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Is Electoral Profits a Scam? You Bet It Is, Check This Out

By Kyle / November 5, 2016
is Electoral Profits a scam

This Electoral Profits App is supposed to be an incredible opportunity that can make thousands of dollars a day, but can this be true? Is Electoral Profits a scam?

HECK YES its a scam.

And one of the first things you should do after coming across something like this that sounds awfully suspicious is look up the people behind the product. In this case the guy claims to be Daniel Walters. But who is this guy really?

Should You Trust Daniel Walters?

Absolutely not. This guys is a ghost and probably doesn’t even exist. There is no information that I can find about a guy by this name that has anything to do with trading of any kind.

If a groundbreaking trading software like Electoral Profits was really created by this guy along with a team of traders it would be huge. The ability to rake in thousands of dollars a day would get everyone’s attention. And this guy would pretty much be a rockstar.

But there is simply nothing on this guy. He more than likely doesn’t exist and is nothing more than a fictitious name made up by a group of scammers.

Its not uncommon for binary trading scams to do this.

Are The Testimonials Even Real?

So Mr Daniel Walters is a fake, he doesn’t exist. But can you trust the testimonials?

Heck No!

I have proof.

Remember this lady from the testimonials shown…electoral-profits-app-google-chrome-2016-11-04-19-34-54

Ya, you can pay her to make testimonials for you. I found her profile on Fiverr and its pretty obvious that this is the same lady. Here is her profile…i-will-be-your-professional-video-spokesperson-google-chrome-2016-11-05-07-34-57

And as far as I’m concerned if this video is fake then all the testimonials are fake.  You just can’t trust them.

Zero Risk??? Ya Right

More like 100% risk because I can pretty much guarantee you are going to lose your money with this scam.

Just think about it. He doesn’t tell you anything about how it works. All you know is that its a binary options trading software that somehow can make tons of money near election times. But HOW?

Binary options trading is extremely volatile and filled with lots of risk. You can be rewarded very fast but its not easy. The risk is extremely high. You are literally guessing the price of assets within minutes from the time you guess. Its a daring gamble and there is little reliable information that you can go by.

To say that this software is zero risk is absolutely ridiculous.

Insider Trading Is Illegal!

Daniel Walters claims that his company behind this app is an insider organization and that they get inside information and thats why its able to win so many trades and make you so much money.

This obviously isn’t true because this guy is a complete liar.

But even if it were true, why would he tell you that? Is he trying to go to prison? Insider trading is a felony! (in the US)

Final Thoughts.. Electoral Profits App Is a SCAM!

Daniel Walters does not exist, the testimonials are fake, trading at zero risk is impossible, and he tells you that he is committing a felony….. Do you really believe this scam?

Everything here points to it being a scam.

The fact of the matter is that there are binary options software scams like this coming out by the week. This is not uncommon at all. Some other recent scams like this include Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, and more. Just beware of these scams.

I hope this review helped you out and hopefully you don’t fall victim to this or other scams.

If you have any comments or questions leave them below!
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