Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners? What I Think From Experience

By Kyle / August 10, 2017

Is affilaite marketing for beginnersIf you are a newbie looking to make money online then affiliate marketing is one of the popular choices. But is this really a good choice for you? Is affiliate marketing for beginners? Or is there possibly a better way to go about getting started?

For those of you who don’t know me, affiliate marketing was how I got started working online. I have the experience that you are looking for when it comes to this business model and I know the pros and cons to starting out affiliate marketing as a beginner. Its not the super easy fairy-tale method that some programs make it seem, but it is a pretty darn good way to start out and in this short post I’ll be going over some of the reasons why I think this looking back on it all.

It often seems that people entering the “make money online” world do so through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing seems to be the starting point for many. They start out promoting other people’s products. Then as time goes on, many of them stick with it and some venture off into other avenues of online business, such as developing their own products, ecommerce, etc.

But why is it that so many people start out affiliate marketing? Is this because it is a good way for beginners to start out or is it just kind of a coincidence?

I definitely do not think its any coincidence. There are a lot of reasons why affiliate marketing is good for beginners and I’ll go over a few of what I consider to be the more important ones.

Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is a Good Way To Start

#1 – It Requires Little to No Startup Cost

I would say the number 1 reason that affiliate marketing is such a great business model for those just starting out is because you don’t really need any money to get started.

The best approach to affiliate marketing is to get yourself a website and promote product from there. You could go out and buy a domain and website hosting yourself, or you can actually get free blog sites (I’ll go over where you can get free sites soon). You will also need website traffic but there are free ways of getting this as well.

There are some people that even promote products on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, alone. This means they literally have no expenses. But in order to do this you would need a massive social media following, which is out of the question for most people.

Personally, I would say having your own website is the way to go. This is the way I went and I’m making a living doing this stuff now.

#2 – You Don’t Need Your Own Product to Sell

Many people looking to make money online don’t have a foundation to start with. They have no products to sell and they sure as heck don’t want to put in the enormous amount of time it takes to develop one. Affiliate marketing is the solution to this problem.  You don’t need a product. You just pick products that are already good sellers and promote them.

#3 – No Customer Service

Since you aren’t actually selling any products yourself you do not have to deal with customer service. And anyone that has ever worked as a customer service representative knows how big of a pain this can be.

Outside of my affiliate marketing website that I run, I also have an ecommerce site where I actually sell product directly on the site. I deal with customers all the time and some people it is just impossible to please. This is a headache in of itself.

#4 – No Returns

If you are promoting a product and it gets returned its not a big deal to you. Sure you will lose out on the commissions you could have kept but you don’t have to deal with inspecting the item, refunding the buyer, and all the complications of it.

In Summary… Its Cheap & “Simple”

Pretty much everything I just went over above boil down to affiliate marketing being cheap and simple to get started with.

Now when I say “simple” I am not calling affiliate marketing easy. It is not an easy field and there is a lot of competition. You definitely have to put in the work to reap the rewards.

When I say simple I mean that there isn’t too much to worry about. All you have to do is promote products. You don’t have to deal with all these hassles that come with selling products. The seller that you refer people to will deal with those.

Whats The Best Way To Get Started?

There are a lot of ways you could approach affiliate marketing and get started. As I said, I definitely think the best way is to have your own website and to promote products from there. That is what I do and I know tons of other affiliate marketers who make a living doing the same.

But how do you get a website? How do you set it up? How do you get website traffic? How do you do everything!!?

Well honestly you could just do a bunch of Google searching and a lot of research on how to do all of this. Alternatively there are a lot of affiliate marketing training programs out there that you can join and they will teach you how to do all of this. The training program that I would recommend by far is Wealthy Affiliate. They are what I used to get started and are very good.

Wealthy Affiliate is like an all-inclusive type of deal. They provide training, tools, and all the resources you need to start affiliate marketing. You don’t really need to go out and get other products/ programs. Its not necessary. On top of this their training is very newbie-friendly. When I started I knew nothing at all and I had no problems following the training.

And remember how I said you can get free blog websites? Ya, at Wealthy Affiliate you can get 2 sites + hosting for free. They also really focus on free traffic generation (SEO) so you won’t need money for paid advertising which is great for beginners. Overall its a pretty great training program and I would absolutely recommend it for beginners looking to get started in affiliate marketing.

But don’t just go and sign up right away. I actually wrote a full review of Wealthy Affiliate that you can read. In this review I go over the training and show you what it includes and all sorts of things.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here

Final Thoughts

The affordability and the simplicity of affiliate marketing are what make this such a great business model for beginners looking to get started in the online money making world. You don’t have to deal with many hassles as an affiliate marketer and the cost to do it all is very low compared to other business models.

And another thing you should know is that affiliate marketing, although great for beginners, isn’t just for beginners. I have been affiliate marketing since 2015 and am making a living doing it currently. I also have an ecommerce business that I run. You can make a ton of money with ecommerce as well, but you know what… I still am active as an affiliate marketer to this day because it is just a great business model.

Conclusion: affiliate marketing rocks and the best training program for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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