InstaNiche Review – Its a Piece of Crap

By Kyle / May 12, 2016
  • instaniche reviewProduct: InstaNiche
  • Creator: Mo Miah
  • Rating: 3.5/10 (Makes creating a niche site extremely easy; but won’t work like they say; cheap product)

InstaNiche may seem like some amazing piece of software thats great if you are lazy, but its nothing special. In this InstaNiche review I’ll be going over a few things you should know before you buy it or not.

There are things that I like about it, but overall I wouldn’t expect too much out of this product.

First off, what the heck is InstaNiche?

InstaNiche Overview

InstaNiche is a membership program in which you can create a website from proven niches that has unique content, Amazon affiliate links, social buttons, and everything you need to start making money with affiliate marketing.

You can create a niche site with InstaNiche in just a couple minutes of time.

What I Like About InstaNiche

The pre-written content is a nice part of this membership. It saves you a lot of time.

When you choose a niche, you then select a few keywords that you want to rank for. And each of these keywords has pre-written content that comes with them. The content is unique and once you choose to use it, it will be deleted from the members area so that no one else uses the same content.

But this content isn’t exactly what you would call “good” content. Its not the worst I’ve seen from programs like this, but its definitely not that great. You will likely find errors.

Why I’m Not Buying InstaNiche

InstaNiche may seem somewhat awesome, I mean it provides you with a ready to go website in minutes and it provides you with proven niches.

So whats the problem?

My problem is with the keywords that you choose to rank for. These keywords mean everything to your sites potential to earn money. If you can’t rank high for these keywords then you aren’t going to make money. Its that simple.

You need to be able to rank high on Google and other searches so that people searching will see your site and click on it.

And the problem is that you simply are NOT going to rank like they claim you will.

Take This For Example:

In the demo video Mo Miah showed how to create a wesite using InstaNiche. He chose “dogs” as the niche. And for the keywords that he wanted to rank for he chose:

  • Dog Beds & Furniture
  • Dog Clickers
  • Dog Whistles

For his main keyword that he wanted to rank for he selected the “Dog Beds & Furniture”

Problem….. These are going to be damn hard to rank for. Lets take a look

Using my keyword research tool (Jaaxy) I looked up these keywords to see how good they are.

“Dog Clickers” is a horrible keyword. There are about 247 competing websites (QSR) out there that are ranking for this keyword, good luck trying to beat that. And the SEO statistic is only at 73 (you want close to 100)dog clickers keyword

And the keyword “Dog Whistles” is even worse. It has a QSR of 415 and a SEO of only 6. Don’t even dream of ranking high for this whistles keyword

The main keyword he chose was “Dog Beds & Furniture”. The results for this keyword are a little bit inaccurate because there is the “&” symbol which doesn’t read properly in keyword research tools.

In Jaaxy the results are this, they aren’t too bad to look at themdog beds keyword

The competition (QSR) is not too high, at just 98, the SEO is high at 92, and we have a greenlight. It looks pretty good right?

Not really. Keyword research is just the starting point. After using a keyword research tool you need to take other steps. And one thing you definitely have to do is research your SERP competition.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. And if there are a lot of high authority sites on the first page, its going to be hard to rank.

Is the SERP competition good?

Not even close! Look at the high authority sites that cam up when I searched this in Google. Good luck outranking beds keyword

Is InstaNiche Worth Trying?

I don’t know. I’m not going to bother with it because I don’t see how the heck you are going to rank high for keywords like this that have a ton of competition.

Unless they are using some “secret” SEO technique which everyone seems to be claiming these days, I don’t think you are going to see very good results.

And even if you do find a very good keyword in the InstaNiche dashboard, its still not going to rank right away. Google doesn’t just start ranking new sites right away like that. You have to build some trust with them and there is not telling how this might go for you.

Overall I don’t think InstaNiche will work anything like they say it will. I’m not impressed. I would suggest that you read some of the comments below as well, there are some coming in that touch on things that I have not.

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