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Is Checkout 51 a Scam? Here Is My Review

By Kyle / March 16, 2017

If you are looking to get cashback from shopping, then Checkout 51 is one of your options. But is this place any good? Should you trust it? Or is Checkout 51 a scam that you should avoid?

As you may know, I am a huge fan of making money in some rather unconventional ways. I make my living online and by being “thrifty”, using cashback apps and such. So this is something that I am very familiar with. I have used the Checkout 51 App in the past and have recently given it another try to see if it beats my current favorite cashback app, which is Ibotta.

After giving it another try and seeing how it holds up against the competition, I have come to write this review of Checkout 51 that includes everything you need to know before you decide to get the app or not.

checkout 51 reviewCheckout 51 Review

  • Name: Checkout 51
  • App Type: Cashback app
  • Website: checkout51.com
  • Price: Free to use
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

Before I get into the meat of this review, if you are wondering what is Checkout 51?, then let me explain it very simply… It is a cashback app that pays you rebates for shopping for normal daily necessities. Its pretty much like free money because it gives you money for things you are going to buy regardless.

I consider Checkout 51 to be one of the better cashback apps that are out there. There aren’t really any that are a lot better than others, but Checkout 51 definitely ranks on the better side of them.

To start off this review I want to go over exactly how Checkout 51 works so you know what you are dealing with here.

how Checkout 51 works

1) Browse Your Offers & Buy At A Store

When you open up the app, or when you sign into your account at checkout51.com, you will be able to look at a list of offers that are available in your area.

Buy any of these items an you will be eligible to get cashback on them.

2) Upload Your Receipt

This can be done through the app or on checkout51.com as well. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt and upload it for verification of your purchases.

3) Earn Cash Back!

Its as simple as that. You shop like you normally do, only this time you upload the receipt to Checkout 51 and you get paid for doing so.

Cashback is usually awarded to your account within 24 hours.

What Items Are Available for Cashback?

Think grocery stores… the types of items sold at stores like these are the ones that are available for cashback. Its mostly food items that Checkout 51 has offers for but they also run offers for personal care products like shampoo, lotion, vitamins, cold medicines, etc, as well as household cleaning products.

Generally, you can get better cashback deals on the offers for non-food items, like personal care products and cleaning products.

Just to give you an idea of what products you can expect to see on the offer list, I took a few screenshots of some offers currently available…

Here are the most popular redeemed offers of the day…

And here are some other food offers…

And here are some personal care and cleaning product offers…

Oh ya, and if you have baby or toddler, you can get a good bit of cashback on products they will need such as diapers, wipes, pull-ups, etc. They seem to offer the best cashback deals on these types of products.

As you can see below they offer as much as $10 cashback on some of these products!

One of the nice things about Checkout 51 is that many of their offers are available for a cashback rebate from ANY store. So it doesn’t matter if you buy the products at Walmart, Wallgreens, etc., you can still get the cashback.

Getting Paid

Checkout 51 has a $20 threshold that you have to meet before you can cash out. Some people will complain about this, but honestly I don’t see what the big deal is. If you grocery shop on the regular, this isn’t that difficult to meet if you know what you are doing.

But anyways, once you have $20 in your account you can cash out.

Once you have that $20 or more, you can cash out via PayPal or a mailed check. The PayPal option is rather new and I believe that they just started using PayPal in December of 2016.

PayPal is definitely what I recommend because you can have the money you cashed out almost instantly.

Checkout 51 Complaints

There aren’t really any unusual complaints, or even that many total complaints about Checkout 51 for that matter.

Personally, I don’t have any complaints. They offer some pretty good cashback deals compared to the industry standard, so I can’t complain there. I also like how many of the offers are available for a cashback rebate at ANY store, and are not limited to just certain stores. That is really nice.

Most of the complaints I have heard and read online deal with people having their accounts shut down. I’m sure that some people unfortunately have their accounts closed for no good reason, but you are going to have legitimate complaints with any good company.

Most people have their accounts closed for violating Checkout 51 terms. Its important to skim over these terms so that you don’t have yours closed.

One common term that is violated is that people try to upload receipts from outside their specified location. If you live in Pennsylvania, like me, you cannot upload receipts from Florida when you are on vacation. I know that’s dumb but that’s the way things are.

Final Thoughts & Rating


Overall, I really like Checkout 51, so I gave it a 7/10 rating, which is pretty good because I rate things critically. I still rank Ibotta as my favorite cashback app just because they seem to have more offers, they have a lower cash out threshold, and I like that they give you $10 free just for opening an account.

The bottom line here is this… if you aren’t using a cashback app then you are out of your mind. It only takes a minute to upload a receipt and you are going to shop regardless, so why not?

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What do you think about Checkout 51? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section…

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