Is Cash Website Success Legit? – Heck No!

Cash Website Success

So there is this Amazon work from home opportunity being promoted online called Cash Website Success that seems to be the real deal, but of course you can’t always trust what you hear or see online and in this case it is nothing more than a scam.

If you came across the news article about this “new” Amazon work at home opportunity and were thinking about trying to sign up for it, please hear me out… you will be glad you did.

Overview of What You Are Told

So in the article, which appears to be from some news source, you are told that Amazon is opening up some new opportunity in your area where you can work from home. The good thing is that it requires no experience and apparently this is a great opportunity because it is, of course, “new”.

It all sounds amazing. I mean, everyone knows about Amazon. They climbed their way to the top of the ecommerce world and why not work for them and take advantage of their success, right?

They talk about some guy named “Chris Peters” who is making a killing with this work at home job, over $14k a month. That is plenty of money to like very comfortable and even have some money left over.

But… unfortunately it is all a lie.

Everything Is Fake

The entire news article, or what appears to be a news article is a complete fake. There are many different websites that this has been published on and if you look at the actual domain, or URL, you will see that the site is not reputable.

The scammers behind this keep on buying more domains and republishing this same old fake news story, then luring in new people into the scam. I reviewed an identical scam a while back called Amazon Cash Websites.

If you actually look around on the fake news site you will find out that there is nothing more to it than that one fake article. These are one page sites that have been set up solely for scamming people. There is no other page you can go to, no navigation menu or anything.

There Is No New Work at Home Program

Amazon did not open up some new program in “your area”. The people who put this little scam together try to make it more believable by tracking the location of where you live and customizing the funnel page to say that in your specific area this is available. But it is all a lie.

You can do all the research you want to and you will find that Amazon did not open up some new program.

Chris Peters Doesn’t Exist

Remember reading about family man Chris Peters who is making $14k a month?

Ya… well that is all a complete lie.. As you can see the image shown of this guy and his family is actually a stock photo….

It’s all a lie.

How They Scam You

What you are getting lured into here is a scam system called Money Sucking Websites, or at least that is what they were pushing people into last I checked. This could change though at any time, but the point is they are luring you into a scam.

On the fake news site there are links everywhere and no matter what one you click you will be directed to this scam. You are told that you have to buy some work at home bundle to get started, or something along those lines but of course that is a bunch of BS.

For Those Who Actually Want to Make Money Online with Amazon…

If you actually want to make money working online with Amazon, you should know that it is possible. The fact that there is real opportunity out there is what makes this scam so effective, because people know this but the problem is that some get this scam confused for the real thing.

The easiest way for people to make money online with Amazon is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote Amazon products online via affiliate links and get paid commissions when you help make a sale.

Example: You promote a dog toy with an Amazon affiliate link. Someone clicks on the link and buys the dog toy. You then get paid a commission for helping make that sale.

Affiliate marketing is how a lot of people get started making money online because of the simplicity of it. Now I’m not saying that it is easy to make money doing this, but I am saying that the process behind it is very simple compared to many of the other ways to make money online.

I actually got started affiliate marketing back in 2015. It was a bit rough at the beginning but I continued to work at it and eventually worked my way up to meet my goal, which was to do this full-time.

The problem most people have is finding a good place to get started.

Where to Start:

My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I started so I can personally say that it works. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that not only provides that training you need to get started and succeed, but also the tools necessary to do everything.

It’s like an all-in-one bundle which is really nice, especially for beginners because I know how overwhelming things can be early on.

But anyways… if interested be sure to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more info on all of this.

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