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Instant Cash Club Review – Check This Out!

By Kyle / October 2, 2016

Instant Cash Club App ReviewInstant Cash Club claims to be able to make you $5,000 in the first 8 hours, but this simply is NOT TRUE? Is Instant Cash Club a scam? Well it sure as heck seems like it but still, you have to take a deeper look into it to be sure. And in this review I’ll be doing exactly that. I take a look into what Instant Cash Club really is. And here is a spoiler for you: ITS NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM.

Anyway, let me get into this review and expose this for what it really is.

Instant Cash Club Review

  • Website: instantcashclub.co
  • Founders: Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines
  • Price: Free, but…. you have to fund the account of course!!
  • Rating: 0.5/10 (The Instant Cash Club App is a scam for sure, the only reason I give it a 0.5)

Instant Cash Club claims to be this amazing new automated binary options trading app, but its simply not true. To prove this, I’ll start of with how it CANNOT WORK.

Automated Trading Robots Don’t Work!

Well, they do work, just not nearly as good as they claim $5,000 in the first 8 hours is ridiculous with a software like this.

Its just impossible. There are SO MANY VARIABLES that go into determining the market price of a particular asset at any given time. And to make it even worse, the extremely short time periods in binary trading, which you are trying to predict the price, make it much riskier and more volatile.

There is no algorithm that can predict these variables with such accuracy to be able to make you that kind of big money in that short of time. Its just impossible.

Often times the market may be giving you some very promising indicators that a certain asset’s price is going to drop, yet it goes against the odds and rises, and vice versa.

There is just no way in hell that this Instant Cash Club software can be so accurate when its fully automated.

Thomas Jordan Is FAKE!

After about 6 minutes into the sales video the main guy in the video starts talking about this guy named Thomas Jordan. He claims that Thomas is some mastermind trader and “one of the most successful traders on Wall Street for the best part of 20 years.”

Well first off, there is nothing on this Thomas Jordan guy whatsoever that has to do with trading on Wall Street. And second off, check this out.Thomas Jordan Scam

Here is the picture they show of “Thomas Jordan” in the sales video…

To see if this picture is legit, I took a screenshot of it and uploaded it to Google to do an image search for similar images.

And what did I find??

Look at this. Its a stock image and can be found at BigStockPhoto and anyone can buy it and use it on their website or anywhere.thomas-jordan-fake

Any place that makes up fake names and then uses fake images to try to come across as more credible and having more experience should be avoided. You obviously can’t trust the people behind this Instant Cash Club SCAM.

They LIE About How Long They Have Been Operating

People have NOT been making money with Instant Cash Club for the last 6 months.

How do I know? Well check this out.

If you remember, they are talking about all of the moneyinstantcashclub-co-whois they have been making with Instant Cash Club in the last 6 months. The problem is that the website has not even been around for 6 months.
To find this out all I did was a simple whois search of instantcashclub.co and as you can see this domain was just registered in September of 2016.

And this is far from the end of lies that they try to get over on you.


How They Scam You

Of course it is free for you to use their amazing software, but you of course have to make the initial investment for the Instant Cash Club software to begin trading with.

And thats going to cost you a minimum of $250. Good luck ever seeing that again.

Final Thoughts – You Just Can’t Trust Them

Look, you just can’t trust these people. They tell blatant lies that I have just proven to be lies. And besides, the earnings they claim their automated system makes are impossible. If you don’t believe me on that then you should consult with a binary options professional.

The ugly truth is that binary options trading robot scams like this come out like crazy. BTW if you have come across Gemini 2, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, or Methodox 2.0 STAY AWAY FROM THEM! They are all scams.

The Instant Cash Club app is a scam all the way. Stay away from it or you WILL lose your money.

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