How to Increase Website Traffic Using SEO

Anyone who tells you that SEO is dead and doesn’t work anymore just has never been successful at it. Here I am going to teach you a few things for how to increase website traffic using SEO. But first lets take a look at why Search Engine Optimization is so important.

Lets take a look at the search engine Google because it is responsible for almost 70% of all searches done online, totaling around 3.5 BILLION searches per day. And according to a study on Google over 60% of the searchers end up clicking on the top 3 results.

So lets go through an example here. Lets say your website is all about football and you are promoting football cleats. By searching for “best football cleats” on Google you get


Keyword Competition

As you can see there are about 2.4 million results for that keyword alone. So think about how many pages there are that come up for that. That keyword is extremely competitive and for an individual running their own business it is going to be nearly impossible to rank close to the top with. You can forget about that.

What you have to do is target particular low competition keywords. Its really not that difficult to do and can help drastically. If you have just one moderately searched keyword that ranks on Google’s first page this can help in all areas of your website. That one keyword can pull people in then since they are already on your website they are much more likely to visit other pages and posts.

If you want to increase your traffic with by targeting specific keywords click here for a more in depth article.

General Website Content

You can find some of the greatest keywords out there but you still will have trouble ranking if your website’s content is not unique. Google bot hates people that copy and paste. If you copy and paste all of your content the google bot will know it and your website will be punished. Even if you copy and paste just one article it will effect your entire website. Once you loose credibility with google it is held against you in other areas and in the future.

But don’t worry. I know you may be thinking “how can I write something unique with billions of articles online?”. Well you can. Its not hard at all. In fact I have never had a problem with this. Just remember how to avoid plagiarism like you’ve probably learned throughout school.

Another thing is use of affiliate links throughout your content. Google bot also recognizes websites that have too much affiliate links. This gives google the idea that you are out to make money instead of too help people online. You will be punished for too many links and it can be hard to recover from. I have heard of websites dropping hundreds of ranks just because one day Google bot decided their site was too spammy with too many affiliate links.

Google loves websites with unique content that are helpful and if your website is like this you will be rewarded for it by ranking higher, giving you more traffic.

Just think about it for a second. If Google would rank spammy websites then people would be less likely to use Google. They would search online through other search engines. Google knows this so they do their best to bring the people the most accurate, helpful, and credible search results there are.

Social Networking Brings Better SEO

If you want to know more about this I covered it much more in depth HERE. But just to give you guys and idea of how social networking affects SEO take a look at this chart. The research here was done by SearchMetrics


As you could have guessed Google+ has the biggest impact on rankings in Google. They are both Google, so it makes sense. Anyway you see they have an impact so learn more about leveraging Social Network sites HERE.

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