Is Big Spot a Scam?


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  • Rating: 1/10 (provides VERY little value; not worth your time)

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Big Spot is one of many paid survey sites online. But is it any good and worth your time? Is Big Spot a scam? In this review I’ll be answering exactly that.

The first thing you need to know about Big Spot is that its not like a lot of the other paid survey sites out there. In fact, this place doesn’t even host their own surveys.

What does Big Spot do?

All Big Spot does is refer you to other paid survey sites. As soon as you sign up, the first thing you will be asked to do is join other survey sites.big-spot-surveys

And why does it do this? Because they get paid for referrals.

So what did I do?

I signed up for both of these survey sites. I actually already had an account with i-say, and you can read my i-say review here, but I made another account just to see what happens.

After I signed up for both sites I went back to my account dashboard on Big Spot. Nothing had changed. It was still suggesting for me to sign up for the same 2 survey sites.

There is nothing to do on this this website

This website does absolutely nothing but refer people to other survey sites. Take a look at my account dashboard. Theres nothing to do!!!big-spot-surveys

Big Spot doesn’t provide you with anything of real value

Like I said, this site just refers you to other sites that it has “matched” you with. Big Spot acts like it actually matches you with sites that are suitable for you. But theres a problem with this.

They barely have any information to be able to give me a match.

When I signed up at Big Spot it was very quick. I had to enter my name, email address, ethnicity, sex, and country. Thats it!

So they really can’t come up with a very good match based upon this information alone. And besides I don’t think they even “match” you up with appropriate survey sites at all. I think they just randomly suggest some sites for you to join.

Is Big Spot a scam?

Its not a scam. The whole referral process they use is legit. But they just don’t offer you anything of value. Their matches aren’t these “perfect survey sites” that you are going to be able to get a bunch of surveys with. In fact, the i-say survey site that they matched me with is terrible in my opinion. I have already made a review of i-say on that.

A better survey site that you should check out is InstaGC. They have a TON of offers available there. And they provide their own surveys along with hosting a lot of other company’s surveys. You can read my InstaGC review here.

But lets be real, no survey site is going to make you that much money. They are just going to give you a few extra bucks to spend every once in a while.

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