Instant Income Method – Scam or Legit? [What You Should Know]

Instant Income Method Scam

Instant Income Method is one of Mack’s newer opportunities that he is promoting, which appears to be absolutely incredible at first glance, but is it really? Can you really make as much money from home with this as you are led to believe and improve your credit score the same time? Or is Instant Income Method a scam that you should be avoiding at all costs?

We have all heard the stories of people getting scammed online, or maybe you have even gone scammed yourself in the past. You can’t just go around buying into things and signing up for programs on a whim. You have to do a little bit of research to make sure what you’re getting involved with is legitimate and this is exactly what I’m going to help you with you today. In this review I will be going over what Instant Income Method really is and what you need to know.

Instant Income Method Review

There might be multiple video presentations for this opportunity, but the one that I watched started out with Mack talking about getting up one day and deciding to go out and buy a Ferrari with cash. He talks about how he used to buy everything in cash because that’s what he thought you were supposed to do if you had the money.

Mack claims to have made millions of dollars over the past 20 years in direct sales and network marketing, having months where he has made over six figures. What he tells you here is actually true. I have known about Mack for a while he and he is one of the most successful network marketers that you will find.

But anyway, what’s the point of him talking about paying for everything cash? Well… The point is that by him paying for everything cash he never helped out his credit score. He tells you about how credit score is very important and that it is better to take out loans and use “OPM” (other people’s money) rather than paying for things outright and cash.

The solution… Mack tells you about some credit restoration specialist that helped restore his credit to good levels.

The Opportunity

Not only does Mack talk about showing you how to restore your credit, if this is what you are interested in, but he also talks about a work from home business opportunity where you can earn thousands of dollars per week helping others do the same.

Now this is getting interesting. You weren’t seriously going to believe that the entire video presentation was going to be focused on restoring your credit did you? Of course there is a business opportunity you can join in on. After all, Mack is a network marketer.

myEcon is a MLM business that has a variety of different products. They call themselves “the personal financial success company” and have products ranging from ID protection, to roadside assistance, and even have a cashback program, obviously in addition to their credit score services that Mack talks about.

But of course many people joining this business aren’t doing so for the actual products. Instead they are joining for the business opportunity. myEcon’s compensation plan consists of six different ranks which included…

  1. Sales Associate – Access to mlm comp plan
  2. Marketing Directcor – Access begins
  3. Executive Vice President
  4. Executive VP Gold
  5. Executive VP Platinum
  6. Executive VP Infinity

The basic goal as an affiliate is to recruit other affiliates in as well as personally so myEcon products. However, more focus is put on recruiting in other affiliates because this way you can earn commissions from their efforts. The weight MLM’s work is you can recruit in affiliates, then they go recruit in affiliates, those people then recruit in more affiliates, and so on. So basically has a pyramid structure that branches out at the bottom and you can make commissions from people that have been recruited and way beneath you.

What you want to do if you’re looking to make good money with an opportunity like this is to recruit as much as you can. The goal is to move up the ranks which unlock more and more of the compensation plan and if you want to move up the ranks then you are going to be required to recruit. For example, if you want to reach the highest rank of Executive VP Infinity you will have to have 800 affiliates in your downline.

Pyramid Scheme?

I know people going to be asking this so I’ll address it here. No this is not a pyramid scheme. I know that it looks like one and is focused very much on recruitment, but believe it or not MLM’s like this can operate legitimately. There have been many MLM’s that have gotten pressure from the government and have been forced to change up their business models, but myEcon has been operating for a while now with no troubles so I guess they are in the clear.

You Get a Copy of The Sales Funnel

So if you buy into Instant Income Method what you’re getting is Mack’s sales funnel system that you just experienced for yourself. You know the one with the video presentation I just talked about with Mack talking about making millions, having bad credit, and buying cars with cash? Yeah you will get a copy of that one.

You will get the funnel system so that you are able to refer people to the funnel and get them to join in. You will be able to insert your own referral links into the system so that you get credit when you refer people into the funnel in they then proceed to join myEcon.

So in a nutshell the opportunity here is myEcon and Mack’s Instant Income Method funnel system will help you will refer other people to join myEcon so that you can make money with this MLM opportunity.

What’s In It For Mack?

Now you may be wondering why Mack is letting people use his funnel. Why would he be doing this? Well the answer is quite obvious. It is a MLM business of the more people that he gets to join beneath them the better. When people join through his funnel, whether it be his own personal referral or someone else’s referral who is just using his funnel, he earns commissions.

It is all about building up his downline and earning more and more commissions.

This is what Mack does to make his millions. He joins MLM business opportunities, creates sales funnel, and then allows others to use his sales funnels to make it easier for them to recruit people in, while also building his downline and making him more money.

I have reviewed many of his sales funnels in the past, including ones like Daily Income Method & Digital Income Method, which were used to promote a different mlm opportunity.

Will You Really Make Money With This?

Can you make money with this? Absolutely. But will you make money with this? Now that is a different story.

The bottom line is that with a MLM business opportunity like this you need to be recruiting people in to make good money. And I’m not talking about recruiting someone in every now and again. I am talking about recruiting people in continuously. This is the problem because most people don’t have the means to be able to recruit people in left and right continuously.

Mack has been in this business for 20 years, as he has mentioned, he has a massive email list and he knows how to market online. It is not that hard for him to join in opportunity and start recruiting people in like crazy. However, if you have no experience with online marketing then you’re going to find this extremely difficult.

How are you going to recruit people in? Sure you can talk about the opportunity on social media, but unless you have a massive social media following this is not going to be very effective. And sure you can go out and talk to people in person, but this doesn’t have much region there isn’t much potential here either.

Not That Easy To Make Money With

MLM opportunities like this can be deceiving. They are often promoted as amazing ways to make money with enormous potential, but what they don’t tell you is that they are very difficult to make money with.

MLM businesses have a pyramid-like structure where commissions get funneled from the bottom of the pyramid up to those at the top. So those at the top with big downlines are benefiting from the pyramid -like structure while those at the bottom are losing. And of course with a pyramid -like structure such as this, there are always many more people at the bottom than at the top. This is why MLM’s always have very high turnover rates.

Final Thoughts

If you are just a normal person then this business opportunity is not going to be nearly as great as it seems. Sure, Mack provides a very nicely made sales funnel that will help you recruit people into myEcon so that you can make some money, but how are you going to get people to the sales funnel in the first place? This is the problem that the majority of people are going to have.

Unless you have experience with online marketing, have a website that gets lots of traffic, have a massive social media following, or something along these lines… You more than likely are not going to do well here. But Mack sure will!

But anyways, is Instant Income Method a scam? The answer is no… It is not a scam. It is simply a funnel that Mack has set up to help people recruit others into myEcon, which is mutually beneficial. It makes Mack money and it helps make others money to.

My Suggestion for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking to make money online than what I would suggest is taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that not only provides training, but also provides the tools necessary for making money online. This is actually where I got started back in 2015 so I can tell you from experience that it is a very good program and does work.

I’m not going to go into detail here, but if you want to learn more you can click the link below to read my review…

==> My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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