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Is FB Bonanza a Scam? They Have Changed It

By Kyle / March 13, 2017
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If you are looking to earn income online, you might have come across a program called Facebook Bonanza. But should you trust them? Is Facebook Bonanza a scam? Or is it possibly one of the best online opportunities that there is right now?

Sorry to break it to you but Facebook Bonanza is a scam.

I had written a review of FB Bonanza a while back, but its time to give an update on it all because they have made some serious changes.

Facebook Bonanza as of 2017 is no longer Facebook Bonanza. Instead, all of the websites that would refer people to this scam are now referring people to another scam called Total Income Answer.

There are still all the same websites up and running that are actively promoting FB Bonanza. Its just that when you click the links to “sign up now” or “get started” or whatever, they direct you to the Total Income Answer scam instead.

Total Income Answer is a complete scam as well. Its nothing more than a link posting scam that feeds you fairy-tale dreams of earning tons of money online while you sit back and basically do nothing.

Anyway, this post is short and sweet. I just wanted to point out that this scam has changed for all of those that were looking to buy into it. I hope this helped!


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