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Is 1Q a Scam? Here is what I Can Tell You

By Kyle / October 10, 2016

You might have bumped into a site called 1Q.com and are wondering if you should give it a go. Is 1Q a scam? Are they legit? And if they are a legit site, is what they offer worth your time?

Before I even get started in this review I’ll give you a spoiler: 1Q is NOT a scam. They do pay out the money that you earn. But once you see how much you can make you might want to reconsider joining.

1Q is definitely not a place to make good money. They are just a place where you can earn some easy pocket change for the most part. So if thats what you are looking for, then keep reading and you might like the sounds of it.

1q review1Q Review

  • Website: 1q.com
  • Price to Join: Free
  • Rating: 8/10 (Completely legit, easy to make money, just VERY VERY little money)

To begin this review I’ll first go over what exactly 1Q is and how you can make money through them. Its important to know how it all works.

How 1Q Works

1Q is a market research company, but they are a bit different from the many paid survey sites that you may have heard of, such as Swagbucks, Cashcrate, etc.

1Q works for the little guys. What I mean by this is that ANYONE can choose to have them do market research for 1q reviewyou, not just the big corporations.

Any average Joe can go to their site, sign up, and start making polls to get peoples opinions. You can target just about any geographic audience you want to, any location in the US. This could be great if you have a small business and are looking to get to know your audience better.

But how does this make YOU money?

I’m guessing that you aren’t looking to create polls and gather data. Because these are the guys who pay money. They pay money to create these polls and get the data collected by 1Q.

Its the people that answer these polls that get paid money, and I’m guessing thats what you are interested in.

As you can understand the business model here is pretty simple. People pay for 1Q to gather information from polls that they create, and 1Q pays you (the poll taker) a small amount of that money to answer these polls.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Is 1Q a scam?I’ll say it again, its not much at all.

It depends on your preference and the poll in which you are answering.

When you join they ask you if you would rather receive $0.25 per question or $0.50 per question. Of course you would rather receive 50 cents per question, but the catch is that if you choose that option they tell you that you won’t be receiving as many polls to answer, and this is a problem.

The amount you make also depends on the poll in which you answer. There are multi-step polls that might have 2 questions in them. So you might answer two 25 cent questions and get paid 50 cents for that poll.

But anyways, you aren’t going to get paid much no matter what. But… its super easy and you don’t have to think much.

1Q Pays You Instantly, which is nice

You really don’t see any other market research sites like 1Q doing this. Usually paid survey sites and GPT sites require you to reach a certain cash out limit and then they pay you all at once. Sites that do this often rip a lot of people off because they know that there will be many people who give up and never reach that limit, which means they don’t have to pay them.

1Q requires no cash out limit and will pay you immediately upon completing a poll. All you need to do is hookup your Paypal account to them.

It might be annoying seeing a bunch of little $0.25 or $0.50 transactions in your Paypal account, but its still better than having to reach a cash out threshold.

What Sucks About 1Q

As with literally every single paid survey site, GPT site or other sites like 1Q.com that pay for your opinion, there just isn’t much opportunity here.

Not only do you make very little money, but there just aren’t all that many polls for you to answer and get paid for. The amount of polls available of course comes from the amount of companies and people paying for polls to be cast.

If you live in New York City you can expect to have more polls available than if you live in a secluded region in Montana, but even then you can’t expect much.

Don’t expect more than a handful of polls available per week.

Getting Started Making Money With 1Q

If you are still interested in making money by answering polls with 1Q, its easy to get started. But before you can start you will need…

  1. Smartphone or Computer
  2. Paypal Account
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number

If you have a smartphone (Android or Apple) you can download the free 1Q app. This is all you will need. It will notify you of polls available and you can connect your Paypal account to it.

If you don’t have a smartphone then you must have a computer. And unfortunately you are going to have to do things the old fashion way. You will have to receive notifications of polls by email 🙁 or if you login to your account at 1Q.com you can also see whats going on.

Final Thoughts on 1Q

1Q is most definitely NOT a scam. They pay you when they are supposed to and they don’t give you any false or misleading information to try to get you to sign up.

And whats really great is that they don’t have a cash out limit, which many people see as somewhat of a way for businesses to get away with not paying people, which is scam-like.

Just remember that you definitely won’t be making much money with 1Q. This should be used to make some extra bucks in your spare time. Its easy. Its quick. And it requires almost no effort. So it could be nice to do in your spare time when you are feeling bored and lazy. But other than that, its nothing great.

What Are Your Thoughts On 1Q? Leave Them In The Comment Section Below…

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