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ImNotaRapper.com Review – Its a SCAM! BEWARE

By Kyle / September 8, 2016

If you have seen the video by Mack for imnotarapper.com, chances are you were probably on WorldStarHipHop or some place similar. This guy posts videos everywhere of his lavish lifestyle and easy money to try to scam unsuspecting individuals.

In this imnotarapper review I’ll be going over what this scam really is and why you should stay the hell away from it.

UPDATE 1/29/2017

Apparently Mack and his imnotarapper.com website are now promoting a scam where you sign up for MCA (Motor Club of America), pay a monthly membership fee, and try to get others to sign up beneath you so that you make commissions off of them.

When you go to imnotarapper.com you will be redirected to dailyincomemethod.com where you will watch a video and will be prompted to buy into MCA.

He keeps changing what he promotes on this website and honestly I can’t keep up with it. It used to be used to promote a product called MOBE, but now he is using it for this.

The bottom line is that making money like he does is impossible for the average person. This guy is posting videos on WSHH and other sites and getting millions of views. He is getting thousands of clicks on his websites and getting lots of referrals.

It doesn’t matter if he gives you an automated sales page, you still have to drive traffic to that page in order to make money. No traffic = no referrals = no money. And getting traffic is the hardest part of it all.

Mack absolutely knows that what he is promoting won’t work out for 99% of the people out there signing up. But he doesn’t care, he is getting rich off of it.

ImNotARapper.com Scam (This Is What It Used To Be)

If you go to imnotarapper.com you will be redirected to paidwithcash.net. But this redirection has already changed several times since imnotarapper.com was created. Scammers are always changing up their domains because after too many people catch on to the scams the domains get a bad reputation and are no longer useful. Its a common thing.imnotarapper-com-scam

But anyways, you will be redirected to paidwithcash.net, but this is subject to change.
It doesn’t matter where you are redirected. You will be presented with a phony video of Mack and his luxurious lifestyle and all the easy money he is making. And below the video there will be a link for a $1 trial that you can sign up for “to make money like him”.

If you click the button you will then be directed to a page that is for the product ASPIRE.

Aspire is absolutely a scam and it has been around for at least a couple of years at this point.

Background On Aspire

Aspire is a product of the company Digital Altitude, which is owned by Michael Force. Michael force doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. He was one of the top producers at Empower Network, which was a huge MLM scheme that imploded and 97% of its 200,000 members lost money.

Aspire, What You NEED To Know

Aspire is an internet marketing program.

The $1 trial that Mack (the guy in the video) is trying to get you to sign up for is an Aspire membership called Aspire Walker. In this membership you get…

  • 1 tier beneath you for payout
  • members area access
  • startup training videos

The overall purpose of Aspire is to get you to go out there and sell it to more people. Its an internet marketing program that focuses on marketing itself over and over again.

Oh ya, and the $1 trial turns into a $37/month price after 2 weeks.

Aspire Is A Pyramid Scheme

As you can see above I said that the Aspire Walker membership includes 1 tier beneath you for payout. That is because it is a pyramid scheme. With this membership you will only receive commission from 1 level beneath you, which isn’t that great.

But you better believe that Aspire staff will try to upsell you on their other 2 memberships. Their top membership costs $127 per month and goes 3 tiers deep, meaning you will be making money from people that were recruited by your recruits’ recruits.

Its definitely better to go with their top membership, but if and only if you are able to get a lot of recruits. If you aren’t, then you are just wasting more money.

Your Main Purpose Is To Recruit

Aspire does offer some very high priced products that they sell (highest priced one costs $27,997 – Apex Membership) but the overwhelming goal of Aspire is to get you to recruit others into the program.

That is what characterizes this whole thing as a pyramid scheme. Because the focus is put on recruiting rather than on the products that they have to offer.

Can You Make Money

Sure you can, but will you? Statistically speaking you probably won’t. Its something like over 90% of people in these types of schemes lose money. Only the elite, the ones at the very top of the pyramid are able to make money.

Mack knows damn well that most people won’t make money, but he doesn’t care about that. He is a scammer and just wants money for himself.

An average person will absolutely NOT make money with this BS system.

Final Thoughts

Mack is an a**hole, thats all there is to it. He knows there are a lot of people that are money hungry on WSHH and other sites like it, and he goes out and tries to scam them.

He is without a doubt very high up on the pyramid scheme. He has a lot of videos and many of them are getting 3+ million views. So there is no way that he could be that high up without seeing for himself that most people fail with this system. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Just stay clear of this scam and anything else Mack promotes.

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