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Is Crypto Edge System a Scam? – You Are Going to Want to Read This

crypto edge systemSince you are wondering is Crypto Edge System a scam I’m guessing you watched the sales video for this software and are suspicious of the whole thing… and rightly so. The sales pitch that they throw at you for this system is really hyped up and with all the scams that are continuously popping up in the cryptocurrency realm on a daily basis, its hard to know what to believe and what not to believe.

Luckily for you, I review softwares and systems like this all the time, most of which do in fact turn out to be scams. In this review I’ll be going over a bit about my opinion on Crypto Edge System. If you were thinking about buying into this you are going to want to think again!

What Is The Crypto Edge System?

The Crypto Edge System claims to be the most advanced cryptocurrency trading software available. What it claims to do is make you rich…. and make you rich fast and easily. Basically in the sales video they tell you that this system is a fully automated trading software that makes cryptocurrency trades for you. You really don’t have to do much of anything.

And of course they are giving it away to the public for absolutely free…. another scam classic.

Throughout the sales video they tell you a bunch of things that really aren’t relevant anymore, yet are intended to get people excited and to hype up this opportunity. The sales pitch is full of hype but not much real substance. There are a lot of things that they should discuss about the software but they do not… which leads me to believe this is a scam.

Who Is the Creator of This? 

Its always important to look into things and see who is the person (or people) behind it. Unfortunately there is no information given on this. You don’t know anything about who is behind this so it could very well be a scam artist that does this sort of thing for living.

This is a major red flag. Legitimate opportunities always give you some background information but this leaves everything out of the picture.

How Does It Work?

They don’t really tell you much about how it works. Pretty much you are just supposed to trust that the software is going to win 99.7% of the trades it takes for you… which is insanely high.

Not going into detail about how the whole thing works is another common scam characteristic. The likely reason that they don’t go into any detail here is because it doesn’t work.

Can This Possibly Be The Real Deal?

Honestly I don’t see any way that this system could even come relatively close to working as good as they claim. A 99.7% accuracy rate is unheard of with any trading software. Not to mention that crypocurrencies are one of the most volatile things you can trade right now… which adds to the risk of trading.

You could ask any expert in this industry and I’m sure they would tell you that this is a scam based off of the ridiculous trading accuracy that they tell you. It just isn’t feasible.

How They Trick You

So you may be wondering how this can really be a scam since they are letting you use the software for free. Well the catch is that you are going to have to invest your money to begin the trading right? And there will be a minimum investment of $250.

What will happen is you will be referred to a shady broker that is either unheard of or has a very back reputation.

What About The People Claiming This Has Made Them Rich?

The testimonial videos that they show you in the sales video are all fake. The people claiming that they have made all kinds of money with this system are paid actors that are just saying what they were told to say. There are other reviews that I saw on this that prove this.

This is yet another very common characteristic of a scam opportunity. Many scams will hire people on Fiverr, which is a digital marketplace, to fake testimonial videos. Its very easy to do and very common.

The Reality Here

The reality is that you have to be extremely careful with what you get involved in when it comes to cryptocurrency trading softwares. There are scams in this industry coming out on a daily basis and the number of them far outweighs the number of legitimate opportunities.

I would just stay away from anything that has to do with cryptocurrency trading that claims to be completely automated and free.

I review only scams like this all the time so this is nothing new…. another day another scam. The Ethereum Code and Altcoin Trends are 2 other scam trading softwares that I recently reviewed.

Conclusion on Crypto Edge System – Scam

There is nothing about this system that makes me believe that it is actually legit. Opportunities like this have to win over my trust in order for me to invest in them and Crypto Edge System doesn’t even come close to doing this. Anyone could have easily made up a system like this that does not work whatsoever and claim that it works. There is no real proof of any of their claims.

They feel you over-hyped irrelevant information to try to get you excited, they don’t say anything that really lets you know how the software works, they use paid actors to boast about how good the system is, they don’t give you any information about the people behind it….. sounds like a scam to me.

Of course I haven’t actually tried this system out to see for myself how it works but I sure as heck don’t plan on it either.

If you are looking to make money online then one program I will always recommend is this one. I became a member in 2015 and make a living online now. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrency but I find that most people looking into these cryptocurrency opportunities are doing so for the sake of making money online… not because they have some fascination with cryptocurrency itself.

So anyway… take a look at my recommended program here if you get the time.

And if you have any questions of comments be sure to leave them below in the comment section. I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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