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Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? A Pyramid Scheme Possibly?

By Kyle / April 22, 2017

If you are looking into joining 4 Corners Alliance Group to make money online you will want to hear what I have to say about them. I have reviewed this program and there are definitely some things that everyone should know before they jump right in (if they decide to).

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? I would say “somewhat”.

You can definitely make money with 4 Corners Alliance Group but its just not all its cracked up to be. There is a lot of hype surrounding this program and it doesn’t live up to this hype in my opinion. In this review I’ll go over all you need to know… the commission structure, how you make money, why this is a risky game to play etc.

4 corners alliance group review4 Corners Alliance Group Review

  • Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group
  • Website: fourcornersalliancegroup.com
  • Price: $18 minimum
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end


Making money with Four Corners Alliance Group is all about recruiting new people into the program. Sure, they offer retail products that you can sell to the general public, but that isn’t going to be a big money maker at all.

If you want to make real money with this program then recruiting new members is where its at.

Four Corners Alliance Group uses a 6 x 4 matrix and in order to buy in and get a position in this matrix it will cost you $18. If you don’t know what a matrix is then don’t worry. I will explain exactly how all of this works below…

The table below is the compensation plan that 4 Corners Alliance Group uses. I know it may look confusing, but below I explain what it all means.

How It Works

You would first pay your $18 to get a spot on the matrix, which consists of a $8 administrative fee and a $10 cost for your first product from the financial education system.

Then you will go out and recruit 4 people to fill the level 1 beneath you. You will get these 4 people to buy in just like you did, which will cost them $18 as well.

Now that your level 1 is filled you will then go on to fill level 2 of the matrix. Level 2 holds 16 people and these people can be recruited by anyone in your matrix, which at this point means you and the 4 people on level 1.

Then you move on to level 3… this time there are 64 spots to fill. Again, anyone on your team can fill these positions.

There are 6 levels total, and because each level multiplies the number of positions by 4x, the 6th has a whopping 4096 total positions to fill.

Its important to remember that anyone on your matrix team can fill the positions at each level. It would work out perfectly if everyone recruited 4 members each, but it doesn’t have to be like that. As long as the positions are filled it works out.

The Money Earned at Each Level

It gets kind of confusing here but I will do my best to explain this as simply as possible.

Ok, so I copied the commission table again below for your reference.

The people you recruit into level 1 will buy a product from 4 Corners Alliance Group for $10, and you will receive $4 from each person. Since you recruited 4 people that means you will get $16.

On level 2 you can see that the product cost is also $10, and you will also receive $4 per person. Since there are 16 members at this level you will get $64.

But at level 3 things change. You will automatically purchase a higher level product that costs $25, and this product is what people will be buying at this level. Now there are 64 people at level 3 and they are all buying a $25 product instead of a $10. And now you get $10 per person on that level, which means $640 total.

If you fill up all 6 levels you can make a cumulative total of $559,824. That is a heck of a  lot of money no doubt.

The Products You Have To Buy

So the only money you pay out of pocket is $18 to get started.

Then at level 2 you buy another $10 product, which will be bough automatically by the money you just made by bringing in 4 people into your matrix.

Then at level 3 you will automatically buy a $25 product. At at level 4 you will buy a $60 product, at level 5 a $150 product, and at level 6 a $300 product.

But at each level the higher ticket products will be automatically bought for you from the money you made from your matrix. And with each higher level product bought, you make more money from the people that are in your matrix at that level.

So you only spend $18 out of pocket and that money grows and buys you more products basically.

 The Platinum Newsletter

The Platinum newsletter is another product of 4 Corners Alliance Group that you can earn commissions from.

This costs $30.95/month.

This uses the same matrix system as that described above just it goes 7 levels deep, making it a 7 x 4 matrix.

And this works the same way as that described above, where each level multiplies its member capacity by 4x and you can earn a lot more with each level.

From these news letter subscriptions alone you can make $76,116 per month if you fill up all levels of the matrix.

Another Way You Make Money

Ok, so besides everything I just went over above, there is another way that you make money with this matrix. And that is the Check Match Bonus.

Check Match Bonus

For every person that you personally recruit into the matrix you will get a 100% check match bonus, meaning that every dollar they make, you will also make.

So these personal recruits will have their own matrices and you will be making money from them as well.

Note: This check match bonus is only for the people that you personally bring in, not everyone on your matrix.

Retailing The Products

There isn’t much to discuss here and this isn’t that important because you won’t make much money at all doing this. But what I mean by retailing the products is that you can go out and sell the ebooks that are part of 4 Corners Alliance Group’s Financial Education Set.

They are mostly dealing with different aspects of making money and doing business. Some of the topics that they cover include…

  • managing personal finances
  • buying gold and silver
  • binary options trading
  • forex trading
  • real estate
  • hedge funds
  • exchanging traded funds
  • bitcoin guide
  • starting a mlm business

Why This Is a Risky Game

This is about as much of a pyramid scheme as you will ever find online, and yes pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.

Pyramid schemes are illegal because their revenue consists too much of members paying to buy into the program, rather than the actual retail sale of products.

Now I know that 4 Corners Alliance Group does have products that you can retail for money, but lets be real here… no one retails those products. There just isn’t much money to be made their.

This business is all about recruiting new members to make money from them buying in. And again,, I know that with the money you pay to buy in you get some of the products that 4 Corners Alliance Group offers, but no one is actually buying in to get those products in the first place.

Those products are given to the members basically to cover up this pyramid scheme and make it look like a legitimate opportunity that’s revenue comes from retail sales.

If 4 Corners Alliance Group grows to be too big it is likely that the government will step in and shut it down, because this is not a legitimate business.

Final Thoughts & My Suggestion

Yes, you can make money with 4 Corners Alliance Group… But will you??? that is the real question here. And the answer is probably not much.

The way pyramid schemes like this work is that the members at the top are the ones that make the loads of money. If you don’t get into the matrix early on you are going to find it difficult to make good money.

And since 4 Corners Alliance Group has been around since 2013 it is not all that new.

But then again,, it only costs $18 to buy into it so its not much if you lose out.

But in my opinion its just not worth it. You probably aren’t going to make much and its definitely not an income that you can rely on that will be sustainable.

What do you think about 4 Corners Alliance Group? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

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