How Can You Make Money with Facebook? – 26 Ways to Do It!

By Kyle / December 18, 2018
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Maybe you heard of someone making money with Facebook or maybe the idea just popped into your mind all on its own… Either way, there are a lot of different ways that you can make money with this social media giant and in this post I will be going over 26 different ways to do it.

And why wouldn't you want to? I mean, with well over 2 billion users worldwide and growth that is continually increasing at a pace that seems it will never stop, the market to make money on this platform just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And besides… You probably already use Facebook anyhow… So why not make money on it?

Below I have broken up the list into different categories, including each way to make money within each…


#1 - Write a Post & Promote Something

This is by far one of the easiest ways to make money with FB. All you have to do is write a post and promote something. 

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing before? This is when you simply promote products online and earn commissions when you help make a sale. So you don't actually have to own anything… Just promote things.

However, stay away from spamming promotions all over the place. Your friends will not like this and your promotions will not be effective.

#2 - Write a Post & Sell Something

Another way to make some money by posting is by selling something.

Do you have a lot of followers that have similar interests to you and would want to buy something that don't want? Or maybe you have your own home-based business and think that your followers could benefit from one of your products?

Getting the word out there to your followers is as simple as posting about it.

#3 - Refer friends to Earn Referral Bonuses

Then there also referral bonuses that you can capitalize on.

There are plenty of different apps and programs out there that you can refer friends to and actually earn bonuses doing so. 

Take for example the Ibotta cash back app. With this app you can get cash back when doing your normal shopping, and I'm sure some of your friends would love to get in on this. You can refer them many in and earn a bonus doing so. Another example is Uber… Referring a driver to Uber can potentially earn you a nice hefty bonus.

The FB marketplace..

#4 - Selling on the Marketplace

Have you ever heard of the Facebook marketplace, which you can go to at ? Well… If you haven't, now you have.

The marketplace is similar to if you are familiar with this place. It is basically a digital marketplace where you can transact with buyer/seller's locally.

If you have something laying around the house that you'd like to sell, give the marketplace a try.

#5 - Re-Selling on the FB Marketplace

Something else you could do is re-sell on the marketplace. And if you are go today, you can actually make some decent money doing this, but of course you have to be smart with what you buy and know the underlying value before buying.

In a nutshell, what you would be doing here is looking for deals that you could potentially flip for a nice profit. See you buy something really cheap and then turn around to sell it for a higher price.

The FB job board..

#6 - Get a Job Through Their Job-Board

You could also use the job-board to find companies in your area that are hiring.

There are lots of opportunities listed here and it seems that it is becoming more and more used by companies looking to hire.

#7 - Post on the Job-Board

Now I know this is a little bit of an indirect approach to making money with Facebook, but you could also hire someone through the job board. So maybe you have a small business and are looking for someone to join the team who could potentially make you more money… This could do the trick.

Social media managing..

#8 - Manage Social media for a Business

Do you think you like the sounds of scheduling posts on Facebook, managing promotions, handling online community interaction, providing updates to Facebook followers? Well then managing a businesses social media might be a job worth looking into.

Just about every business nowadays is online, and if they aren't… Then they will likely get lost in the growth of online business. And, because Facebook is the biggest out there, just about every business is either on it or wants to be on it.

There are plenty social media management jobs out there where you could get paid to manage a business' social media account.

Running ads and more with a Facebook page..

#9 - Boost a Post

If you have a post that is doing very well organically, as in getting a lot of likes and shares, then you may want to look into "boosting it". When you boost a post this just means you pay to advertise the post… So that more people see it and hopefully the amount of likes/shares coming in increases.

Now this would be particularly good if the post you boost is promoting some type of product, so that you can earn more money from it. However, you may also want to boost a post even if it isn't promoting anything because you can hopefully increase your following and make more money from you in the long run.

#10 - Generate leads for your business

Leads, Leads, Leads... if you have ever been involved in any sort of business, then you probably know that it is all about leads. You want to get people's contact information so that you can follow up with them later on if they don't purchase from you the first time around.

Facebook can be a great way to generate leads. You can actually choose lead generation as a focus when running ads through Facebook, but of course you can also generate leads for free by other means, such as gaining an organic following by posting interesting updates regularly.

#11 - Drive traffic to Your shopify store

The combination of using Facebook advertising to drive traffic to a Shopify store is becoming increasingly popular. And guess what… You don't even need to have your and products.

Sure, if you have your and products to sell on Shopify than that is great, but you can also do drop shipping and after someone buys a product from your store, have the product shipped directly from the manufacturer.

#12 - Drive traffic to an affiliate offer

If you don't want to have to deal with all the pains of being a seller you can still utilize Facebook's incredible advertising platform to make money by driving traffic to an affiliate offer.

Now of course first you would have to check with whatever affiliate program you are looking to join to make sure that they allow this, but nonetheless it is an option.

#13 - Drive traffic to Your Blog

Got a block that isn't doing so hot when it comes to traffic but that you think can earn you some good money with the right visitors? Well then you may want to look into using the ad platform at FB to drive traffic to it.

Now for a lot of people out there this probably isn't something you want to do, since most blogs make it very little for each visitor they bring in, but if you have the potential to make some decent money where paying for ads would be profitable then go for it.

#14 - Make money managing ad campaigns

Just like you can make money managing business' social media accounts, you can also make money managing business' ad campaigns. And yes, you can definitely make a good bit of money doing this if you are good at it.

So if you have some experience running Facebook ads and would rather work for someone else rather than run them for your own benefit, this may be worth looking into.

#15 - Create a Facebook Shop

If you have a Facebook page did you know that you can actually sell products right on the page? Yes… You can actually list products, just like any e-commerce store, so that people can buy them.

This is very convenient for your Facebook followers and could definitely help increase sales if you have a large following but are not utilizing the shop feature inside of FB.

#16 - Sell your Page

And of course you could always sell your page if you really want to. But then again, this is only going to make you good money if you have a large following. If you have a lively Facebook page with lots of devout followers, there are plenty of people out there that would be willing to bite off you.

But for most people reading this, it probably isn't going to be a very rational way to make money with this social media platform.

Networking with others.. 

#17 - Trading Shared Posts

I think there is probably a better name for this that I have heard somewhere before, but I have been racking my brain and can't come up with it.

But anyways… What I'm talking about is when you work out a deal with another Facebook page to trade shared posts. You could reach out to someone and say "hey, I'll share your post if you share mine", but of course not using those exact words.

This is actually something that can be incredibly effective and it is great because it can be free.

What you want to do is reach out to someone who is in the same niche as you. So if you have a page about dogs, you could reach out to some other Facebook page that is about dogs and has a big following.

The idea here is that trading shares like this is mutually beneficial. You will hopefully gain some followers from the other page's sharing of your post, and vice versa.

#18 - Giving & Getting Shout-outs

Something else you can do is give and/or get shout-outs.

If you have a fairly big Facebook following yourself, then you might be able to exchange shout outs with another big Facebook page in your niche, but if not then you are likely going to have to pay for one… Which could get you some new followers and potentially earn you money later on.

#19 - Making Sponsored Posts

You could pretty much consider sponsored posts the same sort of thing as a shout-outs.

If your FB pages popular than there are more than likely people out there willing to pay for you to promote something for them. Maybe they want you to talk about their product, service, website, or something else... And why not? I mean after all if you make a sponsored post about something relevant that your followers will like then it is mutually beneficial.

Do not underestimate this way of earning. The larger the following you have, the more money you can make.

Facebook groups..

#20 - Posting Free Ads in Groups

And we can't figure about Facebook groups, which you can utilize to post free ads... And who doesn't like free advertisements?

I get that they can be pretty annoying and look very spammy, and Facebook does not like this, but there are ways around it.

If you are going to be posting ads in Facebook groups, make sure that they are helpful and relevant. Make them subtle so that they don't really look like ads so much, but more just like helpful content.

#21 - Posting & increasing followers

Facebook groups are also a great way to increase your follower base. So find some groups that are in your niche and start making some helpful posts that other members will enjoy.

Example: If you have a cat website find some websites about cats… Answer people's questions and maybe post a funny cat video or two... Who doesn't love those?

#22 - Create & promote Your Own Group

And if you want to take the opportunity that groups present to the next level, you could create and promote your own group… Building up a community of loyal members that you can provide with help as well as make money off of, in a good way.

After creating your own  group it can be difficult to get other people to join. You're going to have to give them a reason to want to join, and you're going to have to promote it. There are a variety of ways that you could promote your group: paid advertising, posting and other groups, promoting it on your page, etc.

Other miscellaneous ways to make that money..

#23 - Doing "Microjobs" on Facebook

This is something that is a little bit lesser-known, and is in the greatest way to make money, but nonetheless you can still make some extra money doing it.

There are sites, like Microworkers and Amazon Mechanical Turk for example, that have job offerings (short tasks) where people are willing to pay you to do things like: like their Facebook page, share a post, comment on a post, etc.

Now normally you are only making a handful of cents when you do something such as liking a post, but it is still worth mentioning.

#24 - Invest in the company

And let's not forget about actually investing in Facebook itself. Facebook is a publicly traded company, having been so since 2012.

If you like the future outlook and think there are big things to come, then go ahead and invest in it. But of course do plenty of homework before hand.

#25 - Sell Your Skills

If you are a freelancer or are looking to freelance, social media platforms such as FB or great way to promote what you are good at.

It would work best to promote skills that could be used for online work, such as graphic design, ghostwriting, etc., but you could still promote other types of skills on a local level.

#26 - Go Live

If you like to get behind the camera for one reason or another, and think that people will find you entertaining, then you might want to think about using Facebook Live, which is the live video streaming feature.

Just like YouTube, you can make money by getting people to view your videos. How does this work? Well… Facebook makes their revenue through advertisements and there are ads that play for viewers during these videos. And you get a nice cut… 55% of the revenue.

Alternative Ways to Earn..

I find that most people looking into earning money with this social media platform are simply looking to make money online. Sure, there are ways to make money with it that don't actually have to do with using the platform, such as investing, but the majority of people are looking to just make some money in their spare time online.

That said, since you are already on my site you may be interested in looking at other opportunities I've wrote about… Such as ESL teaching jobs, usability testing jobs, and something I'd really recommend this to take a look at this program, which I have been using to make over $6000 a month online.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful. If you have anything you would like to add, such as other ways that you can potentially make money, please leave them down below in the comment section. Leave any questions down there as well and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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