How Much Money Can You Make with CashCrate?

cash-crateBefore you sign up for CashCrate you need to know if its worth your time. To answer that you need to know how much money you can make with CashCrate. In this review I’ll be going over the different ways to earn and how much you can expect to make realistically.

But just to give you a heads up, ITS NOT MUCH.

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Ways to earn $$$ on CashCrate

You can earn money on CashCrate in a number of different ways including taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, referring friends, and getting cashback from shopping online.

Each of these ways are different so that means that the earnings are different too. So let me go over each way individually.

Taking Surveys

The surveys here are pretty good, and there is a good amount of them. Currently there are 10 short daily surveys available (this varies with time). So that means you are guaranteed 10 surveys per day.

With these 10 daily surveys the earnings come to $7 even. But there are other surveys available as well. For example right now in my account there are 26 other surveys that I can take.

Generally with the surveys this is what you should expect:

  • $0.30 to $0.60 for a 10 minute survey
  • $0.40 to $1.00 with a 15 minute survey
  • and $0.80 to $2.00 for a 20 minute survey

But I stress the word “generally” here. You will find surveys that pay less or more than this. This is just a general estimate that I came up with.

Completing Offers

There are all sorts of offers here. They could be signing up for a trial, signing up for free samples, register for a credit card,… the possibilities are unlimited.

Just to give you an idea, here are some of the offers available to me right nowcash-crate-offers

As you can see they are strange sometimes. The Subway one is for me to exchange a Subway gift card for CashCrate money.

Its hard to say how much you could earn with these offers. In this case it would depend if you have a $20 Subway gift card or not. But you can see there is a lot of earning potential. A lot of the high earning offers usually are ones where you have to buy something online, which I am not a fan of.

Watching Videos

You might think that watching videos sounds like a great way to earn some cash. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Unfortunately it isn’t like that. The videos suck and they only pay you several cents.

The only good thing is that they aren’t long. Here are some of the terrible video offers available to me right

And as you can see, 3 of the 4 videos here are only paying 1 cent! What a waste of time.

Cashback from Shopping

Getting cashback is actually one of the better ways you can earn on CashCrate. The only problem is that you have to buy stuff. But the good thing is that maybe you were going to buy stuff from the stores they reward you from anyhow.

So its a great thing as long as you were already going to shop there and aren’t going out of your way to earn a few bucks.

CashCrate offers cashback as a percentage of the amount you

They offer cashback from a lot of big well known companies which is pretty good. I just with they offered it with Amazon, then I would be taking advantage of it.

Referring People

If you have a website or a social media account that gets a lot of traffic then you should take advantage of this. Its a good deal.

For each referral you bring you get up to 20% of their earnings, and up to 10% of their referrals earnings! Plus you get a $3 bonus when your referrals get up to $10 in their account.

This is definitely one of the best ways to earn at CashCrate.

So how much money can you make?

That depends on so many factors (offers available, surveys available, your means of referring others, and so on) that I cannot even give you a straight answer. But I can tell you that its definitely not going to be very much.

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