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Is Clixten a Scam? – My Clixten Review

By Kyle / March 18, 2016


  • Name: Clixten
  • Owner: Pascal Mihaela
  • Website: clixten.info
  • Rating: 3/10 (You can make money, but I only recommend it in one situation)

In the online world of PTC (Paid To Click) sites there are A LOT of scams. In this review of Clixten I’ll be answering what you need to know “Is Clixten a scam?” Or is it a legitimate opportunity to make easy money online?

First off, what is Clixten?

Well like I mentioned above, Clixten is a PTC (paid to click) site where you get paid to click of course.

You will be clicking on advertisements and getting paid for it.

How it works

Its pretty simple really. Advertisers pay to have their ads put on Clixten. And Clixten pays people a small amount of that money to actually click on the ads.

It is a cheap place for advertisers to place their ads and generate traffic to their website.

But this also means that the traffic is cheap. The traffic is just people clicking on ads to make money, they aren’t actually interested in viewing the ad. These are just random (untargeted) people clicking to earn a few cents.

How much money can you make?

Not very much at all. It depends on the membership you have. But if you have the lower memberships then forget about earning much of anything.

There are 5 memberships

  • Standard
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Elite
  • Ultimate

And as you could guess, the higher the membership you have the more money you can make. But it will also cost you to pay for the memberships, except for the Standard on, its free.clixten-payment

What membership to I have? I have the Silver, and its pretty bad.

If you look above you can see that the “nano ads” pay the least. Take a look at some of these PTC ads that I have right now on my Clixten account.

As you can see 3 of the 4 ads here are only paying $0.0001 and they take 7 seconds to complete. Do you realize how little that pay is? Thats 1/100 of a cent!!!!! You would have to click on 100 of these ads just to make 1 cent!


So basically if you want to earn any money you are going to need to pay for a high membership. And even if you would buy the Ultimate Membership you still would only be able to earn up to 4 cents per ad that you click on. I mean its not terrible, but I still don’t think its worth it.

And if you factor in the cost of the Ultimate Membership, which is going to cost you over $500 a year, its DEFINITELY not worth it.

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So how do you actually make money at Clixten??

Best way to earn money at Clixten – Referring people

This seems to be the case for all PTC sites. At Clixten the best way to make money I would say is by referring other people.

The amount you can make referring others is basically nothing if you have the lower memberships.

The most you can make with referrals is up to 2 cents per ad that they click on. This would be if you have the Ultimate Membership and your referrals click on extended ads.


A couple cents isn’t much but if you are able to get thousands of referrals it can actually be pretty lucrative.

But to get a lot of referrals you are going to need online traffic

If you want to bring in a ton of referrals you are going to need to promote the heck out of this website and you are going to need a lot of traffic. And there are 2 main ways you can do this.

1. Your Own Website – if you have a website that gets a lot of traffic this is the best way to get referrals. Just put a referral banner on the side of the page or something like that and you are good to go.

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 2.  Social Media – a lot of people with large social media accounts use them to their advantage. They promote links and refer people. This is a great and free way to get referrals but its very difficult to grow social media accounts.

The bottom line is that if you don’t get a lot of internet traffic you aren’t going to be able to get a lot of referrals and you aren’t going to make much money.

Is Clixten a Scam? And is it worth signing up for?

Its not really a scam, but its definitely NOT worth signing up for in most cases.

I would only recommend Clixten to people that are able to generate a lot of referrals as I mentioned above.

If you can’t get referrals you are just going to be making extra change.

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