Is Feature Points a Scam? Its Just Not Worth It

If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash online then you may have ran into FeaturePoints, which is an app that pays you to try out other apps. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, its nothing special to be honest and I’ll be going why in this review as well as answering the age old question… Is FeaturePoints a scam?

is FeaturePoints a scamFeaturePoints App Review

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  • Rating: 5/10 (Its legit and all, but its just not worth the time in my opinion)

Getting paid to try out apps sounds awesome. You are pretty much getting paid to play around. Its a great idea that sounds promising, but unfortunately FeaturePoints was a letdown for me. And I’ll be going over why, but first I want to cover how FeaturePoints works for those of you who don’t know.

How You Can Start Making Money With FeaturePoints

1) Download The App

Of course you need to download the FeaturePoints app before you can start using it to make money. You can download the app for Android and Apple devices on Its free to download so you don’t have to worry there.

If you enter someones referral code when you sign up you can get a bonus of 50 points in you account to start. Unfortunately for you, I no longer have an account with FeaturePoints and therefore no longer have a referral code you can use. So if you do want to sign up I would suggest you just search for “FeaturePoints referral code” on Google and I’m sure you will find one.

2) Download Apps From The List

featurepoints appOnce you open the FeaturePoints app you will see a list of apps that are available for you to make some money off of. All you have to do is download the ones you want to try out. Beside the listed app it will tell you how many points you can earn.

3) Open & Use The App

Of course you can’t just download the app and get paid for it. You have to use it. You don’t get credit for the app if you just open and close it right away. I would recommend having it open for 1 – 2 minutes.

4) Redeem Your Points

Your points aren’t worth a dang thing to you until you redeem them for something of real value. There are different things you can redeem them for such as PayPal cash and a bunch of different gift cards.

featurepoints rewardsHow Much Is A Point Worth?

In order to find out if FeaturePoints is worth your time it necessary to know how much a point is worth. This way you can figure out how much money you are making with the time you spend.

So how much is a point worth? Well if you look at the rewards you can redeem your points for you can figure this out.

If you take a look on the right you can see that there is an $100 Amazon gift card for 60,000 points, a $200 Amazon gift card for 120,000 points, a $500 Amazon gift card for 300,000 points, and a $10 PayPal cash amount for 6,000 points.

All of these rewards are redeemable at a point to dollar ration of 600 to 1 (600:1). This means that you need 600 points to have what is equal to $1.

How Hard is it To Earn a Dollar?

Well.. lets see.

featurepoints appHere is this screenshot again of some apps that are available in which you can download, use, and get paid in points.

All three of the available apps listed are worth the same amount of points. The number beside the coin is the amount of points each app is worth and the number by the smiley face is the amount of bonus points you will get.

So each app here is worth 300 points plus 150 bonus points, which equals 450 points total. And if $1 is 600 points this means 450 points is $0.75.

Lets say that you download one of the apps and open it up for 2 minutes in order to get credit. And lets say that whole process takes 2.5 minutes.

So you would be earning $0.75 in 2.5 minutes. If you do the calculations and turn this into dollars/hour it comes out to be $18/hour, which is pretty darn good isn’t it????

Well… not really

Why I Don’t Bother With FeaturePoints Anymore

Why would I not care much for FeaturePoints? $18/hour, that could be a full time job right there. Just by downloading apps all day.

But theres a problem..

There just aren’t enough apps available. There is absolutely no way you could possibly have enough apps available to be doing this very often.

This should only be seen as a tool to make some extra income in your spare time every once in a while. Its not something that you can use, and use, and use, and use. There just isn’t the opportunity to do that.

Another Way To Earn Points

Besides downloading apps and opening them, you can earn another way. By referring people. FeaturePoints referral system is as straight forward as it gets. If you refer someone you will earn 50% of their earnings for life.

Most people won’t be able to make much of anything this way, but if you have a massive social media following or a website that gets lots of traffic, you might be able to get a lot of referrals and earn some good extra money from them.

Final Thoughts, Is FeaturePoints a Scam?

No FeaturePoints isn’t a scam. Its a legit opportunity where you can earn some pretty easy money. I have nothing but good things to say about this app other than the fact that there just isn’t enough apps available.

FeaturePoints is good if you have a few extra minutes and have absolutely nothing to do. So use it to make a few extra bucks here and there, but don’t go out of your way trying to make money with it, its just not worth it.

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