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How to Start an Online Business for Free

There are many ways to create online businesses. Many end up costing you a lot of money and end up not working out and benefiting you. In this article I am going to go over how to start an online business for free. And one that actually works. How do I know this? I know from my own personal experience as well as seeing many others succeed in the same way.

But you need to know that this is not a “get rich quick” opportunity (or should I say SCAM). You will not be making hundreds of dollars a day when you first start out. Like most businesses it takes a little time to get going. This time however could end up rewarding you with a full-time and lifelong online business.

How to Get Started

1. You Need an Idea

Like with any business you need to have an idea of what you want to do. Your business, like any, needs to fulfill a need by customers. So what you want to do is target a specific group of customers in the market, which is a niche.

To choose a niche you need to think about what you are passionate about? or a hobby? thinkerstatueor anything you enjoy doing. It is important to create a business that you enjoy doing so choosing a niche of interest is a must.

You can choose any interest you want. Nothing is too small. Just remember, the internet market is the biggest there is by far. There are nearly 3 billion internet users across the globe. So no matter how small and insignificant your interest is, there will be plenty of people out there in that niche.

How to fulfill a need?

Here you will be simply providing information on your niche. If you choose a niche that you are interested in then this should not be that difficult. You should already have plenty of knowledge on the area.

By providing helpful information to people online you will be able to gain traffic to your website. People will come and your website will gain authority and more traffic.

Then you can promote products related to your niche and earn commissions through affiliate marketing programs. Just about every major company has an affiliate program these days. Amazon, Nike, Apple, Walmart, you name it. No matter what your niche there are always products related to it that you can promote.


You choose the niche of “dog training”

You create a website to help dog owners who need answers in this field (don’t be scared about creating a website, its simple as you will read later on this page)

Website content includes:

  • articles on different training techniques
  • real life dog training success stories
  • video tutorials (very effective)
  • your personal story and experience
  • dog product reviews (this is where you promote products)
    • Ex: in ground fences, shock collars, doggy treats, etc.
    • (can be anything related to your niche/ doesn’t have to be specifically dog training products)

This is just to give you an idea of what you want to do. You choose what niche you want your online business to be in, you create a website around that niche, you provide helpful information to attract traffic, you promote products in various articles and earn commission through affiliate marketing programs.

And of course this brings me to the next very important step you need take, creating a website.

2. Create Your Own Website

This is the base of your online business. Without a website you would find it extremely difficult and probably will not succeed. It is possible to promote products through social networks and earn commissions but it is both extremely difficult and the opportunity is much less.

Without a website you can’t get that much information out there. Social networks are ID-100291943 (1)made for short posts with little information. The more information you have the more chance you have of people coming to you for it. That is why you need a website

You also need one for affiliate marketing opportunities. Many of the programs out there require that you have your own website. In fact, Amazon.com which has the largest affiliate program in the world, requires you to have your own website.

So How Do I Make One?

There are many ways you can do this. You can pay for a couple hundred dollars a year for a website domain and hosting, but I’m going to show you a great way for beginners and you can build your website for free.

In the past creating your own website was difficult. You had to do all the technical things and code it yourself. Fortunately, today it is EXTREMELY simple. Anyone can do it and it can be done in a matter of several minutes.

Since its free I know you are wondering about the quality. Well don’t worry. This free website opportunity will allow you to have 2 fully functional, WordPress powered, personal, easy to use, customizable, websites with free hosting included.

You can learn more about this build your own website for free opportunity here.

3. You Need Training

Since you are reading this post on how to start an online business for free you are probably rather new to the whole idea. This means you do not know all that much about what you need to do and how to do it.

Google_Classroom_LogoSo what you need is training, and not just any training but proper training. And you want it to be free. You don’t want to go out there and reinvent the wheel. Learn from people who have done what you want to do and know all of the steps you have to take and tricks to give you a better chance of success.

The problem is there are literally thousands of scams out there that promise to make you this amount of money in this amount of time. But the real world doesn’t work like that. You get out of it what you put in. You need training that gets you on the right path to success and doesn’t give you unrealistic goals.

So where can you find training like this that is FREE?

Just check out my #1 Recommended Training. I can thank it for my success in the online business world and many others can as well. You will be able to learn everything there is in the online business world. There is training, classrooms, live video seminars, tutorials, and thousands of community members that you can chat with and get help from.

There is nothing that will make this journey easier than learning from experts in the field and luckily you can find that here.

I know this can be very confusing because I was in your spot at one point in time. If there is ANY confusion just ask me a question below. Or if you have a comment feel free to leave it below as well 🙂


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