Is Chloe and Isabel a Scam? A Look Into Their Business Opportunity

If you are into jewelry and looking to start your own home-based business you may be interested in Chloe and Isabel. But of course you need to know whether or not this business opportunity is a legitimate one. Or could it possibly be that Chloe and Isabel is a scam?

The truth is that Chloe and Isabel is a legitimate opportunity. Its no scam, but there are some things that you should know. I have reviewed this business opportunity and I think you would be interested in knowing what I have to say if you are looking into getting started with this company.

Chloe and IsabelChloe and Isabel Review

  • Name: Chloe and Isabel
  • Website:
  • Startup Cost: $175
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end


Chloe and Isabel was founded in 2011 by Chantel Waterbury. They sell a range of jewelry products which include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Their business model is different from your traditional jewelry retailer. It is what they like to call “network marketing”. And what this means is that individuals go out and sell their products, rather than them being sold in a retail store.

Similar businesses include to Chloe and Isabel include Younique, Jamberry Nails, and LuLaRoe.

Chloe and Isabel offers anyone the chance to work from home selling their jewelry as a merchandiser. And this unique business opportunity is what I will be covering in this review.

It is a legitimate business opportunity. But there are definitely some things that you will want to be aware of before you decide whether or not this is right for you.

Getting Started

If you want to start your own home-based Chloe and Isabel business, then your first step is apply. Yes… you have to apply in order to become a merchandiser. This is different from many other similar businesses but its what you have to do.

After you apply you will have to make it passed the interview. The interview is conducted by someone in the merchandiser community and if you pass that then you get the “job”, if you want to call it that.

The next step is to buy their startup kit and get started.

The Cost

To buy their startup business kit it will cost you $175.

The kit includes…

  • $700 worth of jewelry (after you sell it)
  • Marketing materials
  • Online analytic tools
  • Training
  • Social media tools
  • Your own online boutique

Once you buy the kit you are an active merchandiser.  And in order to stay active you have to buy at least 1 piece of jewelry every 6 months. So its pretty simple. They don’t force you to buy products you don’t need or want like many other places.

The 2 Ways To Make Money

Of course one of the ways you will be making money is by personally selling their products. But did you know that you also make money from your “team” selling products?, aka the people that you recruited into the business.

Personal Sales

The amount you can make on the sales you personally make varies. Generally its anywhere from 25 – 40% commission. So that means if you sell $5,000 worth of jewelry (retail price) you will earn anywhere from $1,250 – $2,000.

Team Sales

This is where the real money come into play. Sure you can make money selling yourself, but if you can build up a big team beneath you, this is how you make good money.

How this works is different from your normal MLM company. Normally you can go out and recruit anyone you want to be work beneath you and be on your team. But this isn’t the case. With Chloe and Isabel you are limited to 1 new recruit every month.

This makes it so that you have to be selective when recruiting, just as Chloe and Isabel was when they brought you onto the team.

Once you have a team you can make money off of the products that they sell. You can earn anywhere from 4 – 12% commissions here.

So lets say you recruit 1 new person every month and max out your recruitment for the year. This gives you 12 people on your team that you can make money off of. Can you see the power here?

How To Make Sales

As I mentioned, Chloe and Isabel does provide training on making sales so that you can get your business off the ground.

There are a lot of ways that you could sell C & I products. Remember, this is your own business and you have some freedom to operate how you wish. But two of the most common ways that Chloe and Isabel merchandisers make sales is via their online store and by hosting special events.

Remember the social media tools that I mentioned you get in the starter kit? These are going to help you market products online via social media. The whole goal here is to get people to visit your online boutique and buy from there. Social media is a powerful tool and you can make a lot of sales via it.

You can also host “parties” in-person if you want. These are just little gatherings you can have with friends and others that are to be centered around the jewelry. This way people can try the jewelry on, touch it and feel it, and hopefully buy it.

Chloe and Isabel Complaints

There really aren’t all that many complaints when it comes to C & I. But there are a few common ones that I have seen and that I will share…

Poor Management 

This seems to be a more common complaint with corporate C & I jobs, not the merchandiser jobs. There seems to be an overall lack of organization within management and a lack of leadership. As one review I read put it…. the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

There were several reviews I found where merchandisers got a corporate job and were very excited to move up in the company. Unfortunately they were left sorely disappointed by how things operated.

No Perks

This is nothing out of the ordinary. With an independent contractor position such as being a merchandiser, you aren’t going to get healthcare coverage, a 401K plan, etc. You are on your own.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend C & I?

Overall, I think Chloe and Isabel is a good opportunity as long as you are the right type of person. I would only recommend this opportunity to the women out there that truly have a love and passion for jewelry. If you don’t  have this then you aren’t going to be a good seller.

I am really impressed with Chloe and Isabel’s commission structure. Many times companies like this allow members to recruit as many new members as possible and actually encourage them to do so, all in the name of making more money. But Chloe and Isabel actually has some integrity and stands for something other than just money.

What do you think about Chloe and Isabel? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

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