of the people with this problem probably do not meet the terms of service requirements.

There are many requirements you must meet for FusionCash. One of these requirements that I know many people avoid is identity. YOU MUST PUT YOUR REAL INFORMATION.  This is what happens here: People think its a scam from the start, make up their information, then don’t get paid because they did not follow the requirements.

FusionCash goes as far as requesting your IRS Form W-9 at times to verify you.

The Bottom Line/ Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that FusionCash just isn’t worth your time. They scam all too often, whether it be not giving you your rewards, giving you tiny reward amounts (often cents), or claiming that you didn’t follow the terms of service and not allowing you to cash out.

They have a plausible cashflow system, where they are the middleman with advertisers being their customers and members being their “employees” (i use that term loosely). Their business model is legit but their business practices are far from legit.

They trick people into thinking they can make some easy online money taking a few surveys, watching some videos, trying out a trial, which are all easy to do. Then they don’t give you your rewards, and when they do you find out it is a waste of time. But if you do muster up enough strength to continue on and make pennies day after day and finally get to cash out at $25, theres always the possibility that you won’t get paid for some silly reason.



It may not be a complete scam, but with all of the ways they try to pull one over on you, its a SCAM


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Also, if you have an opinion on FusionCash or any questions be sure to comment below. Thanks.

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