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Is Easy 1 Up a Scam or Legit? You Should Know This

By Kyle / May 17, 2017

If you are looking to join Easy 1 Up I would strongly recommend you read this first. It is not a safe bet and you should seriously reconsider. While you can make money with this system, the chances that you lose money instead are much greater.

If you are wondering is Easy 1 Up a scam then you are right where you need to be. I am very familiar with programs like this and know exactly whats going on. It isn’t all its cracked up to be and in this review I’m going to share some important insight with you.

easy 1 upWhat Is Easy 1 Up?

Easy 1 Up is what is known as a cash gifting scheme. This is basically a big exchange of money, where you pay someone to buy into the program and then you go out and get other people to pay you to buy in.

You can absolutely make money with programs like this, no doubt about it. And some people will go on to make a lot. But most people will lose money.

How It Works

In order to buy into the program you will have to choose from 5 different product packages. These include Elevation, Elevation Elite, Vertex, Vertex Elite, and Vertex Pro. They range in price from $25 to $1,000 and you can see how the prices match up below…

The Products

These products will include training, tools, landing pages, and websites that are all designed for you to go out and promote Easy 1 Up to other people. They don’t beat around the bush, they tell you straight up that what they give you will help you bring other people into the program.

These product packages give you training, support, marketing tools, presentation systems, and other resources that you can use to recruit other people into the program. This is nothing new to me. I have reviewed plenty of online marketing products that are focused on one thing and one thing only… getting you to go out there and recruit more people into the business (Aspire and MOBE are probably the most popular of this kind of program).

Just to give you an idea of what you are getting with the different product packages, below is what you will get with the Elevation Package for $25… And the more expensive packages offer the same type of things, just more of it and more in-depth.

The Cost

As you can see above the cost is shown for each of the product packages. They range in price from $25 to $1,000. But in addition to these prices you also have to pay an admin fee.

The admin fee varies with the product. With the Elevation package it is only $5, but with the Vortex Pro package it is $100.

This admin fee goes to the program owners to keep it up and running. They only make money off of this because you keep 100% of the profits from selling the product packages.


When you go out and sell these products to other people, you will get 100% commissions. So if you sell someone on the $25 Elevation package you will get $25, and if you sell someone on the Vortex Pro for $1,000 you will get $1,000.

The catch is that you have to own the package in order to get commissions from it. So if you only have the Elevation package for $25 and you recruit someone in that buys the Vortex Pro package for $1,000 you won’t be eligible to receive that commission.

Commission Structure

Easy 1 Up uses what you call a “reverse 1 up” commission structure, that is why their name is Easy 1 Up.

What this means is that your second sale gets bumped up to your sponsor.

So for the first person that you recruit into the program you get to keep the sale. But the second person you recruit in is called your “qualifying sale” and this one gets passed up to the person that recruited you into the program. Then from the 3rd sale on you get to keep all of the sales.

It may seem like it sucks that your second sale goes to the person above you, but this “1 up” structure can lead to you making a lot of money if you can recruit a lot of people in, because each of your recruits will pass their 2nd sale up to you.

Its all about recruiting new members in.

This Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

The fact of the matter is that cash gifting schemes like this just don’t work out very well. They will always end with the majority of people losing money rather than making money.

Just think about it, this is nothing more than a big exchange of money. When you get someone to join in they pay the admin fee and they pay you as a “gift”. There isn’t much value here. There are no products being sold to the general public and no revenue coming in from the general public. All the money is made from recruitment.

These just don’t work out good unless you get in at the beginning. If you get in early and get a lot of recruits beneath you then you can make a lot, but if you don’t you are pretty much screwed.


Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend This Program?

Honestly I will never recommend a cash gifting scheme. Although they are legal, because you are allowed to give people gifts in the form of cash, I do not consider them to be legitimate. They provide no value and are just a big money exchange basically. They are not something to feel proud about.

What is most important is that they just don’t work. You will only profit from this if you get and recruit a bunch of people beneath you. But statistics have shown over and over again that this isn’t easy and that most people end up losing money.

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