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Is Altcoin Trends a Scam Software? – Alleged Claims of $1,350 a Day

Altcoin Trends claims to be the “most powerful trading software in the world” and that it can make you an easy $1,350 per day. But is this really true? After all… we have all heard fake claims like this made before and often times when you hear bold claims like this its nothing more than a scam.

But is Altcoin Trends the real deal? Is it something that you should get involved in right now? Or is Altcoin Trends a scam software that is just going to leave you with less money than when you started? In this review I’ll be answering all of these questions and giving you the cold hard truth of the matter.

Altcoin TrendsAltcoin Trends Review

Altcoin Trends is claimed to be created by a man named Andrew Frost, who is the CEO. He claims to have started developing this software back in 2011 and him and his team have finally perfected it.

In the sales video I watched (there might be multiple) he claims that it trades at 93% accuracy. He also says over and over again that there are 1,000+ members and all of them are making a minimum of $1,350 per day. This is quite a bold claim to make and does sound pretty unbelievable.

Pretty much Altcoin Trends claims to be a software that can make you tons of money doing nothing. It tells you what to trade and when to trade and all you have to do is click a mouse.

HOWEVER…. anyone can say anything and just because the guy in the video says this doesn’t mean its true. There are several concerns that I have and things that don’t really make sense to me about this place.

Can You Really trust This Place?

One problem that I have with Altcoin Trends is that there really is no background information on the people behind it. I mean… who really is this Andrew Frost guy? Who knows because there isn’t any information on him.

He claims to have spent years developing this software with some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry yet there is no reliable information on any of this being even slightly true. It just doesn’t make sense that this would be the case.

Another problem that I have is that what he tells you doesn’t make sense. At one point in the sales video he says that the reason he is giving away the Altcoin Trends trading software for free is because he is looking to partner with people…. the more money that people using the software makes the more money he makes. He says its a win/win and that he will profit from you profiting.

Yet if you scroll down to the bottom of the sales page you will see a disclaimer that says the opposite. It says that Altcoin Trends does not profit from trades that members make…

So “Andrew Frost” tells you one thing and the disclaimer tells you the exact opposite thing… which are you supposed to believe?

The Software Doesn’t Make Sense

As with any trading software out there, this supposedly identifies trends of altcoin prices in the market so that it can sort of predict the future and give you trades that it knows you will win. This makes perfect sense and this should be the goal of any software of trader out there.

However, it still doesn’t make sense and I’ll tell you why. I actually trade cryptocurrencies myself so I know this can’t work out like he claims it does.

He tells you that Altcoin Trends trades reliable alt coins like ethereum, litecoin, ripple, dash, etc. These coins are all great and I trade them myself. However…. he also says that if you place small $10 trades you will earn $8.5 profit on average.

That is a 85% profit!!!! Are you kidding me? And he claims that you will be making these 85% profit trades around 30 times a day.

I don’t expect most people reading this to understand why this is so outrageous but the bottom line is that making 85% profit trades with any of the coins mentioned above is absolutely unheard of. These are extremely high volume coins and the market price does not fluctuate enough for anyone to make this much off of them. Its just impossible.


Is Altcoin Trends a Scam?

You might be wondering how this could possibly be a scam and why I’m even asking this silly question… because Altcoin Trends is free to use right? Well that is true. Altcoin Trends is free to use. However… you are going to have to invest your own money to begin trading. This is how all the only trading software scams get you. They are always free to use and then they take your money after you invest it to begin trading.

I have reviewed hundreds of scams over the years and honestly this seems like your typical trading software scam to me. Its free, as I said, it does all the work for you, you can make insane profits each day which don’t even make sense, the person who created it is unknown, things said in the video make no sense…. everything about this place is a red flag that tells me its a scam.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency trading software scams coming out that you should be aware of. Ethereum Code and Bitpetite are two other similar ones that I reviewed recently.

Something else that I didn’t mention that I found pretty funny was that at the end of the sales video the guy slips up and calls it Altcoin Trader. He couldn’t even get the software’s name correct. You would think that after years of developing this software the name of it would be engraved in his mind… but its not and that is because this is all more than likely a big fat lie.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

I want to be completely transparent here and say that I have not used this software and I sure as heck do not plan on using it ever. So I don’t have real proof of it actually being a scam from losing money to it. However, like I said, I have reviewed tons of scams over the years and this one really fits the bill.

If you want to sign up and start trading with it then go for it but I definitely DO NOT recommend it.


You have to be careful with all the new cryptocurrency scams that are popping up everywhere.

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