Ipsos Panel, Scam or Legit? I-say.com Review

isayhomeIpsos panel (i-say.com) is one of many paid survey websites out there. In this review I’ll be going over whether its a scam or legit, and whether or not its worth your time.

On Ipsos survey panel there is definitely suspicious activity.

Account Deactivated?

One very common complaint is that they will deactivate your account for no good reason. Now this is according to member reviews, so whether its true or not is a guess.

But I do know that “good” survey sites that actually try to get accurate and true answers will deactivate your account if they feel you are not answering truthfully. They often judge the truth of your answers based upon previous similar answers. And if they are contradicting then they feel you are lying in your surveys just to make a quick buck.

Ispos i-say.com has a TON of bad reviews due to people’s accounts being disabled. Surveypolice.com, which is a place anyone can go to leave a review, is filled with these negative reviews. Here are just a few of many many more.isayreviews

The accusations that Ipsos I-say is making is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The amount of people that are saying they have been accused of providing false answers and then deactivated is crazy.

There is definitely something strange going on here in my opinion. And it gets worse.

Invalid Codes

Another serious complaint is that Ipsos i-say is giving out invalid Amazon giftcards. Among all of the redeemable rewards, the Amazon giftcards are one of the most popular by far.

There have been many complaints posted on surveypolice.com about members receiving Amazon gift cards only to find out that when they go to used them they are invalid.isaygiftcards

I decided to follow up on these complaints and I contacted Amazon. However I wasn’t able to find anything out about it being a scam. When I called I talked to a customer service representative and told her that I was part of the paid survey site that rewards its members with Amazon Gift Cards. I said that there had been complaints of receiving invalid gift cards and that the site was i-say.com.

She put me on hold for a short period of time and when she got back said that her manager and she have never heard of this site.

The real question is whether or not she even checked into what I was asking. Because when she put me on hold it did not take long at all. It just seemed strange to me.

Anyway, I plan on calling Amazon again to double check on this.

Should I sign up?

Honestly I wouldn’t bother with this survey site. It has too much strange activity going on and just seems like too much of a scam for my taste. There are plenty of other free paid survey sites out there that you can benefit from much more.

But the entire free paid survey world is going down the drain. Survey sites don’t offer what they used to years ago. There are no survey sites that I know of where you can make a decent wage. Usually its a couple bucks/hr at the most. But the real difficulty is finding surveys that you can actually qualify for.

The survey sites are going downhill and I have yet to come across a “good” site of this kind. If anyone finds one they recommend comment below.

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