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Instant Money Abundance Review – Must Read Before Signing Up!

By Kyle / April 11, 2016

instant money abundance reviewWhat do you know, another website to earn easy money, and lots of it. But seriously, read this Instant Money Abundance Review. This place is not what you think and is more than likely a scam.

Before I get started I just want to go over the guy in the video which is presented to you, who is Frank Calabro Jr. This guy doesn’t exactly come off as a very trustworthy guy. In my opinion he has scam written all over him.

Frank is always coming out with these easy and fast profit systems that where lazy people can make money. Hes always flashing big money and a luxurious life in your face. He has been involved with “ify” businesses such as My Advertising Pays and again, doesn’t exactly carry a good record.

But this isn’t enough to say that this Instant Money Abundance site is a scam. Just keep in mind thought.

Lets get to it, how the heck do you make money?

How Do You Make Money at Instant Money Abundance?

Instant Money Abundance is nothing more than a site that is set up to refer people to Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon is a Traffic Exchange/ Paid To Click website. It is extremely easy to make some money on this site and could probably be done by a trained monkey.

But don’t think that this is the next best opportunity. Like I said at the beginning, its not what you think.

There are 4 ways in which you can earn money at Traffic Monsoon.

4 Revenue Streams

Profit Share

If you click on 10 ads per day you are eligible for their profit share. Its a big money sharing system in which you get some of the companies profits for that day.

Cash Links

If you view more than 10 ads per day you get rewarded with some extra cash.

10% Instant Referral Commissions

You get 10% of the money your referrals give to Traffic Monsoon. So if they purchase 20 adpacks ($50 each) you would get $100.

Turning Your Traffic Into Cash

This only applies to you if you are advertising on Traffic Monsoon. If you do this means you receive more traffic to your site and you have an increased chance of getting more conversions.

But Theres a Problem With These Revenue Streams

The whole “profit share” system is very suspicious. And there is no evidence that I have that this is a scam, but I will say that this is a common practice of Ponzi type schemes. And I’ll get a little more into this shortly.

The other profit stream that I have a problem with is the “turning your traffic into cash”. What they are telling you here is that you can profit from the increased traffic that is going to your advertisement, if of course you are advertising.

But the problem with this is that the traffic you are getting is absolute crap. Its nothing more than a bunch of people clicking on your ad and waiting to get paid for doing so. These people aren’t interested in your product or your website. They leave as soon as they possibly can.

I cannot imagine anyone actually increasing there sales much if anything from Traffic Monsoons traffic. Its completely untargeted and uninterested.

Its More Than Likely A Ponzi

A Ponzi scheme is basically a big money exchange that provides no value.

What happens is you make money off of the people that join beneath you. So when you sign up and purchase adpacks your money goes to those above you, and when you refer people to purchase adpacks there money goes to you.

In Traffic Monsoons case it is a lot more sophisticated than that, but thats the basics of it.

Traffic Monsoon is a traffic exchange/ Paid To Click site, and scams like these are becoming more and more common online (another example: My Advertising Pays) They are very easy to disguise as legitimate businesses even though they are not much of the time.

I have already written an article called Is Traffic Monsoon a Ponzi Scheme that you can read for more detailed information on this.

Is Instant Money Abundance a Scam?

Or I could just ask “is Traffic Monsoon a scam?” because thats where you will be directed. And the best answer I can give you is probably. I can’t say for sure because I don’t have any real hard proof of it being a Ponzi.

But using my better judgement and experience from scams that I have seen, I would say that it is a Ponzi. It just doesn’t provide any value. And as a company, if you don’t provide value you go out of business.

If you don’t agree with me and think that Traffic Monsoon is legit then I suggest you go and read my Traffic Monsoon Review. This will give you a little better understanding of my point of view.

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