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Insta Cash Machine Review – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / April 23, 2016

insta cash machine review - scam or legit

  • Product – Insta Cash Machine
  • Creator – Billy Darr
  • Rating – 2/10 (Just not that valuable; can learn it all from Google)

Insta Cash Machine (not to be confused with InstaCash) is an info product that supposedly teaches you how to make $1000’s online using Instagram. It was created by Billy Darr, who you may know from $250 Freedom Class, or a ton of other product. I swear this guy has a thousand products out there, and none of them are that great quality.

How It Works

You will learn how to get traffic from Instagram to any page you want. You could drive traffic to a squeeze page to get someones email address, or drive them to a sales page, just anything you want.

The main thing that is taught here is how to get other Instagram users to send you traffic. this method can be extremely effective if done right.

What Insta Cash Machine Includes

Training Videos

  •  1 – Welcome
    • Goes over the process of how things work
  • 2 – Setting Up Free Gift and Squeeze Page
    • This is the page where you will drive traffic. A squeeze page template is provided to make it easy on you.
  • 3 – Setting Up Your Thank You Page, Affiliate Offers, And Follow Up Emails
    • This is a follow up after the traffic completes an offer, etc. Templates are also given here so its not difficult.
  • 4 – Creating Your Image For Instagram and Setting Up Your Tracking Link
    • Your image is very important for getting traffic. This goes through and helps you create one. Its an easy process.
  • 5 – Finding Instagram Account Holders and Arranging a Shoutout
    • Shows you how to find Instagram accounts that are similar to yours and get the to give you a shoutout. This means they will post about you and you will get traffic from their followers (very effective method).

Is The Method Taught Here Any Good?

Absolutely. Getting other people to give you shoutouts is definitely a legitimate way to get traffic. It can be extremely effective if done right.

I know people make good money doing this on Twitter (but Instagram seems to be better recently).

Why it works

Its simple really. Lets say for example you have a website in the fitness supplements niche, and you have 5,000 followers. Thats a decent number of followers but not nearly enough to get a lot of website traffic from.

So you find another Instagram user thats in the fitness niche that has 100,000 followers. Thats a lot. And you get them to give you a shoutout. Now all of those 100,000 followers from their account see you. And now you get a lot of traffic from them.

How Do You Get Them To Give You A Shoutout?

The training video from Insta Cash Machine goes over this. But you are more than likely going to have to pay for it. And I can’t even give you a ballpark price number because there are a lot of variables that come into play.

But basically, if you want a good shoutout from an Instagram user that has high authority, its going to cost you a good bit. You could get a shoutout from a low authority Instagram user but its probably not going to do much for you.

I Have Experience With This “Shoutout” Thing

Back when I first started out affiliate marketing (yes I’m an affiliate marketer for those who don’t know), I was big into using Twitter. And I would buy retweets from other people.

I used SEOclerk.com (which I don’t recommend) to find people that sell retweets. So what would happen is I would pay them, give them a link to a tweet that I wanted them to retweet, and they would retweet it.

Its the same thing that Insta Cash Machine is teaching you to do with Instagram, only its with Twitter.

But I quite this who “retweet buying” thing a long time ago. I found that most of the people that were selling retweets were scammers. Their accounts had mostly fake followers to make them appear big and legit. And all they did was spammed retweets the whole time.

I’m not saying that this method isn’t viable, I’m just saying do your homework before you pay for someone to give you a shoutout. There are a lot of phonys out their.

Can You Get Shoutouts Without Paying?

You can. But you are going to have to give the other Instagram user something of value. If you have an account similar in size and authority to the other person then you can trade shoutouts.

Even if you already have a huge instagram following. Trading shoutouts is always a benefit. It gives you more recognition and popularity, which means more traffic.

But I’m guessing that most of you don’t have huge 100,000 + follower Instagram accounts. So you are going to have to pay money. Just be careful with that.

Anyway, the method of gaining website traffic through Instagram that is taught here with Insta Cash Machine is definitely a method that works, but is it worth paying for?

Is Insta Cash Machine Worth It? Or Is It Just A Scam Product?

In my opinion its not worth it. There is not all that much information to this method of gaining traffic. Its rather simple and you can figure it out pretty easily just Googling everything.

The only thing that I think is somewhat valuable with this product is that free templates that they give you when creating your squeeze page and so on.

And then besides the value of the product, there are also a lot of upsells that I don’t like. There are 5 different upsells that they try to get you to buy after you have already initially bought the product. These include

  • $27 – 50 proven offers to convert traffic
  • $27 – how to make $1,000 – $2,000 per day on Instagram
  • $197 – 2 skype calls to set goals and help achieve those goals
  • $297 – a complete setup website that you can use for your Instagram traffic
  • $27 – Youtube course that show how to make money with Youtube
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