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Increase Traffic With Social Media

ID-100291943 (1)Utilizing social media to increase your following and bring traffic to your website can be very rewarding and the best part is… its FREE. Here I am going to be going over some of the main social media sites, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and how to leverage them to increase your site traffic and bring in that extra money. You should promote your business on ALL of these sites if you are serious.

The great thing about using social media is that its success is in your hands. You go out and increase your following instead of waiting for a search engine to recognize your worth.

With any of these social media sites the 2 main things you need to focus on is content and your profile. Besides posting your own content you want get out there more and share other peoples.

No matter what field your niche is in you should share and engage with content from industry experts. This helps show knowledge and interest in the field. As for your own content, try to make your first priority helping people. If your content comes across as too spammy it will turn people away.

Your profile needs to look professional. Set it up nicely. If it looks like it took you 30 seconds to put it together its probably not very nice. Your content might be amazing but if people come to your profile and it looks ridiculous you won’t get as much followers.

Anyway, lets begin by taking a look at Google+


Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter but it may just be the most important of the social media sites. Why is this? Because its run by Google of course. And as I’ve mentioned before Google accounts for around 60% of all search traffic. And it loves it when you play around on its social media.

Your Google+ posts are also able to rank on Google searches. They can sometimes rank even when your website post doesn’t. When Google ranks your Google+ posts they consider factors such as the number of 1+’s.

Showing your authorship off on Google+ also proves to be beneficial. Gaining a following on Google+ tells Google that you are credible. The more trust Google has for you the more you will be able to rank.

A study done by Search Metrics on the different variables that determine rank in searches found that Google+ has quite an impact, more so than any other social media network as shown below.


The helpful Google+ Circles freature

This feature is unique and is one of my favorite when it comes to Google+. It allows you to share information with specific groups of people. This way you can target a group that you think would be more interested in the particular information you are providing.

So lets say your niche is in herbal health supplements and you just created a post about a natural weight loss herb. It would be beneficial to target those specifically interested in weight loss, rather than everyone interested in herbal health supplements which would include many other categories.


Twitter may not help SEO as much as Google+ but it is still very important and one of my favorites. There is no place like twitter when it comes to keeping people updated. Its 140 character limit per tweet makes it a fast and effective method to make these updates.

People like twitter because it is simple and to the point. Having to write as short as possible in just about every tweet makes you get right to the point. Sure sometime you have to leave important things out of your tweet, but overall I really like what twitter is all about and find it very helpful.

When you begin to get a lot of followers and are following a lot of people as well your Twitter homepage will become very cluttered with all too many tweets coming in. Here is where a “list” comes into play. You can create lists of people who’s tweets you want to view. This way you can view all of the “weight loss advocates” or “natural health advocates” or just whomever that you follow in that pertain to certain categories.

One thing that I have discovered about Twitter is that it is easier to increase your following than most other social networking sites. And increasing your following is one of your main goals on any of these sites. Remember more followers = more views =  more website traffic = more revenue.  Of course there are many other factors at play here, but generally that is how it should go.

If you want to learn how I was able to gain 500+ relevant twitter followers per week find out here.


And of course Facebook. Its been around for over 10 years and has grown tremendously in popularity. The opportunity businesses gain when they put Facebook to use is huge. Just to give you an idea there are 1.55 billion users that are active monthly (via Facebook). And the average American spends more time on Facebook than other social sites such as Pinterest and Twitter (Source: SproutSocial 6/20/15).

Facebook is an absolute powerhouse and is a great way to promote your online business. With Facebook there are not such short character limits like there is Twitter, so you can go into much more detail in your posts, your profile, everything. There is no doubt that Facebook provides a better way of showing what your business is truly about than Twitter.

A great feature Facebook has that is very helpful when building a following is the detailed analytics option. As you can see below this option gives you an idea of what type of information is getting the most reach and engagement. Then by using this form of information more often you can gain a bigger following, get more views, and bring more traffic to your website.




Pinterest takes social networking to a different level. It is all about visual appeal with the use of images. Images are catchy, can have a lot of meaning, and take milliseconds to understand. The idea behind Pinterest is pretty much ingenious.

One thing that you can do on a Pinterest business page is hold contests. Contests are fun and are known for attracting a larger audience and leading to engagement. They are very helpful in developing a bigger following.

If you decide to make a Pinterest business page, one tip that I will give you is to verify your account. Once you verify it your website URL will display on your profile along with a check mark to show that it has been verified. This lets viewers know that your profile is legit. This has been known to increase following.


If you have a question about using any of these social network sites to promote your business online be sure to comment below.

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