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Is Aspire Millionaires a Scam? You Should Know This

By Kyle / April 28, 2017

This program claims to give you access to a system that can make you up to $1,000/day online. But should you trust what you hear? Or is Aspire Millionaires a scam?

You are obviously suspicious of this program and that is why you searched for this review in the first place. And good for you. You did some extra research and its going to pay off because this program IS NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM. I am very familiar with the system behind it all and I will be going over all you need to know in this review.

The truth is that yes, you can make money with it, but it is in no way even close to as amazing as they make it sound. They hype it up like crazy just to try to get you to buy into it.

Aspire Millionaires reviewAspire Millionaires Review

  • Name: Aspire Millionaires
  • Website: aspiremillionaires.com
  • Price: $37
  • Recommended?: More on this at the end

Chris, the guy in the video, claims that this system is the most amazing thing that ever existed. He calls it his “automated money making system” and claims that you only have to work about 45 minutes per day to make up to $1,000/day.

And of course you really don’t have to do a thing. He also goes on to claim that the automated system “will do all the work for you” and that his staff of “6 figure coaches” will do all the selling for you, they will close the sales.

The only thing you need to do is go to the bank and cash “fat” commission checks.

He then goes on to say  that you can make commissions of up to $10,000 per sale, which is quite a claim to make.

But forget about everything that he told you because just about all of it isn’t true. And I’ll tell you what is.

The Truth of This Program

If you click to get the program you will be directed to the sales page where you will see this…

The system that he is trying to sell to you is called APIRE, and I am very familiar with this program. They made very little mention of the actual name of the program in the sales video, but they did say the name a few times.

But anyways… why am I so familiar with it? Well because there are a ton of people online promoting it and recruiting people into the program.

You see, the guy that made this aspiremillionaires.com website is an ASPIRE affiliate. This means that he promotes Aspire and gets paid commissions for each person that he gets to buy into the program.

That is why he is so deceiving. He is telling you all the BS that he can to make you think that this is the greatest opportunity there ever was so that you buy into it and so that he makes some money off of you.

What Is Aspire?

Aspire is an online business training platform that is designed to help people create their own online business.

It provides tools, training, and done-for-you features such as landing pages, sales funnels, and more.

Specifically, it focuses on training people to make money with affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products online and make commissions for every sale that you help make.

And even more specifically, the Aspire program is overwhelmingly focused on getting its members to go out and promote Aspire and make money doing that. The done-for-you features are all designed for you to sell more of this program.

So pretty much it is a program that people sell by telling other people about all the money they can make, which they then find out is by selling it to other people just like the person did that recruited them in.

In addition to this, Aspire is also a MLM.

Has a MLM Commission Structure

MLM stands for multi-level marketing, and what this means is that members of Aspire can make money off of the people that they recruit beneath them.

It has a hierarchical pyramid type structure, where money trickles up the pyramid to higher ranking members.

This creates incentive for members to go out and recruit as many people into this program as possible.

Can You Make Money?

You can absolutely make money with Aspire and what they teach you and provide you with. But the real questions is WILL YOU MAKE MONEY? And that is another story.

The fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to make money with mlm systems like this one.

Aspire’s focus is all around members going out and making money by selling this same program to others. Some people make a lot of money doing this, but the overwhelming majority DO NOT. This is a tough business model.

And you sure as heck aren’t going to be making $1,000’s with a fully automated system by not doing a thing like Mark told you. Its going to be very difficult, and definitely not fully automated.

Do I Recommend This Program?

I do not, especially to beginners. This system, like I said, will be very difficult to make money with. So if you are new to all of this its going to be even more difficult.

On top of that, it is extremely expensive. The $37/month that it costs to get started is just the beginning. Aspire has upsells that cost over $10,000, no joke. I already have written a full review of Aspire that you can read for more info on it.

Overall, I just don’t recommend this. Its not the best choice for making money online and if it were I would be a part of it, but obviously I am not.

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