How Much Money Can You Make on Swagbucks?

swagbucksI touched on this a while back but I want to go a little more into detail with the ways you can make money on SwagBucks. And of course I need to answer the question “how much can you make with SwagBucks?”, realistically of course.

Taking surveys on Swagbuck is one of the best ways to earn a lot, so lets take a look at them first.

How much can you earn with surveys?

When you are on your Swagbucks account you will find the available surveys over on the left-hand tool bar under the “answer” tab. There you will find 4 categories of surveys including the Gold Surveys, Partner Surveys, Peanut Labs Surveys, and the Daily Poll.

The Gold Surveys are usually the most lucrative out of them all. However, their usually aren’t much available. Right now in my account I only have one available and that is pretty common. Its a pretty good payoff though, 150 Swagbucks for 30 minutes. goldsurveys

Next you have the Partner Surveys. There are usually a good amount of these surveys offered, as you can see below. But the payoff for these is much less. You can generally expect to get anywhere from 2-4 times more Swagbucks than the length of the survey. So for example if you have a 10 minute survey you can expect to get anywhere from 20 to 40 Swagbucks. Its not too bad.partner surveys

Then you have the Peanut Labs Surveys. These surveys will give you about the same reward as the Partner Surveys shown above. Generally 2-4 times the Swagbucks when compared to the time.peanutlabssurveys

Lastly you have the Daily Poll. This one isn’t really worth anything. Its really quick and all you do is select one multiple choice answer for their poll, but you only get 1 Swagbuck out of it. But I guess its not bad considering it barely takes any time.

So how much can you expect to make with the surveys?

Lets see what you could make in 1 hour of time. So you have the Gold Survey that takes 31 minutes and you make 150 SB. Then you have 30 minutes left. Right now Peanut Labs Surveys is offering better payoffs so I’m going to choose two of theirs. I’d take the one 15 minute one and make 65 SB and then the other 15 minute one and make 46 SB.

The time those takes totals up to 61 minutes but lets just say I took them fast and ended in an hour. So in one hour of time I just made 261 Swagbucks. And I’ll get into exactly how much this is worth in terms of dollars a little later.

Next lets look at another feature in which you can earn SB.

The Swagbuck Search Engine

Yep, Swagbucks has their own search engine. Its not as good as Google, but I must say its pretty darn good and is powered by Yahoo. All you have to do to earn SB here is search the internet just as you would normally do on Google or Yahoo. This is one of the best ways to earn SB in my opinion because its something that you already do normally online. So you don’t have to go out of your way to earn SB here.

The downside to the Swagbuck search is that it pays very little. Its hard to say how much it pays because it varies. You could expect to earn anywhere from 5 to 20 Swagbucks, but this number is not set in stone. Sometimes I will earn a lot more than other times in searches and I don’t know the reason for that. But you will NEVER earn a lot.

But how much are these Swagbucks really worth?

How much is each Swagbuck worth?

If you head over to the left-hand tool bar you will see “Redeem SB” about halfway down. There are both rewards or swagstakes you can choose. I’m going to go over the rewards because the sweepstakes are nearly impossible to win.

If you go to the rewards you will find giftcards, paypal cash, and even pre-paid credit cards. As you can see in the screenshot below, the $5 Amazon giftcard costs 500 SB and the Paypal $25 cash out costs 2,500 SB. These both average out to 100 SB equaling $1.00 and this is generally what it will equal although it varies slightly depending on the reward. So that mean each SB is only worth $0.01. Thats one cent!


So how much money can you make?

Well if you take the Swagbucks that I would have earned from the surveys up above, which is 261 SB, I earned $2.61. And thats in one hour. I don’t know about you but I don’t think $2.61 per hour is a very good wage. And its unlikely that you can make that much every hour, because you will run out of surveys to take.

The only good thing about Swagbuck in my opinion is the Search. Sure you will barely make anything, but you don’t have to change your day around to do it. You can set the Swagbuck Search to your default search and go about your normal days. You might end up earning $5 or so a month without doing a thing different. Its nice getting a little extra cash every once in a while.

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