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Is ASPIRE a Scam? What You Need To Know

By Kyle / March 20, 2017

I’m guessing you just watched a promotional video for this “amazing” program called Aspire that tells you all about the easy money you could be making online if you sign up. The video probably sounded too good to be true, so that’s why you decided to do some research and you came across my post.

But is it too good to be true? Is Aspire a scam? Or is this really the incredible online business opportunity that you have been waiting for?

In this short post I’m going to be giving you the truth of what Aspire is all about. I am in no way affiliated with this program so I’m not going to sugar coat anything, this is nothing but the reality of it.

aspire scamAspire Review

  • Name: Aspire
  • Website: digitalaltitude.co/products/aspire
  • Price: $37/month – $27,997
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

Aspire is one of the products of an online marketing company called Digital Altitude. The creator of Digital Altitude is a guy named Michael Force, who was one of the top producers for the Empower Network.

Why is this important? Well.. because the Empower Network was a pyramid scheme that imploded upon itself, like they always do, and many people lost a lot of money.

Now I’m not saying right here that Digital Altitude is a scam, I just think its important to know the man behind it and to know that he was part of a massive online scam.

Aspire comes off as a really shady program, and to some may seem like a scam. And the reason for this is that there is a really shady side to this program which I will be going over. But the first thing I want to go over is what all this program includes if you do decide to sign up (I don’t suggest this).

What Is Included In Aspire?

Aspire is an online marketing platform that provides training, tools, and other resources to create your own online business. Specifically, they teach you how to earn money by promoting products, which is called affiliate marketing.

I don’t want to get too into affiliate marketing here because I have already written a lot about it (learn more about affiliate marketing here). But to sum it up, it works like this: You promote a product online, people click your affiliate link, they are directed to the seller’s website, they buy the product, you get paid a commission just for referring them. Its a pretty awesome business model because all you have to be worried about is referring people and you can promote products that are proven sellers.

But anyways… what all does Aspire provide for you?

First off, there are 3 different membership levels within Aspire, which include Aspire Walker, Hiker, and Climber.

Aspire Memberships

Aspire Walker
  • Will cost you $37 per month
  • 40% commission
  • 1 tier payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
Aspire Hiker
  • Will cost you $67 per month
  • Up to 50% Commission
  • 2 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Done For You Sales Funnels
  •  Coaches
  • Tools & Resources
Aspire Climber  
  • Will cost you $127 per month
  • Up to 60% Commission
  • 3 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Weekly Training
  • Live Climber Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Done For You Sales Funnels
  • Sales Assistance
  • Done-For-Solutions
  • Traffic Solutions
  • Coaches
  • Tools & Resources

As you can see, the Aspire Walker membership is the cheapest and will cost you $37/month. And as expected, there isn’t much too this membership. Basically this will only be good for those just starting out. Once you get going you pretty much are going to have to buy into a higher level membership.

The Aspire Walker membership is also what most of the people promoting Aspire are trying to get you to sign up for. There is a $1 two week trial that is offered to entice new members to join. If you forget to cancel you will be billed the full $37 the next month.

Aspire Products

Along with the memberships Aspire also has a bunch of products that you can buy. These are extremely costly and range from $595 to $27,997.

Note: These products are all called “memberships” too, but they are different from those described above.

  • The Base Membership – $595 one time payment
    • Has 12 training modules in 3 sections: prepare, launch, and grow
    • Mostly has to do with getting customers and setting up sales funnels
  • The Rise Membership – $1,997 one time payment
    • Training with 19 modules in 5 sections: commit, customers, create, words, and partners
    • Basically teaches you how to sucker people into buying from you
  • The Ascend Membership – $9,997 one time payment
    • Gives you a 3 day retreat in Las Vegas for you and a partner
    • Also gives you some more training on things like scaling your traffic and building a team of sellers beneath you
  • The Peak Membership – $16,997
    • Here you get a bunch of high level stuff like…
      •  Creating more efficiency in your business, adding more value to the products, and autopilot retirement
  • The Apex Membership – $27,997
    • And this is it, the top of the top. With one small payment of $27,997 you can get all Aspire has to offer.
    • As a bonus you get a 7 day retreat in Las Vegas for 2 people along with training

The Shady Side of Aspire

This is what they won’t tell you. The people promoting Aspire will tell you all the good stuff about all the money you can be making if you sign up, but they don’t tell you everything.

While you may be thinking that Aspire is a great way to start an online business, you need to know that its not going to be that great for starting just any kind of online business. If you were thinking about starting an online business that has to do with baseball, or dogs, or mountain biking, or whatever your interests may be, you might want to think again.

The truth is that Aspire is specifically designed to teach members how to go out and sell aspire to other people. The sales funnels, the lead pages, everything that they you up with when you join is designed for you to sell this same exact program that you are buying into to others.

Everything about this business is designed to suck money out of people. And I’m not saying that this is unusual, because after all it is a business, but I just don’t like how everything is set up.

Take a look at the products… All of those extremely high priced products that I mentioned above need to be bought for members to be able to promote them. So members are often forced into buying upsells just to try to promote these upsells to other people.

Its not like the members have it very good. Once you are a member the higher up members will still be trying to sell you on the more expensive products, which brings me to my next point…its an MLM.

Aspire Is An MLM

Whats an MLM? MLM stands for multi-level marketing. And this is when a businesses commission structure is set up in a pyramid style, where higher ranking members get paid from the work of people beneath them.

Aspires MLM commission structure has 3 tiers. And if you are a Climber member then you have access to all three tiers of payment, meaning that you get paid commissions from your recruits, and their recruits, and their recruits

MLM businesses often get a bad reputation and for good reason. MLM’s are often focused overwhelmingly on recruiting new members into the business rather than the products the business sells.

As I mentioned above, Aspire is built in a way to make it best for members to go out and sell Aspire to others rather than create an online business in their own field. This along with its MLM style commission structure make it so that its member’s best choice to go out and promote it.

All of this put together make people go crazy promoting it. There are plenty of websites out there that are designed specifically to funnel people into joining Aspire so that the website creators can make commissions.

Just to name a few, beware of: paidlikemack.com, Digital Income Method, My eBiz Coach, and these are just ones that I have reviewed, but there are plenty more.

Final Thoughts & Rating


Its difficult for me to rate Aspire because much of the bad reputation that they have is from the people promoting it, rather than the program itself. But I guess you could look at it in the way that Aspire creates the right atmosphere for these scammy promoters to go out and do this.

But anyway, I feel that a 7/10 is a fare rating. Aspire does provide some good training, tools, and done for you sales funnels, lead pages, etc. Its just that I don’t care for how they try to get members to go out and promote Aspire to others rather than creating their online business in a field they would like to.

All in all, I don’t recommend this program. If you are considering making money online via affiliate marketing then I suggest Wealthy Affiliate instead. Wealthy affiliate is also an online business platform that provides training, tools, and support to get your own online business up and running. But what is really nice about it is that there are no upsells and that you can start for free. They offer a free Starter Membership that gives you free training and 2 free websites to get started.

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is much more beginner friendly and is a lot easier on your wallet. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my review HERE.

What do you think about Aspire? Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below…

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