Is Codecademy a Scam?

By Kyle / July 19, 2017

Learning how to code and becoming a novice programmer has been something I have had interest in for a while now. I make a living working online with my own websites yet I have little to no knowledge about coding. Codecademy is of interest to me because it can supposedly help me solve this problem.

However.. there is a fair amount of controversy surrounding this online learning platform and it was making me wonder is Codecademy a scam possibly? There are people saying that you should not sign up for one reason or another so I had to take a deeper look into it to see if there are legitimate concerns or not. From the outside this program looks great but after doing a little research I understand why people have negative opinions of this place. In this short review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about Codecademy… such as how it works, who its best fit for, some of the most common complaints, and ultimately whether or not I think its worth your time.

codecademyCodecademy Review

  • Website:
  • Type: Learn to code platform
  • Cost: Free or $19.99/mo
  • Legit?: Yes


Codecademy is an online learning platform where anyone can sign up and take classes on coding. There are many different types of coding courses offered along with those suitable for different skill levels. Most courses are designed for complete beginners and only cover the basics but you can also find more advanced courses there as well.

How It Works

Sign Up

Codecademy has both a free and a paid Premium membership. I will get more into this in the next section but the first step would be to sign up for one of these memberships which take a minute or so.

Browse Through Courses

After that you have access to all the courses. You don’t need to pay per course or anything of that nature. Once a member you can go through and take courses as you see fit.

Once a member and logged in, you can skim through the courses offered and see what you want to take by going to their catalog. The courses are broken down into different categories such as “Build Websites”, “Learn Programming”, “Build Web Apps”, etc.

Since I am interested in building websites I went to that category and clicked on a Make a Website course as you can see here…

When you click on a course you will then be able to read over a brief overview of the course that will give you an understanding of what the course includes and what you can learn from it. You will also be able to go over the syllabus and see what lessons there are to take.

This will give you a decent idea of what the course is all about and what it is like. My main complaint here is that there aren’t any reviews of the course that you can read. I appreciate how learning platforms like and Udemy post student reviews. This is very helpful but unfortunately Codecademy does not.

Pick a Course

After selecting a course that you want to take you can start immediately. These courses are already pre-made and its not like you are going through them live.

These courses are basic in structure and are easy to follow along with. They are broken down into very simple 1 step tasks.

As a newbie to this I went through the course that I took a screenshot of above titled “Make a Website” and it was very simple. It had me create some very basic websites and I really had no problem.

The Cost

As I mentioned you can take any course at Codecademy for free as far as I know. But they also offer a Premium membership that gives you some advantages.

The Premium membership will cost you $19.99/mo and includes a learning plan set up for you, quizzes to test what you learned, projects to put what you learn to life, and advisers that can help guide you along the way. Whereas with the free membership you will only get the basic core courses.

There is no doubt that the Premium is better but my advice would be to start off for free unless you are really serious and determined.

The Problem With Codecademy

The problem with Codecademy is that it only provides the basics. Its not like you can go here, take some courses, and be this incredible programmer. Its not how it works.

After competing a course on Codecademy it is up to you to take the next step. You have the basics down but now you need to build on that and fine-tune the skills you just learned.

It would be nice if there were more advanced courses offered here but this place is geared toward complete beginners. It is a necessary step in the equation… everyone has to start from somewhere, but it is a problem for many people because they get lost and don’t know where to go next.

What Other People Are Saying

When I research a new program like this its always important to hear what other members think about the place in question.

For Codecademy pretty much all reviews are positive. Even on where people usually bash and  complain about different sites, the reviews are good. That was actually very surprising to me because usually no matter how good something is on SiteJabber it will appear bad and have lots of complaints.

It is also important to hear from industry experts and what they think. From the research I have done I found that most people will tell you what I just wrote about above…. that Codecademy is a good place to start but only to start. There is still a lot more to go from there.

The people that are saying to stay away from Codecademy are saying so because of how basic and beginner focused it is. But honestly I don’t really see their argument being valid here because of the simple fact that everyone has to start somewhere. Its best to get a basic overview when you are just starting something new.

Final Thoughts

Overall I like what I see with Codecademy. Its a good place to learn the basics of coding and its really nice that you can go through the courses free of charge if you choose to.

This place is definitely not a scam and it is something I recommend for people that are looking to get into coding. One thing that I would suggest though is that you only start with Codecademy if you have a goal in mind. Don’t just start learning it for the heck of it because that will probably lead to failure. If you have a goal, like you want to develop an app, or build a website, then go for it.

Anyways, that’s my little piece of advice. I hope you enjoyed this review.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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