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Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam? Buyers Beware

By Kyle / July 4, 2017

Affiliate Millionaire Club is not the amazing program that it claims to be. After looking into this program I would absolutely not recommend anyone buy into it. Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a scam? Simply put…. yes it is.

There were a fair number of people emailing me about the legitimacy of this place so I decided to take a look into it. Sure enough… their suspicions were right. In this review I’ll be going over what this place is and the truth behind the lies.

Affiliate Millionaire ClubAffiliate Millionaire Club Review

  • Website: affiliatemillionaireclub.com
  • Creator: Mo
  • Price: $47
  • Recommended?: No; more on this

Its a good thing you took the time to do a little research and find my review before buying into this because honestly.. you just can’t trust this place.

To start off this review I’m going to be showing you some of the blatant lies that they tell you as well as some misleading information.

The Lies

Fake Testimonials

All of the testimonials that they show you in the sales video are completely fake. I knew they were fake the second I saw them because I have actually seen these people before in other testimonial videos. They are paid actors that are available for hire on Fiverr.com.

Below is a screenshot I took of the one guy. This guy said in his testimonial that he is bring in over $500/day and only working 5 minutes per day!! That is quite ridiculous claim. But anyways it doesn’t matter because its fake and I’ll show you.

Here is the screenshot from the Affiliate Millionaire Club promo video…

And here is this same guy from Fiverr. This is a screenshot I took of his profile…

And this is just one example. All of the testimonials that were displayed in the promo video were completely fake. None of those people were making any money with this system. They were simply saying what they were getting paid to say.

False Scarcity

Alongside the promotional video for this program they tell you that there are only a limited number of spots available. This is completely false and they are only saying this to try to get you to buy into it as fast as possible so that you are less likely to take the time to read reviews like this.

When you land on the page it starts out by saying that there are only 8 spots left. Then it will count down slowly until there are only 2 left. You can tell it is fake because if you refresh the screen it will start all over again at 8 spots left.

Another reason I know that this counter is fake is because this scam has actually been around for years now. I did a little research and was able to find very old reviews of this same scam system.

Risk Free??

Of course they tell you that this program is 100% risk free.

It obviously is not true because you have to pay $47 for it and there is a very small chance that you will ever recoup that money back.

Its true that $47 isn’t all that much money so you could say that it is “low risk” but it definitely isn’t free of risk.

They Are NOT BBB Accredited

If you enter your email and phone number and make it to the sales page you will find that they claim they are BBB accredited, which would be a big deal if they were… but they aren’t. No search on the Better Business Bureau’s website brings up anything related to this program.

What Is This Program Really?

Although Mo bashes other online scam programs for being “get rich quick schemes” this is the same darn thing. They sucker people in by lies of earning big money with little effort at all.

I have not bought this program but I have reviewed enough similar programs to have a very good idea of what you will get.

My guess is that you will be given the affiliate websites that he promises you. However, these are going to be cookie cutter websites that are given out to everyone who signs up. They are going to be poorly made and simply won’t work out for you.

In the promo video they actually showed a screenshot of a website as an example. I didn’t get a screenshot of it but basically it looked a like a basic one page website that was overly “salesy”. These sites just don’t work. They are no user-friendly and they don’t convert as well as one might think.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Ok, so there is no way I am going to be recommending Affiliate Millionaire Club to anyone. There are too many lies surrounding this program I really don’t like how they are suckering people into buying it. This program is the definition of a scam and similar to other recent scams I have investigated such as The Easy Marketers Club and Home Wealth Club.

Although the thought of making easy money online is very luring this just isn’t realistic. Making money online is possible but it isn’t “easy”. It takes real work.

I actually make a living working online and have reviewed countless programs like this. These are scams and I already know I’m going to be getting comments from people on this review saying that they bought this program and it doesn’t work. It happens all the time.

What I will recommend instead would be to take a look at how I make money online. I make money legitimately online working for myself and it has nothing to do with scamming people or anything like that. Its real work and you can make real money.

You can read a post I wrote HERE that explains everything that I do, how it all works, how I make money, and how others can get started.

Questions, comments, concerns??? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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