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Is Earn 3K Today a Scam? Absolutely!

By Kyle / April 16, 2017

The “secret system” they call My Online Business, which was presented on earn3ktoday.com, claims to be able to generate you $10,000 plus per day… but is this true? Or is Earn 3K Today a scam?

If you were thinking about buying into this program you are definitely going to want to think again about that. I have reviewed it and it is NOT what they tell you it is. And if you do end up purchasing this program you are going to be majorly disappointed.

earn 3k today scamEarn 3K Today Review

  • Program Name: “My Online Business”
  • Website: earn3ktoday.com
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end

You can forget about everything you just heard in the sales video on earn3ktoday.com. Its all a bunch of BS that is either untrue or very misleading. And to start out this review I’ll go over some of the outrageous claims that they have told you…

generates over $10,000 a day – FALSE

There is absolutely no way you are going to be making anywhere even close to $10,000 with this program. I am very familiar with the method they are telling you that you can make this kind of money with and I know this simply isn’t going to happen.

you just won the lottery – FALSE

You just lost the lottery. Because you if you buy into this program you are going to be out $47.

this isn’t available to the public – FALSE

Actually it is available to the public. Anyone can go to earn3ktoday.com/activate and join this program. And they will all be told the same lie that they have been selected out of millions of people.

you are guaranteed $500 for watching this video – FALSE

There is no way you are getting $500 for watching this video. This is just a tactic to keep you around longer so that they have a better chance of getting you to buy.

you can master the 6 easy steps within a week – True, but Misleading (but it won’t do you any good)

True, you can master the easy steps that they tell you is all you have to do. But the misleading part of it all is that these steps will do you no good, because you aren’t going to be making much money at all if you do them.

Unfortunately pretty much everything they tell you is false. And obviously you had your own suspicions and that is why you did some extra research and came across this review. So good for you. I hope you didn’t buy into it yet.

As a role of thumb, when the sales pitch you are being shown features mansions, Ferrari’s, yachts, and other luxurious items, there is a good chance it is a scam. And this program is no exception.

And if you want to see some visual proof that this program is a scam that should not be trusted.. check this out…

The Testimonials Are Fake

Testimonials are supposed to add credibility to products and programs, but not here. Because unfortunately they are all fake.

Remember this guy from the video??

Ya, this guy is a paid actor that is doing nothing more than saying what he was paid to say. He never tried this system and doesn’t know anything about it. He is just doing what he as paid to do.

The particular gentleman in this video can be hired on Fiverr. And as you can see below… he will give you a realistic video testimonial.

What This Program Actually Is

If you click the button below the sales the video and actually go to purchase this secret system, which they have called “My Online Business” you will be taken to a page to purchase a program that has nothing to do with “My Online Business”.

Right now they direct you to buy a program called Auto Home Profits

But the program that the earn3ktoday.com site is promoting is likely to change. Basically all this site is, is a cover that funnels you into buying another program. And right now as I write this that program happens to be Auto Home Profits. But depending on when you are reading this review that might have changed.

The Truth Beneath The Lies

Auto Home Profits is such a BS system that will never make you money like they tell you.

Auto Home Profits is what I like to call a link posting scam. Because they tell you that you can easily make money from home by posting links for big companies.

They tell you that each link only takes 1-2 minutes to post and that it will earn you $15 to $20. So that means if you post 30 links per day, and each of them earn you $15, you will make $450 for that day. And that will all only take you 30 minutes to an hour to do.

Its NOT That Simple

First off, let me tell you that I know for a fact that this isn’t even close to being true because I do this for a living.

The business opportunity that they are talking about is called affiliate marketing. And this is when you promote products online for other companies and make commissions each time you help make a sale.

So for example… you promote a dog collar by posting a link on your website, someone clicks that link and is directed to Amazon.com where they can buy it, they buy the collar, Amazon then pays you a commission for helping make that sale.

Its actually an awesome business model and I love making money this way but its just nothing like they tell you it is.

First off… you don’t know how much money a link will make you

Its ridiculous that they tell you a link will make you $15. Its impossible to know how much one will make because that depends on how many people actually click the link and buy the product.

Second…  posting a link isn’t as easy as they tell you

If you just spam links every where, which is how they are going to teach you, you won’t make any money. That just isn’t how it works. If it were that easy everybody would be doing it.

You Can Learn How To Legitimately Get Started Affiliate Marketing Here

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this program isn’t going to work out. They lie to you and trick you to try to get you to buy into it because they know that no one would buy it for what it really is.

There is no way you are going to make $10,000 a day or anything relatively close to that with what this program is going to teach you.

You can legitimately make money online with affiliate marketing and I think its a great business model and a great way to make money, but it just doesn’t work like they tell you.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to get started legitimately you can do so HERE. This is how I suggest.

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