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How to Boost Website Traffic With Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important when it comes to SEO. “High competition” keywords are keywords that are used a lot online. Some keywords, when searched, have billions of results. So if you use a keyword like this you have an astronomically low chance of ranking good. And when I say that I mean you don’t have a chance.

So what you want to do is target “low competition” keywords, or keywords that are not used that much. This way, when searched, the amount of results is much less and you have a better chance or getting that first page ranking.

How to Find “Low Competition” Keywordsmagnifying glass

There are trillions of articles out there so how the heck do you figure out what keywords are “low competition”? Without a doubt you need a keyword research tool. There are a lot of them out there but I am going to be going over two of the best, Jaaxy, which I use, and Keyword Optimizer Pro, which is free. As you can imagine Jaaxy, the one you pay for,  is better, but they are both good.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is what I am currently using and I am very happy with it. It gives you all the information you need to find a good keyword. When you type in the keyword you want to use it will bring up statistics for that keyword and related keywords. These statistics include the following:

  • Avg – this is the average number of searches that the particular keyword receives per month
  • Traffic – this is the traffic you expected to your site if you receive first page rankings with the particular keyword
  • QSR – “quoted search results” is your competition. It is the number of websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.
  • KQI – “keyword quality indicator” appears green (great), yellow (OK), or red (poor) depending on the overall quality.
  • SEO – this number will be between 1 and 100. Its score is based upon the keyword’s traffic and competition. The closer to 100 the better chance of ranking on the first page in Google.
  • Domains – this shows you domains that are available and related to that specific keyword.

Lets take a look at a keyword search on Jaaxy. Here I have searched the keyword “iphone 6 case reviews”. As you can see below, it is a decent keyword. It receives about 887 searches per month and with fairly low competition (only 82 QSR) you can expect about 151 traffickers a month. However if you look at the 4th suggestion “iphone 6s case reviews” it is even better. Its average # of searches is lower, but the competition is a lot lower, giving it an SEO rating of 95. I end up using keyword suggestions more often than keywords I type in, much more often.


Just think about the suggested keyword “iphone 6s case reviews” You can expect 101 people coming to your website off of that keyword alone if you rank on Google’s first page. It won’t be too difficult with only 14 websites in competition, so you have a good shot.

Besides this there are a few other features to Jaaxy. It includes a “Brainstorm” section that helps you find popular topics going around. It includes Google trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter trends. What is popular is easier to monetize, so this is very helpful.

You can also use the “Search Analysis” tool to analyze websites that rank for the particular keyword in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And if you are familiar with the alphabet soup method of searching. You can do this on Jaaxy to find popular keywords dealing with your topic.

So how much does all of this cost?

The Free Trial is FREE of course; the Pro Membership is $19 per month; and the Enterprise Membership is $49 per month.



The Pro Membership is all you need if you are serious. As you can see the available features vary with the membership.

Whether you are willing to pay or not you should at least give the Free Trial a try.



Free Keyword Tool

As for free keyword tools, one of the best I have come across is Keyword Optimizer Pro. What it does is gives you suggestions for your keyword. So you type in a keyword phrase and it suggests better phrases for you to use. It uses Google, Yahoo, and Bing to calculate keyword positions within the different search engines as you can see on this screenshot.


The great statistic that this program gives you is OKR or “Optimized Keyword Rank” This statistic is based on the particular keyword’s position and the search engine market share.

One common problem that I have noticed people are having with this product is with loading, where the loading results will freeze before it is complete, leaving you without information. I have tried out this program before and never experienced it, but it does seem to be fairly common.

This is an absolutely great keyword tool and anyone can afford it. Its free remember. If you are being thrifty then this is your option.

However if you have a little extra money then I would suggest Jaaxy Keyword Tool. And you can do 30 keyword searches on Jaaxy for free in the trial so you should test it out either way.

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