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How to Use Google Trends to Find a Niche

By Kyle / March 4, 2016

google-trendsNot just any niche out there has a bright future. Some are on the brink of extinction and will likely not be profitable. To avoid this, I’m going to show you how to use Google Trends to find a niche. This way you can find niches that are gaining popularity and aren’t in the process of dying off.

First off, What is Google Trends?

Google Trends relies solely on search volume from Google Search. It maps out the search volume over the past 10 years so that you can see the trend of specific search terms. It will also show you what region of the world this search term is popular in.

Now you might be thinking that because Google Trends relies on Google Search alone it might not get accurate results. Well it does! Google search has over 65% of the total search engine market share. Its the search leader by far so the trends are pretty accurate.

How its useful for finding niches

Identifying trends is EXTREMELY important. Like I said earlier, If you choose a niche that greatly decreasing in popularity, its likely that the amount of money you can make off of that niche will decrease as well. But if you find a “hot” new popular niche, the results could be incredible.

WIth Google Trends you are able to see if the search term you entered is increasing in popularity, or decreasing in popularity. Then you can simply turn that search term into your niche.

There are 2 types of niches that are increasing in popularity

First, A niche that is slowly and steadily growing in popularity

These niches are more reliable. They have been around and stood the test of time. And they are still growing at a good pace. An example of this could be the “protein powder” niche. Protein powder has been around for a while and its still growing. Protein is fundamental to healthy and everyone knows it, so this niche is likely to stay.protein-powder-trend

The problem with this type of niche is the competition. Because its been around for a while and has been increasing in popularity, there is going to be a lot of competition in this niche. This is going to make it much harder for you to gain authority and get website traffic. But if you do work hard and get authority, you can relax a little and not worry about your niche dying off any time soon.

Second, A “hot” new niche that is growing very fast in popularity

These niches are less reliable, yet you have more potential to make fast and easy money in them. They are just surfacing and becoming popular, and they are growing like crazy. You could compare these to the “selfie stick”. It came onto the market right before 2015 and had a huge surge in popularity, but it has died WAY down now.

This “selfie stick” trend is very good for hot new niches. I would a have killed to have recognized this niche when it first became popular. Look at the spike in popularity! There was definitely a lot of money making potential with this one at the beginning.selfie-stick-trend


These niches are much easier to get into. They are new and there isn’t much competition yet. This means they are easy to get authority in, and easy to make fast money in. But you never really know with this kind, is it going to last? or is it going to die off? Often these types that “boom” in popularity don’t last, and are nothing more than a fad.

But the good part is that you don’t have to invest much time into them because they are easier to get traffic with.

Why the region of popularity is important

Google Trends also shows you what region of the world the particular search term is popular in. This is important. Just because a search term is popular doesn’t mean that you should use it as a niche. It would depend on the affiliate program you are in and the products available to promote within that program.

If you look at the popularity of the selfie stick example above, you will see that this term is most popular in the United Kingdom, and then second most is the Unites States.selfie-stick-trend

Google Trends may surprise you

I am always surprised by some of the trends I find here. Some terms that I think are good to form profitable niches around, turn out to be trending downward and lack potential, and vice versa.

Here is one of many examples that surprised me. I looked up “treadmills” on Google Trends, thinking that they would be a rather safe niche to get into and this is what I found. Their popularity is decreasing and has been for some time. There is no hope here. I don’t know why this is but this is the reality of it.treadmills-trend

Use Google Trends!

So don’t just go out there and choose any old niche. Do some research on Google Trends first, or else you could end up wasting a lot of time working on a niche website that doesn’t have much in the way of potential.

Google Trends is FREE by the way.

Need Some Help With All Of This?

There is a great online business training community that I am a member of called Wealthy Affiliate. They have a bunch of training in picking a niche, building a website, driving traffic to your site, and ultimately making money with your site.

They also provide tools and other resources such as a website builder, 2 free websites + hosting, a keyword research tool, and some other things.

Its a pretty great place and helped me out a lot. Anyway, I already wrote a post where I reviewed Wealthy Affiliate that you can read about by clicking the link below. I go into a lot more detail there.

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Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours 🙂

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