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Is Cointherum a Scam? What You Should Know

By Kyle / June 14, 2017

Cointherum is one of many new Bitcoin investment sites that have popped up recently. I have been getting some questions on the legitimacy of this site so I decided to take a look into it and see what I find.

If you were wondering is Cointherum a scam then you are going to want to read this. There is a lot of hype surrounding this site and there are some claims made that are misleading and false. This site is not a very good choice and in this review I’ll go over why.

CointherumCointherum Review

  • Name: Cointherum
  • Website: cointherum.com
  • Recommended?: No, more on this

Investing in Bitcoin is one of the newest crazes out there. The price of Bitcoin has been going up like crazy recently and its one of the best investments anyone can have right now. The problem here is that there are many scams out there that claim to be Bitcoin investment companies when really they are not.

There is a lot of money to be made investing in Bitcoin. I myself have money invested in it and am a huge fan. So there are legitimate ways to go about investing and then there are scams. And in this review I’m going to cover what Cointherum is.

What Is Cointherum

Cointherum claims to be a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment company. They claim to provide investors with extremely high returns on investments. Gladia Coin is the same type of deal if you are familiar with them.

The problem here is that there is not much of any information on this site. Scratch that… there is NO information on this site. There is no “about us” page or anything. They don’t tell you ANYTHING.

This really raises my suspicions of what is really going on here. Personally, I would never invest through a company that provides no background information because you don’t know if they are credible or not. And Cointherum’s investment plans make me even more suspicious of what is going on.

The Investment Plans Offered

They offer 12 different investment plans.

These investment plans are all based off of doubling your Bitcoin. In order to double your bitcoin in 90 days you have to invest a minimum of 0.1 BTC, but you can invest up to 50 BTC if you choose.

No matter how much you invest they all are claimed to double your Bitcoin in 90 days.

The part of the investment plans that differs is the binary earnings percentage. The more you invest the higher binary earnings % you get. These binary earnings percentages along with the different investment plans are as follows…

  • 0.05 BTC investment = 5% binary commission
  • 0.1 BTC investment = 6% binary commission
  • 0.3 BTC investment = 7% binary commission
  • 0.5 BTC investment = 8% binary commission
  • 1 BTC investment = 10% binary commission
  • 2 BTC investment = 14% binary commission
  • 4 BTC investment = 15% binary commission
  • 10 BTC investment = 16% binary commission
  • 15 BTC investment = 17% binary commission
  • 20 BTC investment = 20% binary commission
  • 30 BTC investment = 22% binary commission
  • 50 BTC investment = 23% binary commission

What are binary commissions?

These binary commissions that I am talking about is the amount of money that you can make from recruitment of other people into this scheme. There is a lot more to this but the basics that you need to know is that the binary structure is formed from you and people above you recruiting people to invest in this site.

Below every person there is 2 positions that need to be filled and they can be filled by that person or by someone above them. The diagram to the right shows an example of binary commission structure.

So the more money you invest the more money you are able to make from the people that are beneath you on the structure, which are called your downline.

Pyramid Scheme Maybe?

This is about as straightforward of a pyramid scheme as you are going to find these days…. You go out and recruit other people to invest in this site and you get paid for doing so… they offer no real products for sale….the more you invest the more you get paid… YEP… its a pyramid scheme.

They don’t even really try to cover it up. I have seen plenty of similar sites like this that lie to you and give you some big long story on how they are actually making you money. Many times they tell you that they are mining Bitcoin or something like that.

But this site doesn’t even bother saying anything.

You Can Make A Lot Of Money

The truth is that with pyramid schemes like this you CAN make a lot of money. But will you??? No… more than likely not.

Statistically speaking, the large majority of people that get involved in pyramid schemes like this LOSE MONEY. That is just the way it works and it is the way it will continue to work with every pyramid scheme there is.

The only people that come out on top are the people running it and those that get in and invest very early on.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Well, obviously I won’t be recommending Cointherum. You are more than likely to lose money with this obvious pyramid scheme. And even if you do get in early enough, I still wouldn’t trust this place to pay out.

You just can’t trust them. There is no information about them whatsoever. They leave you in the dark.

But although this place is a scam this doesn’t mean every Bitcoin investment site is a scam. Bitcoin investment is a real thing that makes people real money. You just have to be careful with all the different programs out there.

If you want to make money investing in Bitcoin then I would suggest that you go here. This is a program that I got started in just a few weeks ago and I have been already been able to generate some money with it.

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Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…

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