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Internet Funnel System Review – Scam or Can You Really Make $1,000 Commissions?

Internet Funnel System review

Internet Funnel System claims to be some incredible “done for you” system that anyone can make easy money online with. But of course things aren’t always as they seem, especially when it comes to the online world. So is this really all that it claims to be? What is the catch? We all know there is always some catch right? Is this the real deal or just some sort of scam in one way or another?

I hate to break it to you but this system isn’t the incredible system that claims to be. It is presented in a very misleading way that makes it appear as one of the greatest opportunities to ever exist when in reality it is not. In this review I’ll be breaking everything down for you and going over the truth of the matter.

Internet Funnel System Review

The presentation video for Internet Funnel System is pretty crazy. It is presented by guy named Mike who was supposedly poisoned, brain-damaged, and wanted to commit suicide at one point in his life. However… He didn’t kill himself and he actually claims that this was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Apparently what happened is that Mike was traveling internationally on a business trip when he got poisoned from chemicals that workers were using in his hotel room. This then caused brain damage that got to the point where he barely could walk in a straight line and had trouble speaking complete sentences. This led to him not being able to perform his job and because of this he was let go.

So how the heck is this the best thing that ever happened to him? Well of course after losing his job and running low on money he came across this amazing program that he is now making tons of money online with… Which of course is what he is presenting to you here today.

How This System Works

Wow there’s only two simple steps! This is awesome! All you have to do is send leads to the company and then the company gives you money when they sell to those leads? Cool.

This is what they tell you but there’s a lot more to it than just this as I’m sure you are already thinking, judging by the fact that you are reading my review here right now.

What Is This Company He Keeps Talking About?

So what is this company that Mike keeps talking about? The company is called MOBE and it is company that provides a digital marketing platform with tools and training to make money online. But that’s not all. It is famous for its “high ticket” products that cost thousands of dollars and is also famous for its recruitment-focused business model where it trains members to go out and recruit others to buy into the program.

Actually maybe instead of saying famous I should be saying infamous.

MOBE is the type of program that people buy into to make money online and then they end up making money online by getting others to buy into the same darn program, similar to Six Figure Mentors. That is actually what Mike is doing with this Internet Funnel System. The Internet Funnel System doesn’t really exist. It is just part of a sales funnel that he set up to get people to buy into MOBE. He is a member of MOBE and he makes money by getting others to buy in.

I review MOBE funnels like this all the time so I am very familiar with it. Some others I’ve reviewed include Your Home Biz and Automated Daily Income.

A Breakdown of What You Get

The Only “Done For You” System

It is true that much of this system is “done for you” but is not completely this way. You will have to do work if you want to make any money with this. The done for you parts of it include MOBE landing pages, MOBE follow-up emails, etc. that you can use to sucker other people to buy into this.

Simple 21 Step Program

This 21 step program is where they will train members to promote MOBE and get other people to join.

Done For You Product Fulfillment

The product fulfillment is “done for you” because it’s not like you will actually have to deal with any of it. You will just get people to join MOBE and they will have to buy in and then will later be up sold on other products.

Personal Coach

Your personal Coach is more like your personal up-seller. They will try to get you to purchase the more expensive products at MOBE.

Sales Staff That Makes Calls For You

MOBE does have a sales staff. When you refer people to join MOBE they will give their phone numbers and if they do not join then the sales staff will annoy the heck out of them with sales calls.

30 Day Traffic Plan

And here we are… The part that is not done for you. You will have to go out and drive your own traffic to the offer, which is MOBE. This is the hard part of it all. Traffic generation is the lifeblood of online business and probably the most difficult part of online marketing. So if you think it is going to be easy with all this “done for you” stuff, think again.

The Cost

And let’s not forget the cost. While you will only have to pay $49 to buy in, this is just the very beginning of it. The $49 is for the 21 step training product. This is basically an introductory product that is used to first get people to buy and because it isn’t very expensive. However with this product alone you will not be able to make much money. Those big commissions that Mike talks about… Yeah you won’t be able to earn anything even close to that with just this product.

MOBE has a bunch of different products. Their core products include Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond Memberships. These memberships are where the real money is made and as you can see from the chart below they cost a heck of a lot of money, up to $29,997 at most.

What you need to buy into these more expensive products in order to make big commissions? Well because MOBE requires you to first purchase the products that you want to make money promoting. So if you only purchase the $49 product then you will only be able to make commissions selling this product. When you go out and promote MOBE, you will only make money when these people by the $49 product.

So if you want to make big commissions you will have to purchase big priced products. This is how they keep the money flowing. They sucker people into buying in at a low price and don’t tell them that in order to make large commissions they will have to whip out their wallet and spend tons of money.

So when you recruit someone into MOBE they will usually start out with the cheaper products, such as the $49 product that is being promoted to you here with the Internet Funnel System, then they will be up sold on the more expensive products once they realize they pretty much have to buy into them in order to make good money. And the same thing will be happening to you of course.

Conclusion on Internet Funnel System – Scam?

While this might not be a scam, it is very misleading to say the least. Since MOBE teaches members to go out and promote MOBE, there are many different types of sales funnels like this that were created by members trying to get others to join in. I review MOBE sales funnels all the time and one thing that is almost always true with them is that they are very misleading and present the opportunity as much better than it really is.

While you can make money promoting MOBE, and some people make tons of money doing so, it is not the super easy system that they lead you to believe it is. I mean just think about it. Mike is telling you that a brain-dead person can make tons of money with this system. How can you make anything sound easier than this?

And whether this whole story is true or not is unknown to me. If it is true and I am glad he is okay now because he obviously wasn’t having problems speaking in his video, as he said he was after getting poisoned. But this makes me wonder if any of it is true. Did he somehow recover from being brain-dead? I have no idea but anyways I’m not here to review his story. I am here to review the opportunity that is presented, which is MOBE.

Personally I’m not a fan at all of programs like this but if you want to pay large amounts of money and then sucker other people into paying large amounts of money to buy into this program then go for it

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