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Is Qkids English a Scam? | A Look at This ESL Teaching Opportunity

By Kyle / September 20, 2017

Thinking about applying to work for Qkids English (previously name Funbulous)? Its a good way for stay at home moms, college students, and others to earn money working from home, but is there a catch? Will Qkids English just turn out to be a scam and a waste of your time?

I know there are people out there that are looking into this money making opportunity but need more info before making a decision on joining or not. That is what I’m here for. In this review I’ll be going over how this place works, the requirements, how much money you can make and more.

FunbulousQkids English Review

  • Website: funbulous.cn
  • Type: ESL tutoring site
  • Legit?: Yes


Qkids English is an ESL (english as a second language) tutoring platform that was developed for children in China. They try to make the environment as fun as possible while teaching/ learning English with games, animations, and more.

The age range of kids that learn through this platform is anywhere from 5 – 12.

As a teacher you will be able to have a flexible schedule and work from anywhere in the US, Canada, or China. This is one of the perks of the job and is the reason many people are looking into it. If you are looking into this it is also important that you have the desire to help and educate.

Requirements for the Job

There really isn’t much in the way of requirements. They do require applicants to either have a college degree or be enrolled in college courses… but other than this you just need to be able to speak fluent English and you need to live in either the US, Canada, or China.

Then of course there are the equipment requirements. You will need a…

  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Internet connection (cable hookup required, no wifi)
  • 2mb/s upload speed and 10mb/s download speed minimum

What The Work Is Like

Your job will be talking and playing games with students over your webcam and through the Qkids English platform. There will be anywhere from 1-6 students per lesson and each lesson will last 30 minutes.

It seems that the general opinion toward Qkids English by other teachers is pretty good. I think a lot of this has to do with how the make it a more fun and enjoyable teaching experience than most other ESL programs I’ve looked into.

You will be able to play games (ex: Bingo) with students through the platform.  You will also be able to go through animated stories that kids will enjoy. And don’t worry about preparing lessons, all of the lessons are laid out for teachers. You don’t have to prepare at all.

As for flexibility, you are free to choose when you want to work for the most part. They have a schedule laid out with 30 minute lesson time-blocks that you can choose to fill. You will be required to work a certain number of hours per week (may vary but right now its set at 6 hours per week).

What is the Pay Like?

The base pay that you will make per tutoring session is set at $8. And remember, each lesson is 30 minutes long so that means that you will be able to make $16/hr that you work.

However, on their site they will tell you that you can make anywhere from $16-$20/hr. This is because they give out pay bonuses for tutors that are do a good job

What Other Teachers Think About It

Overall, as I said, most teachers seem to like working for Qkids English. If you go onto job review sites like Indeed or Glassdoor you will see this.

For example, at the time or writing this on Indeed this place has an average rating of 4.1/5…And on Glassdoor they have an average rating of 4.4/5 with hundreds of submitted reviews…


As with anything, there are going to be complaints… it doesn’t matter how good a place is. From doing research and reading a lot of teacher reviews here are some of the top complaints I found on Qkids English…

Lack of Job Security

I have read more than one complaint about teachers working for Qkids English and all of a sudden getting canned due to technical issues, such as having problems with their webcam or microphone or something along those lines. Of course many of these people are probably letting their emotions get to the best of them because they just got “fired”, but who knows.

I’m sure this is true at least to some extent. When it comes to independent contractor jobs in the online world many companies treat people as if they are disposable.

Rating System

Parents of your students will be able to rate you. These ratings will have a big impact on the amount of lessons you are able to get. Some parents are unforgiving and will give bad ratings for stupid reasons. This can lead to you getting fired which is totally unfair in many cases.

Lack of Hours

This is best treated as a part time job. Its not like you can just go and schedule 40 hours per week. It depends a lot on the demand, the number of other teachers available, your rating, etc.

Final Thoughts & What I Suggest

I know the complaints may make this ESL teaching opportunity that Qkids English offers seem bad, but its really not. I have reviewed many other ESL programs that you can teach ESL, such as VIPKID, Cambly. TutorABC, etc and Qkids English is one of the better ones in my opinion.

The overall ratings from other teachers on Qkids English is very impressing and I like how this place really seems to make teaching more fun. Most of the other places aren’t this way. So if you are still considering pursuing a job with this place I would say go for it. They are definitely not a scam.

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