Is Einstein Success Code a Scam? – Honest Review

By Kyle / January 17, 2018

Einstein Success Code ReviewThe Einstein Success Code is a supposedly a secret code that Albert Einstein discovered that is now being revealed to the world through this new book by Kevin Rogers. But is what you hear really true? Or is this all just a scam that is designed to make people think they are going to achieve greatness but really its just a way to suck money into the creator’s bank account?

Is Einstein Success Code a scam possibly? If you are wondering this then you are in the right place. Pretty much every other review I’ve read that is out there is by someone that is promoting the product. Well I’m not. I have nothing to do with this product and I’m going to be reviewing it for what it really is. You are going to want to read this.

The Einstein Success CodeEinstein Success Code Review

The reason I was first very suspicious of this product was because I saw it was being promoted by known scammers online. I review scams nearly every day and there are some websites that I have come to know promote scams on a regular basis and they are promoting this Einstein Success Code.

So anyways I looked into it and now I’m even more suspicious. There are probably multiple different promotional videos for this product but the one that I watched was really over-hyped. In the video they told you everything that anyone wants to hear. The whole gist of this “secret code” that they are revealing is that you can rewire your brain so that you are bound for greatness.

The creator of this book, Kevin Rogers, claims that Albert Einstein found the key to unlocking fame and fortune, which eventually earned him $108 million in his lifetime. Kevin goes on to say that basically Einstein was an asshole and wanted to keep all of this a secret. But of course no Kevin Rogers has found out the truth and discovered this “code” that Einstein was using to become so successful.

What Is The Einstein Success Code

The code is what he calls a “manifestation loophole”.  Basically its a way of thinking that will attract positive things into your life.

Kevin claims that your beliefs, habits, and behavior are all controlled by the neurological pathways in your brain and that Einstein discovered a way to rebuilt or reroute these pathways.

You can’t just think positive things and expect positive things to flow into your life because there will still be negative thoughts residing in the unconscious part of your mind, in the neurological pathways. If you remove these thoughts completely that is when positivity will really flow into your life. This is the concept behind this code.

If you buy the Einstein Success Code you will get 13 different codes that will help you to think differently and supposedly change these neurological pathways in your mind. This different “codes” are basically to get you motivated and to get you thinking that you are unstoppable. They include…

  1. The Force Harnessing App
  2. The Divine Purpose App
  3. The Bulletproof Confidence App
  4. The Superpower Activator App
  5. The Flow State App
  6. The Become Unstoppable App
  7. The Bold Risk Taker App
  8. The Lateral Thinking App
  9. The CEO Mind App
  10. The Brain Rejuvenator App
  11. The Action Jump-Starter App
  12. The Negative Pattern Clearing App
  13. The Wealth Accelerator App

Is Any of This Really True? Or Is This a Scam?

There are a few things that I want to point out there really lead me to believe that this is all a scam that was just created to suck people and make them think that they are going to become some super successful person from getting this ebook but really its just to make money.

#1 – Who Is Kevin Rogers?

My first question is who the heck is this guy? They never show a picture of him or anything. I’ve tried looking him up but can’t find any relevant information on the man that is supposedly behind this Einstein Success Code. This leads me to believe that the name is just a fictitious name created to promote this possible scam.

Of course “Kevin Rogers” claims to have been broke working a 9-5 job that he hated until he discovered this code that changed his life. Every scam says something along these lines just to try to appeal to an audience that is desperate.

#2 – Is This Really Scientifically Proven?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for thinking positive and I do believe that positivity leads to more positivity, but he claims that this is 100% scientifically proven, yet offers no proof of this. I can’t find any proof on this Einstein Success Code being proven in science.

He literally says that with this code everything you desire will be magically pulled into your reality after saying its scientifically proven. Well I’m not sure if he knows this but magic and science are two very different things.

#3 – Lies About His Wife

In one part of the promotional video he says that when he was working the 9-5 that he hated, the only thing that kept him going was his wife Alison, and he shows a picture of her on the screen… 

Well this is not his wife and is just a stock photo. I did a reverse Google image search and found that this images is used all over the place online…

#4 – Fake Comments on The Sales Page

Another problem that I found is that the comments on the sales page, that you will find beneath the video are fake…

I figured they probably were because they just don’t seem like realistic comments people would leave. So anyways… I did a reverse Google image search of the pictures of these commenters and found that they are also stock photos that are all over the place online.

#5 – Mistakes Throughout The Sales Video


I also found that in the sales video the spokesperson was making mistakes. For example at one point he claims to have found 13 neuro patterns that Einstein had then later he slips up and says only 12. So which is it really? If this guy really did find this secret code and put in all this research he wouldn’t forget so easily.

Conclusion on Einstein Success Code – Scam?

The bottom line here is that there is nothing that convinces me that this is legitimate. Anyone could have created this ebook and made it up completely. There is no proof that Einstein actually left some secret code behind, there is no proof of this in science, there is no proof of this Kevin Rogers guy being real, the picture of his wife and the comments are fake….. its all fake as far as I see.

This is more than likely another scammy motivational product that unfortunately will sell a lot because people are desperate for success. It preys upon those that are desperate.

The reason you will find so many good reviews about this product is because people are getting paid a lot to promote it. They have an affiliate program that I found here…

As you can see there are also 3 upsells that they will try to get you to buy if you do buy into this.

But anyways… I’m not going to tell you what to do. Buy it if you want to. This is all my opinion and we all have our own. And by the way… I know a lot of people are looking into this because they want to make more money. If you are one of these people I suggest taking a look at how I make a living online to see if it interests you.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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